Monday, September 28, 2009

Beauty-fuls: We heart a doe eyed gaze...and loooooong lashes!

How many times have you gone out and bought the "amazing" new mascara from the commercial you saw on TV only to be disappointed and $10 poorer?

How many times have you watched Drew...

and Kate...

...bat their gorge doe eyes, that they got from the tube that you are holding in your frustrated polished hand, only to find out that their loooong lush lashes (say that fast...ready GO!) didn't come from the tube your holding but from false lashes from a pro!

We think last year there was a whole controversy about it saying it was false advertising but that disappeared in a flash...

So here we sit...with short eyelashes afraid of extensions, you should be, they are expensive and you can risk losing your own lashes when the extensions fall out...wondering what we can do for that coveted doe eyed gaze.

Well, once again the gals o' t.w.h. are here to aid you on your way to yummy long lashes...

You can either put on falsies...which we lurve to do when we are going out...they are quick, inexpensive but totally temporary (don't sleep over a new boys house with these us you might wake up with "spiders" on the pillow case)

or grab a tube of the new lash enhancers on the market for naturalish, super long and somewhat permanent lashes.***

Here are the benefits of lash enhancers...

Although this is a picture from of our closest friends tried one below and got these results!!!!

Here are the top 5 lash enhancers we found...

***But buyer beware...we did a ton of research on the top 5 to buy but since they all have very similar ingredients we do not know which works the best ....we didn't test them all ourselves...
And we do not know which are the safest...***

Lastisse- Probably the most recognizable due to the huge amount of advertising they do and the fact that they got the patent first. It was used to help Glaucoma patients with eye pressure and people started noticing the beautiful side affects! (My grandma..and her eye lashes are thick! she is 80!)
So they re marketed the medicine and voila!...long lashes for everyone.
The side affects they say are the most common, although a small percentage, is the darkening of your iris and irritated eye lids.
Use at your own risk.

Revitalash- This is the next most popular one with similar side effects but with out the Glaucoma medicine that Lastisse has. It is said to work just as well and just as fast.

LiLash- We found this one from a site that rated a few different lash enhancers by testing them on herself.
She said this one was the least irritating, best priced and by far the best of the ones she used!
Sign us up!!!!

Tarte Mulipleye- The super cute and much loved cosmetic company's answer to the LE world.
This one has more natural ingredients (but still chemical) to condition and help the "health" of your lashes and the side effect of healthy lashes is lushness and thicker hairs.
We are not sure how much longer they get but some testers found they were definitely more dense.

Lash Alive- The natural (real natural) gals answer to the LE world. Made up of Organic ingredients...yay...this product does a similar job to the Tarte one.

It helps your lashes get healthier and thus they look more plump and luscious...and organically....YES PLEASE!!!!

MD Lash Factor- OK...this is the real reason for this post. The one we mentioned above.

While we were lovingly gazing at one of our most gorge gals, we noticed how crazy long and supermodel worthy her lashes were. She whispered her secret to us and it was MDlash Factor.
Her lashes were getting soooo long she had to use MDlash every other day to keep them at bay (hee hee we are poets and didn't even know it).

Um...yeah...I think we will pick up a tube of that too!

Not ready to try the medicinal route or a commitment? Go false!

They come in soooo many shapes, sizes, colors, types, could try a different pair every day for a year and probably not have tried them all.

They are super easy to apply, with a bit of practice, and can look as natural or as dramatic as you want!

Here are the top fancy pants (yet totally worth it) 2 brands for your shopping pleasure and guaranteed satisfaction...
Makeup artists around the globe use these 2...


Visit Madame Madeline for any brand of falsies you can ever imagine!!!!

Here is a super cute girl doing a demo on how to apply falsies...sooo good! Love her eye makeup too ;)

Still not ready? Grab a great tube of mascara and the perfect liner and you will be GTG and still have enough moolah in your wallet for a new pair of boots ;)

P.S. Thank You N.K.Y. for your gorgeous DYG (Doe Eyed Gaze) and inspiring us to write this post
P.P.S. You are beautiful no matter how long your lashes are!

xoxo t.w.h.


Glenn Lowe said...
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Glenn Lowe said...

Isn’t it amazing that a medicinal solution intended to treat glaucoma has this remarkable side effect? That’s great news to those who want to have long and thick lashes, but are looking for an option that’s more permanent and natural than wearing falsies and mascara. Thanks for sharing!

Glenn Lowe @ Knight and Sanders