Friday, February 22, 2013

clutter to clear in 2.5 flat - take that spring cleaning

So something happens with me every few months (ok, ok every 6 months) where i feel crazy...nutso...out of control messy and disorganized.  I then proceed to rip things apart...almost finish organizing...move on to the next and never really feel 100%. 

 It was at an exact moment like this a couple of weeks ago where i decided "enough is enough!" and said..."WTF... I'm a MOM!"  
(i love to use that statement to put my life in control-ish and feel powerful..whether or not it works is another story but it does help me spank myself into a tiny submission)

SO this is really at 2 parter...yay lucky YOU!  Part uno is the simple makeover part...and part deux is the fun part...the PRODUCTS!  
supply house

Sharing a medicine cabinet in a 1925 spanish house is never easy...(although I have to admit is it fun to squeeze each others tushies when we both grab stuff at the same time) and it gets over loaded with products, tools, products and tools.  

So I took the mess by the balls and got to work...

It all started with my love of contact paper... its a weird love but I love it.  I'm constantly dreaming up new fun patterns and colors wishing others would too and one day I came across this cute turquoise chevron number from Macbeth Shelf Liner... 

 So it quest for a better organized house... yup its a full house quest.  Watch out clutter...your F'd! 

Cleaning up a medicine cabinet or drawer is a super easy way to kick start your spring cleaning.  Here is all it takes- 
- cute contact paper
- pencil to mark paper for scoring and cutting
- a razor and/or scissors 
- a box for trash
- a box for giveaways
- a couple of hours...think of it as meditation

 The process-  take out all of the products one by one and sort
- toss
-give away 

(the storm before the calm)

I cut the contact paper after measuring out strips that fit inside the cabinet perfectly.  If you are unsure of your skills you can cut the paper a little larger and use your razor (carefully!) to cut the overhang after you stick the paper.

So embarrassing... such a mess!!!  Poor products...they deserve so much more :) 

Ahhhhh peace restored

Now it is your turn...take on a small project.  Clean, toss and organize the poop out of it!  Got get em...

need inspiration?  go here for organizing porn!