Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We hate to say goodbye! :(

After a whole year of hard work and lots of laughs... We are afraid we are going to have to stop posting. Thank you so much to all of the people who came and read what we had to say... To all the people who hearted what we heart.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts...


We are not going anywhere! You can't get rid of us that easy!
We will just keep on sharing what we heart till we run out of steam.. and that just may be never.
Todays real post will be up at 10am!
Have a good April Fools Day... Don't forget to get somebody good!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

Random hearts: We f'n heart Funny Or Die!!!!!

Ok...Ok...before you yell at us and say..."Um, yeah it's been around for a while...get on the ball ladies..."

We know! We just recently decided to dedicate 80% of our internet time there (the 80% left after the 100% we spend on this site...the remaining other 20% is spent looking at clothes and decor for us...hee hee) instead of looking at gossip sites and we are obsessed!!!

If you are a is a bit o' info about the ridiculously amazingly milk coming out of the nose funny ass site.

Will Ferrel

Stolen straight from Wiki...cuz we are lazy mcgazy today...

Funny or Die is a comedy video website founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's production company, Gary Sanchez Productions with original and user generated content. Funny or Die is also unique in that it contains a good deal of exclusive material from a number of famous contributors (e.g. Judd Apatow, James Franco) and has its own Funny or Die Team (FOD Team) which creates original material for the site. Michael Kvamme, an aspiring young comedian, came up with a concept for a new kind of comedy site and the site was developed by Randy Adams. Videos are voted on by users of the site; those that are deemed funny stay, but those that are not "die" and are relegated to the site's "crypt".
Here are a few of our no particular order (except for the 1st one which we can't stop watching)

Zach Galafainakis (the funny and odd chunker from The Hangover) hosts a talk show with famous actors called, "Between Two Ferns".

Here is his newest one with Ben Stiller...amazing!!!


Remember Weird Al? The guys at FOD (that's what the ITK people call it...sooo hip) made a mockumentary about his life and it is a-mazing!
Here is another "Between Two Ferns" with cutie bean mcgoo, Michael Cera from Arrested Development (you thought we were gonna say Juno...didn't you? Ugghhh Arrested Development COME BACK!)

Here is a funny series called "Acting With James Franco" with the hotness that is James Franco...God D#*n he is yummy! Shhhh don't tell the boys! It's made by James, his brother Dave and the amazing Judd Apatow...

Speaking of obsession...oh wait...we never said we were obsessed with the JF...ooops cat's outta the bag...
Any whooo...speaking of know how much we heart Kate Bosworth (um hi...anyone remember our blonde post and stalk her style??)... here is a funny short with her and Topher Grace...

Drunk History has inspired us sooo much! It's the entire reason we even started to heart FOD. We keep trying to recreate a Drunk History but forget...Oh well...

This is about the history of electricity with Jack Black and Michael Cera

And last but not least...the one that made them famous...the one that launched it all...
"The Landlord" with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay and Pearl...
Get off the gossip and into the what sounds clever here....
Get off the gossip and into some genius...No, no that sounds off... it goes...

Gossip Shmossip...Funny Or Die or die...

xoxo things we heart

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yummies: Strawberry Fields Forever

Spring is in the air and Strawberries are at the markets!
Nothing is more exciting then walking into you local Whole Foods, or even better your neighborhood Farmers Market and seeing a bunch of ripe juicy strawberries!

Ok, that is a lie.... Some things are way more exciting... But still, fresh strawberries... Pretty good right?!
So what are some of our favorite ways to enjoy these little red gems? Well aside from straight out of the colander, we have a few other delicious ideas.

For example: Take of the green tops, then cut a X-shaped cross into the small side of each strawberry... Insert whipped cream can and fill.... YUMMY!

Try not to eat them all before the guests arrive. They are super easy to make... But will still be a crowd pleaser.

Looking to add strawberries to your main course? How about a delicious savory and sweet spinach, strawberry, almond and feta salad?

With a nice piece of baked faux chicken?! That is what we call the perfect spring time meal! Don't forget the dressing!

Now for desert... Our favorite part of the day.

We have a friend who said that while she was pregnant, she would get one whole strawberry pie a week... And then proceed to eat the whole pie herself, just to repeat that pattern again the next week.

For 9 months!! So amazing! Lets just say, all is well that ends well. Our friend has a beautiful teenage daughter now and they look more like sisters... So, we think she was on to something for sure. We are excited to have found a recipe for strawberry pie vegan style... Because you know what they say about vegans doing it better....

Having a dinner party? Because once again our kitchen fairy Ina Garten aka The Barefoot Contessa, has created the perfect desert for you and your guests.
Deconstructed strawberry shortcake! Sorry but how fucking adorable are you gonna be when you serve these up? Wow... Please invite us.

Yummy... What do you get when you mix Strawberries, Coconuts and Cake?
You get Miss Me & Miss t.w.h banging down your door... come to steal your cake!

Oh sweet mother of mercy!!! This cake looks delicious and decadent and light and airy all at once!

It is cakes like that that make me wish I knew how to bake!

Spring is here, and isn't it funny how every season that arrives feels like the best possible season of all?

We will revel in Spring, knowing that April's showers will bring May's flowers and that just when we are aching for it Summer will show up at our door steps.
We will spend long days outside in the fresh air eating strawberries dipped in sour cream and brown sugar while listening to music that brings up old memories....

Hopefully we will take notice of the amazing world we live in and that the best pleasures are the simplest ones... And we will remember what it feels like to have nothing better to do then watch the bees buzz around the flowers.

Thank you Mother Earth for this beautiful place we call home... Thank you for all the delicious yummy things you grow... Thank you for sunshine and little green buds...
(of every kind)

XOXO- Thing-We-Heart

Monday, March 29, 2010

Beauty-fuls: Do you wanna hear a secret?

Soooooo while we were up late brainstorming about things we heart in Beautyland...we were passing back an forth a few tips we recently learned from a makeup artist and said..."That's it...let's do a few posts about Secret beauty tips!"

So away we go! But shhhhh...don't tell anyone ;) It's our little secret...ewwww that sounded soooo dirty!

OK, seriously let's dish!

You know that never ending pimple on your cheek that decides to stay throughout the week and try to get in on your glamorous weekend plans?

Try a mix of 1 packet dry yeast (found at any grocery store...yes the kind you make bread with) with the juice of half a lemon. Put the paste on the "blemish" for 5 min to dry it out.

And while you are waiting for the spot to go can dab a bit o' concealer on top of it then take the tip of a lightish brown eyeliner press it gently on the pimple and Voila! have yourself a custom beauty mark....

outta the way Miss Monroe...our girls are on a mission!

Speaking of concealer....'member that fantasmic post we did about concealers? Did you read the whole thing?

If not, here was a great secret tip in there when using concealer to hide under eye circles...Use it after you put your foundation on...that way it will stay better ;) You're welcome...

No time to wash your day after party hair? Need to run out that door? If you don't have one of these super rad hair powders yet....

you can sprinkle your dirty birdie roots with a little baby powder for heavenly smelling, non oily hair!
Oh...just brush it through a bit so you don't look like you have granny roots...

Let's stay on the hair train for a sec shall we??? Got dry brittle hair from too much coloring or heat styling? (wow we just sounded like a commercial)

Coconut oil is natures cure to help make your hair strong and shiny. Women in India have been using it for centuries on their gorgeous manes of hair!

And when you are done putting it in your hair as a mask (works best after a shower...and wash out after 30 min) you can slather it on your sexy body for a tropical glow and scent.
Your lover won't be able to resist you! Just be careful....they might bite!

Go here for more of coconut oils benefits...

And we super heart Tropical Traditions Organic Virgin oil...or pop into any Whole Foods for a jar or 3...

Got a bit of olive oil hanging around your house?

Dab a bit on fine lines around your eyes (not too close to your eyes though), on your lips (yum) and on your cuticles for amazingly moisturized skin!

Thousands of Italian ladies can't be wrong!

Oooohhhh we have another one!!!'s not the old Hemorrhoid cream for puffy eyes

(although that TOTALLY works!)
It's about perfume!

So you know how your favorite perfume tends to disappear after a few hours???

Rub a tiny bit of Vaseline on the places you put helps it last waaay longer.

Hey...hemorrhoid cream reminds us...hee hee hee...

Try sliced potatoes on your eyes to lighten dark circles...the potassium in them can really help undo natures black eyes...

Ok...last one...what's that you say? You want more than 1 more??? No worries....stay tuned to Things We Heart....we will do a part deux and maybe a part three!

Ok here is the final one...remember that YSL Touche Eclat everyone is clamoring for that really doesn't do a whole hell of a lot under your eyes?

Well know you don't have to worry about wasting that $40 tube o poop.

Lightly trace the cupids bow of your upper lip for a pouty Rihanna-esque pout. (We would have said Megan Fox but then remembered her lips are super fake)

Well there you go! Some of our little secrets...go try with your friends...let us know if you have any to share with us!

xoxo things we heart

Sunday, March 28, 2010

No Bueno: Dumb Shits

We hate to even go here.... We really do.

But, I guess we don't hate it enough not to say,
Your a dumb shit.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bueno: Gum!

Yummy! Gummy! We heart gum!

There is something about popping a super juicy..super fluffy...super sticky piece of gum in your pie hole after a good workout, or a long day, or right before an intense make out session.

It's so fun and tasty!

The Flavors...

The bubbles...

Bye bye bad breath...

Here is how they make the chewy stuff o' fun!

xoxo things we heart

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fashion Friday: Blushing boho bride

Yesterday in the mail Miss Me received something super, beyond, very, especially, exciting.... An invitation to the wedding of two of the coolest people she knows.

One, her beautiful free-spirited, hippie princess friend who she met WAY back in the 1990's (gasp!) and the other, this bad-ass dude right here.

So, needless to say, this is going to be one hell of a beautiful boho wedding...

Woooah.... Easy with the horses! Lets not get carried away here, I didn't say they worked summers at the Renaissance Faire.... No way, this hippie princess wears vintage silk slip dresses and Stella McCartney jackets!

Think more rock & roll boho, like Jane Birkin weds Serge Gainsbourg.

Yes, that is more like it.
So, now you guys all have the picture.... Well, we were so inspired by the beautiful invitation and the idea of a spring time outdoor wedding, that we HAD to do this post.

Hope some of you are planning your own weddings, and can take something from this, otherwise.... Just dream along with us.

Because if there is anything girls love to dream about, it is weddings. I don't care if you are planning your own, dreaming of your one-day, planning your sister's, your friend's, the daughter you don't even have yet... Or even if you have been happily married for years and years... Who can resist a delicious wedding?!

Brides and weddings are seriously like the highest-high of the style world... Sure you may fuck around with some Oscar dresses now and then... But you are always going to come back to the ethereal white dress.

And do you know the very best part about weddings? There are just so many ways to do it right. You can just be constantly blown away by the beauty and energy that surrounds you when you see two people celebrating their love, and all the people who love them sharing it.

I think every single time I leave a wedding, I say to my husband... "Wow... Baby, that was the best wedding we have ever been to!" Because it is, for that day..... That wedding represents everything beautiful.

You don't need fancy.... Stick wild flowers in some jelly jars and fill the space with love.

Lets get right into it with some fantastic dresses we have spotted for the boho bride.

Well, hello there yummy golden goddess.

This Aidan Mattox metallic paisley dress is made for a princess bride, but for only $375 a real girl can still afford to play princess for the day.

The same can be said for Aidan Mattox's strapless silver metallic dress.

Silvery cool, you know any bride would be lucky to wear this pretty dress.

Ohhhh, Sleigh us! This blush dress from Saja Wedding is killing us.

Sometimes, simple beauty can speak better then all the bells and whistles in the world.

Thank you sweet wedding fairy for helping dress makers to see, that not every bride wants to pay thousands of dollars for a wedding dress, but that she still deserves to look like a million of them.
Thank you J.Crew for your amazing bridal collection, it is stunning and simple and wearable and young.

Every bride wants to make her own mark... Wear what makes her feel like a princess.

And every single girl and every single bride has a different picture of what makes a princess in her mind.... But I think it is pretty much safe to say, that we can all agree on crowns-come headbands a'la the Childlike Empress. Right? Good.

Imagine then, the utter freak out that happened when we stumbled upon this insane and out-of-controll headbands while researching this post!

Lets just say, their were lots of tears of joy and squeals of delight echoing out of the office.

Jennifer Behr... Who are you? Where are you? And most importantly... Will you become our next fake girlfriend? You will be joining the ranks of a few other fabulous women... Come on, we promise to tell you what a genius you are at LEAST twice a day.

Seriously... Think about it Jennifer, we will be waiting for your call.


And speaking of WOW...
Really? Really? No, really?!
Melissa Joy Manning! Did you really just bring this ring into existence?!
What could be more unique and special then this fantastic thin sliced yellow diamond ring? Maybe the fact that Melissa Joy Manning makes one for your fella too.

Ok, beautiful boho wedding check-list...
Stunning bride- Check
Rad groom- Check
Dress- Check
Crown- Check

Sounds pretty perfect.

Woops! Don't forget your sweet little feet! Just because you are a hippie chic, you don;t have to give up on your heels! You can always take them off and rock the barefoot nymph look when it's time to dance!

What could be the more perfect place to bring in your "Something blue"? Actually a great place for your, something whatever color you choose.

Because ain't nothing cuter then a pair of fun shoes peeking out from under your dress!

We love these royal blue McQueen shoes... Delicious. Who says your shoes can't cost more then your dress?!

Well, maybe your mom... And she is, once again, right.

So, maybe give these powder blue Nina shoes a whirl... The bows are so super cute.

Whatever you choose, whatever you wear, whatever you do, enjoy your amazing day, with the amazing person at your side. You are beautiful and your love and friendship is what people are coming together to celebrate.

Your marriage will last a life time, your wedding only lasts for a day...
So, make it one hell a day!

I love you K.D.

XOXO- Thing-We-Heart