Thursday, March 11, 2010

Decor to Die For: Slab it to me...We heart Marble topped yumminess!

Ooooohhhhh sooo chic, so vintage yet totally modern, crazy classic with out being boring, cold in the warmest way and clean but not in a hospital kinda way. We are talkin' 'bout marble people.

Yes, that white rock from the metamorphosis of limestone...the gorgeous one with pale grey (and sometimes pinky tan) veins running through it.

There are about 5 different kinds of white marble but we will spare you the Nat Geo detail and get to the good stuff.

We could never even begin to talk about our super heartfulness in Heartville without first showing a picture of the most magnificent piece (well pieces really ) of marble ever created by man.

The Taj Mahal in Agra, India. It is said that it was built in honor of an Emperor's wife after she died giving birth to their 14th child....
Um, yeah boys?...We better get something along those lines if you want 14 children pushed out of our honey pots.

But we digress...we Heart white marble!

Our most favoritest ways to get our fill of marble is as in the kitchen...we lied...all of the following ways are our faves. But we do get a wee bit faint of heart when we see a beautifully done kitchen in marble...

Don't or can't do marble in your den o' food and yumminess? Try this gorgeous marble top french industrial-esque island from Crate and Barrel.

Big enough to use as a food station or bar and storage and small enough to be affordable and totally mobile around your abode.
We loooove open storage PS.

No room in your kitchen? Try their dining table version. Sooooooo good!!!!!!

We love the contrast between the black and white...
Oh how amazing would pink peonies in silver or black vases look on top of this table!

Oh hee hee kinda like this TDF dining table!!!!

OMFG!!!!!!! And those pendant lights? No words except...done and done....

Oh...ya know where else we heart white slabs o' love? In the place it goes best and easiest...the place of peace and solitude....the bathroom

Huh....somebody...and for sure not me...has a bathroom reminiscent of this Tiffany blue bathroom...Her's may be a more classic metropolitan version but we get a bit sick (in a good way) every time we see it

Yummy yummy yummmy!
If we were allowed to do a guest bathroom over we would absolutely looove to have it look kinda like this! So chic and parisian-esque...who would'a thunk it is from Pottery Barn?
Chrome or polished nickel were born to marry white marble. And that cute hexagon floor! Wooooo...we are breakin' a sweat!

Um...hmmmmm....we are both on a never ending quest to finish decorating our seriously NEVER ENDING! Have you ever tried to mix your style with your lover? Yeah then you get it...

But the one thing both of our loves have 100% agreed with both of us on these crazy sexy tulip side tables from the vintage modern designer, Eero Saarinen.
It's perfect. Light with out being girlie...substantial with out getting in the way...clean with out being untouchable and can go with almost any style. Wooo hooo... We'll take 2 please!

Oh good God! Hello stunningly silly Saarinen Tulip Dining Table!!!
Yup this marble topped mommy to the side table we heart is sooooooo perfect for any dining area. They paired this one with the matching Tulip chairs for Knoll, but we would love to spice it up with chairs that don't quite match as well. But geesh this table is great!

You can get really really good copies of these tables at places like Ikea and Room Service to get you started...You're Welcome!

Uggghhhhhhhh to the 100% power.... LOVE this foyer that welcomes you with a gorge tulip table and bent wood chairs!
The warmth and modernness of the chairs makes the elegant Saarinen table a bit more comfortable...well done! We are JEALOUS!

So we have established that marble hearts kitchens, bathrooms, dining areas....what about coffee tables? Yup it totally does!
Lover? JN? Do you like this one or too round and modern?
This CB2 coffee table would totally die to be with a navy velvet couch and would easily elevate any space with chicness.
You friends would walk in and say, "J'adorable place!"

Sometimes marble can do not so nice things....Sorry Goddess of our lives Kelly Wearstler but it's true.
We super get what you are doing here but yikes! We will stop there since we lurve her...

Marble is a crazy easy way to sleek-ify, Paris-ify and classic-ify any space...try Craigslist and vintage furniture stores for good deals if you wanna try a wee bit o' marble yourself...

xoxo things we heart

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