Friday, March 26, 2010

Fashion Friday: Blushing boho bride

Yesterday in the mail Miss Me received something super, beyond, very, especially, exciting.... An invitation to the wedding of two of the coolest people she knows.

One, her beautiful free-spirited, hippie princess friend who she met WAY back in the 1990's (gasp!) and the other, this bad-ass dude right here.

So, needless to say, this is going to be one hell of a beautiful boho wedding...

Woooah.... Easy with the horses! Lets not get carried away here, I didn't say they worked summers at the Renaissance Faire.... No way, this hippie princess wears vintage silk slip dresses and Stella McCartney jackets!

Think more rock & roll boho, like Jane Birkin weds Serge Gainsbourg.

Yes, that is more like it.
So, now you guys all have the picture.... Well, we were so inspired by the beautiful invitation and the idea of a spring time outdoor wedding, that we HAD to do this post.

Hope some of you are planning your own weddings, and can take something from this, otherwise.... Just dream along with us.

Because if there is anything girls love to dream about, it is weddings. I don't care if you are planning your own, dreaming of your one-day, planning your sister's, your friend's, the daughter you don't even have yet... Or even if you have been happily married for years and years... Who can resist a delicious wedding?!

Brides and weddings are seriously like the highest-high of the style world... Sure you may fuck around with some Oscar dresses now and then... But you are always going to come back to the ethereal white dress.

And do you know the very best part about weddings? There are just so many ways to do it right. You can just be constantly blown away by the beauty and energy that surrounds you when you see two people celebrating their love, and all the people who love them sharing it.

I think every single time I leave a wedding, I say to my husband... "Wow... Baby, that was the best wedding we have ever been to!" Because it is, for that day..... That wedding represents everything beautiful.

You don't need fancy.... Stick wild flowers in some jelly jars and fill the space with love.

Lets get right into it with some fantastic dresses we have spotted for the boho bride.

Well, hello there yummy golden goddess.

This Aidan Mattox metallic paisley dress is made for a princess bride, but for only $375 a real girl can still afford to play princess for the day.

The same can be said for Aidan Mattox's strapless silver metallic dress.

Silvery cool, you know any bride would be lucky to wear this pretty dress.

Ohhhh, Sleigh us! This blush dress from Saja Wedding is killing us.

Sometimes, simple beauty can speak better then all the bells and whistles in the world.

Thank you sweet wedding fairy for helping dress makers to see, that not every bride wants to pay thousands of dollars for a wedding dress, but that she still deserves to look like a million of them.
Thank you J.Crew for your amazing bridal collection, it is stunning and simple and wearable and young.

Every bride wants to make her own mark... Wear what makes her feel like a princess.

And every single girl and every single bride has a different picture of what makes a princess in her mind.... But I think it is pretty much safe to say, that we can all agree on crowns-come headbands a'la the Childlike Empress. Right? Good.

Imagine then, the utter freak out that happened when we stumbled upon this insane and out-of-controll headbands while researching this post!

Lets just say, their were lots of tears of joy and squeals of delight echoing out of the office.

Jennifer Behr... Who are you? Where are you? And most importantly... Will you become our next fake girlfriend? You will be joining the ranks of a few other fabulous women... Come on, we promise to tell you what a genius you are at LEAST twice a day.

Seriously... Think about it Jennifer, we will be waiting for your call.


And speaking of WOW...
Really? Really? No, really?!
Melissa Joy Manning! Did you really just bring this ring into existence?!
What could be more unique and special then this fantastic thin sliced yellow diamond ring? Maybe the fact that Melissa Joy Manning makes one for your fella too.

Ok, beautiful boho wedding check-list...
Stunning bride- Check
Rad groom- Check
Dress- Check
Crown- Check

Sounds pretty perfect.

Woops! Don't forget your sweet little feet! Just because you are a hippie chic, you don;t have to give up on your heels! You can always take them off and rock the barefoot nymph look when it's time to dance!

What could be the more perfect place to bring in your "Something blue"? Actually a great place for your, something whatever color you choose.

Because ain't nothing cuter then a pair of fun shoes peeking out from under your dress!

We love these royal blue McQueen shoes... Delicious. Who says your shoes can't cost more then your dress?!

Well, maybe your mom... And she is, once again, right.

So, maybe give these powder blue Nina shoes a whirl... The bows are so super cute.

Whatever you choose, whatever you wear, whatever you do, enjoy your amazing day, with the amazing person at your side. You are beautiful and your love and friendship is what people are coming together to celebrate.

Your marriage will last a life time, your wedding only lasts for a day...
So, make it one hell a day!

I love you K.D.

XOXO- Thing-We-Heart


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What a wonderful post! I love weddings and I love all the accessories you suggested! Simply Beautiful!

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