Thursday, March 4, 2010

Color Crave: Che-Che-Che-Che-Cherry Bomb!

Now normally, red is not the top color on our list when we are looking for decor items. We get why people love the color red... But we usually find it a little too heavy for our taste.

That is of course unless you are talking about cherry red, and then we think that taste is just delicious!

We have been getting pretty swoony over pops of cherry red.
This kitchen for example, is just deliciously fresh and vibrant.

Of course it takes a lot of balls and a lot of lurve for the color red to have that kitchen.... We don't have cojones for that bold of a statement. We are kind of more into a small pop of red against a simple soft room...

Aaahhh... Bright red lamp, a few bright plates and a dreamy white washed room.
Now we are talking serious color crave!

So while we were wandering the wonderful world wide web we happened upon a super cutie. We love it when that happens.... All of a sudden from out of nowhere, you find someone with a creative mind pouring it out to the world at large and... WHAM.

Instant girl on girl/ blogger on blogger crush!
AB Chao, has an amazing blog and flickr site where she shows off her fantastic house and her do-it-your-self magic.

Ummm Seriously, she has a bright red vintage amplifier in her fireplace.

And she got this amazing lamp at a garage sale, painted it red and rewired it herself... For like $15!

And this super fantastic room she put together for her daughter?!
Every little pop of cherry red in her house is to-die-for inspirational!

Moving on from the love-fest. We have tons more inspiration for your cherry bomb color crave fix.
Like this crazy A Clockwork Orange-ish chair! Against the amazing wall paper?!
Oh, we wish we knew where this photo came from! Someone please tell us if you know!

Another dreamy white kitchen with just one single pop of cherry. Woops! Did I say pop and cherry in the same breath?

Lets not talk dirty in a kitchen so clean! How can you not love all that white, grey and weathered wood floors? This kitchen just makes us wanna bake a cherry pie!

But you don't need that wonderful bright and happy red to be the only pop of color, red mixes so well with other brights to bring a beachy and vibe to your place.

(Stolen from Country Living)

That shot of bright red in a pale blue room with sharp black and white details...
"Oh welcome to our guest room, no you can't stay forever... Sorry, we know."

Perfect, perfect perfection for the faint of heart, or those just testing the cherry red waters... How about the perfect red throw?

Simple bright and delicious. Like vanilla ice cream with one perfect cherry on top.

Another idea is to scatter a few red books on your shelves and watch them pop!

Of course, one of the best ways you can bring that delicious cherry red into your home is with fresh bright and happy flowers.

Easy and affordable and sweet.

Try it, you might like it.
XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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