Monday, March 29, 2010

Beauty-fuls: Do you wanna hear a secret?

Soooooo while we were up late brainstorming about things we heart in Beautyland...we were passing back an forth a few tips we recently learned from a makeup artist and said..."That's it...let's do a few posts about Secret beauty tips!"

So away we go! But shhhhh...don't tell anyone ;) It's our little secret...ewwww that sounded soooo dirty!

OK, seriously let's dish!

You know that never ending pimple on your cheek that decides to stay throughout the week and try to get in on your glamorous weekend plans?

Try a mix of 1 packet dry yeast (found at any grocery store...yes the kind you make bread with) with the juice of half a lemon. Put the paste on the "blemish" for 5 min to dry it out.

And while you are waiting for the spot to go can dab a bit o' concealer on top of it then take the tip of a lightish brown eyeliner press it gently on the pimple and Voila! have yourself a custom beauty mark....

outta the way Miss Monroe...our girls are on a mission!

Speaking of concealer....'member that fantasmic post we did about concealers? Did you read the whole thing?

If not, here was a great secret tip in there when using concealer to hide under eye circles...Use it after you put your foundation on...that way it will stay better ;) You're welcome...

No time to wash your day after party hair? Need to run out that door? If you don't have one of these super rad hair powders yet....

you can sprinkle your dirty birdie roots with a little baby powder for heavenly smelling, non oily hair!
Oh...just brush it through a bit so you don't look like you have granny roots...

Let's stay on the hair train for a sec shall we??? Got dry brittle hair from too much coloring or heat styling? (wow we just sounded like a commercial)

Coconut oil is natures cure to help make your hair strong and shiny. Women in India have been using it for centuries on their gorgeous manes of hair!

And when you are done putting it in your hair as a mask (works best after a shower...and wash out after 30 min) you can slather it on your sexy body for a tropical glow and scent.
Your lover won't be able to resist you! Just be careful....they might bite!

Go here for more of coconut oils benefits...

And we super heart Tropical Traditions Organic Virgin oil...or pop into any Whole Foods for a jar or 3...

Got a bit of olive oil hanging around your house?

Dab a bit on fine lines around your eyes (not too close to your eyes though), on your lips (yum) and on your cuticles for amazingly moisturized skin!

Thousands of Italian ladies can't be wrong!

Oooohhhh we have another one!!!'s not the old Hemorrhoid cream for puffy eyes

(although that TOTALLY works!)
It's about perfume!

So you know how your favorite perfume tends to disappear after a few hours???

Rub a tiny bit of Vaseline on the places you put helps it last waaay longer.

Hey...hemorrhoid cream reminds us...hee hee hee...

Try sliced potatoes on your eyes to lighten dark circles...the potassium in them can really help undo natures black eyes...

Ok...last one...what's that you say? You want more than 1 more??? No worries....stay tuned to Things We Heart....we will do a part deux and maybe a part three!

Ok here is the final one...remember that YSL Touche Eclat everyone is clamoring for that really doesn't do a whole hell of a lot under your eyes?

Well know you don't have to worry about wasting that $40 tube o poop.

Lightly trace the cupids bow of your upper lip for a pouty Rihanna-esque pout. (We would have said Megan Fox but then remembered her lips are super fake)

Well there you go! Some of our little secrets...go try with your friends...let us know if you have any to share with us!

xoxo things we heart

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