Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yummies: A Street (food) cart named desire... We heart Street Food Restaurants!

We are uber crushing on what we think will be the newest trend in restaurants... Street Food!

Now, mind you...we are not talking about your average taco truck or sausage cart on Sunset Blvd.

These are full blown gourmet style restaurants that take the worlds best street foods and bring them to you...on a plate on top of a candle lit table, instead of a in a napkin or a paper bowl with exhaust and drunken people surrounding you.

Nothing beats street food...really...nada! It's always homemade...crazy authentic (duh:) )...super fresh (unless its midnight and no one has come all day to the vendor)...and best of all it is the taste of the country you are in.

Nothing tells the story of what that country's flavors and cuisine is, like street food.

If you need another reason why street food is amazing...here's a good one! The "chef" has had this recipe passed on to them for generations..they are not just handing in a resume and taught by someone else how to make it.

OK...ready... here they are! The only 3 (well 4 really) amazing street food restaurants we could find in all of the US!!!!

Oh, 1 more thing... these are not hole in the wall dives that serve the foods of their land...these are real shmancy (well not fancy pants but nice) restaurants that offer the best of tons of different countries around the globe.

Here we go! Around the world...well our bellies at least.

In LALA we were lucky enough to get Susan Feniger's (yes..of the Border Girls) amazing..too die for Street Food rest. simply called Street.
So simple yet says it all. You walk in and there is a graffiti of a street vendor stick figure high on the wall.
A super cozy and laid back space with food sooo good...soo authentic of the many countries it comes from you will be super happy you went.
Never been lucky enough to go to India and have Vada Dumplings from the street cart? Well you are now lucky...her dumplings are so good you will be exported! (Lucky You!)

She pulls from every country all over the globe from India and the rest of Asia to Egypt and Israel.
Go now LALA landers!

Hey super lucky D.C.-ites... you only have 1 more month to wait for Mr. Furstenburg's (no not Diane's camp) and the Choi family's street food restaurant from heaven! It's called G Street (yup.. as in located on) and they are gorgeously serving up the tastiest snacks and meals from around the globe.

Mr. F was inspired when his ground breaking bakery was failing and decided to travel to Italy, then he was off to Paris and he couldn't get the thought of amazing street foods out of his mind. So he went home and partnered up with the Choi family. Can't wait to try it!

This next restaurant of all that is yummy has a few different branches but it's most notable one is Spice Market in New York (of course).

Now granted, their street foods have been brought back from all that is the hundred of countries in Asia, but don't let that get ya...they are all spectacular!

From Indian Satay and Samosa (OMG Hell Yes!) to Thai Beef Skewers and Spicy Shanghai Noodles you get it all. Asia in 1 stop and a full belly ;). Done and Done.

Now here is a last one we had to slip in! Hee hee...

It's really only just known for Indian Street Food but it's soooo worth the mention.
While sauntering with our BF thru the Lower East Side trying to find our fav hidden store (to be continued) we stopped in our tracks like a mouse to a trap filled with cheese.

"What??? Are you kidding?!?! Dosa? Like Dosa from India Dosa? Like the extremely hard to find in LA (except in Artesia and Sweets and Spices) and super hard to make Dosa?"

Yes..that kind! Welcome to Hampton Chutney. We floated in and found sooo many yummy Dosa and Uttapa.

They are fantastic and just as huge as one would dream of them to be. Then we ordered the Cardamon Coffee...yup...ridiculous! Insta addiction! THANK YOU!

So go out there! Try the food! Enjoy the land! Yumm!!!
Or make your own!!!

P.S. Think of all the money you can save on plane tix, foodies!!!

P.P.S. You can also become a worldly foodie yourself and never leave the comfort of your home town (only good for peeps who are Agoraphobic or afraid to fly)

P.P.P.S. We couldn't find one in San Fran. So if anyone knows of one...give us a shout.

Here's a sample menu of a street food restaurantt

xoxo t.w.h.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Monday: The fountain of youth....

For centuries now the legend of a fountain or spring that will restore the youth to any that drink from it's waters has been told. 

In 1513 Ponce De Leon lead an expedition in search of this exact fountain, instead he found Florida... And since Miami is now one of the leading places to get great (and no-so-great) plastic surgery, he may not have been that far off. 

But could it be true that such a magical fountain exists? And if so, why has no one ever found it? And if this fountain were in fact real, what would the consequence be if you were if fact young forever? And not in a sexy romantic Edward and Bella way, but more like in that movie with Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep, Death Becomes Her. 

(Sorry, but Miss Me & Miss t.w.h friendship contract insists that we put as many photos of Edward as possible.) 

What if you did drink from the fountain of youth and it all went so terribly wrong? 

Hmmm, so many questions to ponder as another Birthday passes us by. 
The truth is, and I never would have dreamed it true... But I feel better and more confident at "thirty-something" then I ever did at "twenty-anything". 

Of course it is scary to see little fine laugh lines and little smile crinkles appear on my face where none used to live.... But, shouldn't I be happy that at least I don't have frown lines and worry creases? That must mean life has been pretty good so far. 

Of course that is not to say I am giving up on all my creams and lotions and whatever potions I can find to help keep me looking as young as I can! I am just saying be confident, not silly! 

The fountain of youth is really found in taking care of yourself and loving yourself, and that means all sorts of things. 
Do things that make you feel good, eat yummy salads, go for walks in the park with your lover, laugh till water comes out of your nose... Hey maybe that IS the fountain of youth! 
Drink lots of water to keep your skin soft. 

But most of all, have fun! Laugh at yourself. Don't be to serious! If you are gonna have to be an old lady one day, be a rad old lady with a sassy sense of style! 

Remember, not everything about being young is so great.... Check out these thighs! 

XOXO- Things We Heart

We love you! 

No Bueno: Open flames and drunk people...

Please oh please remember to blow out all candles unattended or around all drunk people. No good things come from open flames and drunks.

That's all we can say ;). It is a true no bueno!

Be careful, mind the flames and when you leave a room or you are doing pickle back shots blow out the candle.

xoxo t.w.h.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Saturday: Bueno, Thank you for the good times.

This week we lost 3 iconic figures from the entertainment world.
We wanted to take a moment today to reflect on their glory days, and to thank them for sharing them selves with the world.

Rest In Peace,

Thank you for the music that has defined our lifetime. You will continue to bring joy to the world with your amazing work. 

Always a beauty till the very end. Thank you for opening your life and sharing your journey with us. 

Thank you for the laughter. 

We know that you are all in a better place and that your pain is over, thank you for letting the world share your light. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart 

Fashion Friday: We Aarrrrggghhhhh Pirate Boots (Arrrggghhh is heart in Pirate)

TGIFF!!! (Thank God It's Fashion Friday!)

We have been on pins and needles waiting for this day... not just Fashion Friday, but because we have been obsessing about doing a Pirate Boot post for a while now and we finally got the green light to do one!

After mental pacing around the room for weeks, our final confirmation that we were on the right path was Miss Me's ridiculously stylish sister. She strode down the Boston streets in a gorge pair of Pirate Boots (you will see them down below)...wooo hooo!

They are back, gorge ladies...Pirate Boots are back! And they are better than ever.

OK, so our obsession of late came because I ran across a pair of rad ass mother f'n buckle boots on our fav website (that one beauties is our lil secret...sowwy).
Look how amazing these are!

So we called, emailed, cried and pouted when we found out they are sold out and will never be back in stock. During our numerous days of pouting...Miss Me and I came across the the inspiration of all inspirations for this post...

Holy Crapola!!! Look how retardedly (in obviously the best way ever) fantastical these Rodarte boots are!

How crazy post worthy are these!!!!!
Perfect heel- √
Amazing grey leather-√
Slouchy, yet still tall so they don't have a Britney effect (hee hee sorry Brit)- √

Ridiculous straps and buckles- √ √ √ √ √ √
OMG! help!! How can we get our paws on these?!?! We will share! We promise!
Then we found these...oh gosh...oh gosh.... here it comes....WAAAAAAaaaaa.

These Chloe Pirate Boots are unbelievably gorgeous in all lands of gorge! Perfect flat over the knee boot! Amazing style..these will up anyones game by makin' your gams look long and lovely.

The Grand Dame of Punk Rock High Fashion, that is Vivienne Westwood is the originator of pirate boots in a high fashion and fashion forward way.

Every star, model, fashionista has or has drooled over a pair of these.

They come in so many colors, heights, heel height and print its crazy, yet its still unbelievably hard to get your hands on a pair.

Until now ;) hee hee. We found a size 9 on Ebay of her 2 inch heel boots.

You're welcome (and lucky cuz Miss Me and I are a 7 and a 7.5). The heeled may be a wee bit harder to wear casually but you are cute..you'll be fine.

Gosh these are gorgeous!!!! We found a store that sells them for a pretty penny..or lots of pretty pennies. But they won't go out of style so it can be considered an investment really!

Hello perf pirate boot that's totally chic and assessable! These are super close to the OG fashion Pirate Boots of Madame V. W.
Jeffrey Campbell birthed these easy breasy beauties in grey and black.

Yum. These are uber versatile too. Pair them with a mini flouncy dress for cute girl style (the kind of style that makes other girls bummed out) or even with jean shorts or over skinny jeans and a drapey tee.

Oooh look how cute this girl looks in them with a lacey dress and tights!

Yup...we are in!

For our gals that lurve a good trend but refuse to wear flat boots...have no fear...Topshop is here.

Their platform open toe pirate bootie (not the food, sillies) is super cute, uber trendy and would be pretty rad with something unexpected, like denim pleated culottes...or a floral mini.

And the nude color won't make your legs look short :) Yippie!

Thank you Free People for sooo many things...especially these crazy cute and easy to wear short pirate booties.

These will go with everything too! Lucky you!

OK...now for the green light boots...Miss AB (Miss Me's sister) was wearing these amazing, sleek, sexy and chic pirate boots from Belle from Sigerson Morrison.

Now mind you..Miss Me and Miss AB can wear anything and they look amazing...and they put together outfits that would make you puke (in a great way) but we thinks these could be sooo good that anyone who wears them will look fab!
Imagine super dark uber skinny jeans, yummy A. Wang tank and a sick cardi or shrunken blazer! Yup...I need a job so I can get these.

Dear, Pirate Boot Goddess...we promise to be good...we promise to not shop (too much) until we can have these! Oh yeah..and we promise to share. If one of us can have the Rodarte

and one can have the Chloe.


xoxo t.w.h.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yummies: Life is a bowl of cherries!

Woops... Looks like someone named Miss Me was a little confused about what day it was on Tuesday, so you got your decor fix a little early! 

So you get your yum-yums today! 
And what could be more cheerful and summer-ish then the cherry? 

This fruit is so delicious and yet we never really buy them... They are a little hard to eat, you sort of have to dedicate your self to it. Well, you at least have to have an extra bowl for the stems and pits. 

But lately these little ruby colored balls of yummy have been showing up all over the place, and we can't resist them! 

Besides they make you really happy! 

We prefer these just as Mother Nature made them, pick them, rinse them and pour them in a bowl and we are in heaven! 

But a super cute and evil friend of mine introduced me to these delicious dried cherries! I call her evil because now that I have tasted these things, I can't get enough! I eat a whole tub by myself! Thanks G. 

But the best thing about cherries, is how beautiful cherry blossoms are! 

Fresh, beautiful and super summer time! Head to the local Farmers Market and pick up a bowl of cherries! 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart