Friday, June 5, 2009

Fashion Friday: Here comes the bride....

So, maybe it is because it is June, or maybe it is because we fell head over heels in love with the dress that Miss t-w-h posted last week, or maybe it is because deep down inside we are just little girls who love looking at brides, whatever the reason, we bring you.... The Things-We-Heart bride guide! That is code for a bunch of dresses we heart! 

Lets start with some of our favorite iconic brides, the ones who's dresses will inspire other brides for years to come. 

First and foremost, we have Princess Buttercup. Now, don't tell me that as soon as the thrill of seeing a sparkly ring in a little black velvet box settles down, the first thing to pop into your head is not The Princess Bride herself. No? Well, then, maybe it was just me. But Buttercup is my idea of the perfect bride, except for the fact that she was going to be forced to marry that horrible Prince Humperdink Humperdink. Wesley took care of him and then they were happy forever. 

"Ummm, hi, pink, yes, PINK ombre silk one shoulder wedding dress with an antique lace veil... Is that you? It's the girls from Things-We-Heart calling, we just wanted to say congratulations for being possibly the most amazing dress of our generation. Ok, that's all, we didn't mean to bother you Pink ombre silk one shoulder  wedding dress and antique lace veil, we just had to call and tell you that. Bye-Bye."

First of all we have to say how amazing and sad and beautiful this picture is, because this beautiful couple died WAY WAY WAY too young. But we can not help but add it as an iconic wedding picture, because while Miss Me was planning her own wedding, I kept comming back to this picture to remind myself how wonderful and beautiful and timeless things can be if you just keep them simple. The old wooden steps, the no-frills dress and hair, the pure joy of their faces, all equal up to perfection. 

Alright, we admit to having a deep and resounding infatuation with Miss Hepburn, and yes in our eyes she can do no wrong, but you have to give credit where credit is due, and this tea length wedding dress is all right. I think tea length wedding gowns are super chic and I am kind of crazy for them. 

Oh Vivienne Westwood, you are just so, so, what is the word we are looking for? Just so.... Everything. And when you Westwood with Carrie Bradshaw, well you just get iconic bride all the way. Simply amazing! Plus we love the bridesmaids in floor length gowns each in her own color. Your friends will love you for it. 

Alright, enough with the brides of the past, lets look to the future and towards making you the most beautiful bride you can be. 

When you are a bride, you have to remember that for most of the ceremony, people are getting a view of your back, so why not give them something beautiful to look at? This Vera Wang FAll 2010 dress is a work of art. Look at those layers of silk? Amazing. 

Always dreamed of looking like a wood nymph at your wedding? (It's o.k lots of us slightly hippie girls do!) Well the always amazing Vera Wang has you covered with this Spring 2010 stunner. You have to love the Ivy crown, reminds me of Miss Me in high school! 

Holy F*%K! This dress looks like an explosion of feathers! But I mean that in a really good way, it is lovely! 
Monique Lhuillier's Evita dress for Fall 2009 is so full of detail, you could spend hours staring at it. And trust me, you will! 

Wow... Wow... I think I am in love, This is like the fairy tale princess dress I used to dream of when I was a little girl, like in my early 20's (haha). The layers and the sparkle? Really? Really? Wow! Hmm, I wonder if my husband will go for renewing our vows? Hmm, most likely not. Oh well. 
The Shilo dress also from Monique Lhuillier Fall 2009 could be yours now. Go for it! 

Remember when I said I was a sucker for Tea length? Yep, I still am. I am sad to say, I don't know who made this little number, but it is so lovely. For a daytime garden wedding? Beauty. 

And, although I was not a fan of her attitude, Kenley hit the nail on the head with this beautiful lemon yellow tea length wedding dress on Project Runway. I love the feathers I love the tulle, I love everything. Well done Kenley, carry on. 

On that same episode, Leanne hit it out of the park with her pleated, and layered wedding dress with pockets. To die for. Enough said. 

Who said a bride has to wear white? For Spring 2010 Vera Wang the last word on bridal fashion showed this beautiful cupcake colored collection of wedding dresses. Such a dream. 

We hope you enjoy this little walk down the aisle. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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