Thursday, June 18, 2009

Decor to Die for: Walk into the light... ok don't walk into it but look at it! Hearting lanterns!

Spray tan post?- check
Sandal post?- check, check
Wedding dress post?- check....

That can only mean 1 thing to us LALA girls of T.W.H....IT'S OFFICIALLY SUMMER!!! Well, almost 3 more days to be exact. But close enough! Wooo hooo.

We lurve us a good summer night party. Lounging with a beer or bubbly in the backyard with a warm summer breeze tickling our necks...ahhhh can't you just smell the s'mores, s'moring?

It's super easy to throw a summer bash (oooohhh we feel another post coming on!) drinks, fun easy summer food, music and of course....friends!

But there is a biiig difference between "Hey come over an chill" and "Hey I'm throwing a summer night shindig"...and that difference is decor (um hello? of course). Oh and hi..boys? that does not mean plastic chairs and a boom box. Candles and hanging lanterns are the quickest, shmanciest and least expensive way to up the ante to make a summer night party into a Mid Summer Nights Dream!

There is nothing more chic and understatedly glam than a few lanterns hanging from..well anywhere. We uber heart them hanging from trees and overhangs.

Here are some of our favs of the season and hopefully you will agree ;).

These great Z Gallerie (lurve this place for accessories!) white lantern stakes are perf if you are lacking trees or balconies or anything to hang a lantern from.

Dig these into the ground or a DIY sand bucket, throw a tea candle in and tada! Cuteness and mood is achieved!

OMG how beautiful are these paper star lanterns?

So whimsical, so intricate and beautimous! There is no way that a party won't be transformed into a quiet (or not so quiet) bash with a few of these hanging around at different heights. They are perfectly eclectic enough to go with any decor or party style.

This quiet dining table would look super boring with out the help of these cute oval lanterns...

They just bring it up a notch and give it style and flair.

Wow, the delicateness of these beautiful glass lanterns (for lack of a better word) from our fav store Anthropologie is on another level.
They are feminine yet not girly, romantic with out being too sweet. Hang these from an awning, or a tree, or opened umbrella at different lengths and you will shock yourself at how glamorous your party will become.

Just one of these grand metal Moroccan lanterns will totally transform your space. They do not command a ton o' attention but yet they do...weird right? They are striking and chic and will absolutely go with any decor.
They are even best served when they are not paired with a Moroccan or Indian vibe. They will make a traditional space sing...

OK, here's the reason for this post..while we have always hung lanterns at all of our parties..when we saw these gorge fabric ones from India Rose we just about died (in a good way).
They are so unique and cozy looking. So pretty without being too fancy..but uberly striking!

So, when we were about to click on the link to them we were a tad nervous at what the price would be..and guess what? We were tickled pink when we saw it... super reasonable and under $50!!!! Yuppers... you'll see some of these at our next bash (whenever that is...I have super good intentions)

Now the standard of hanging lanterns but never to be out done or overlooked... the OG but perfectly perfect outdoor mood lighting... the round paper lantern.

These come in every shape and size from everywhere and each one is beautiful, delicate and just totally creates and amazing mood.
These great orbs are from the one and only, home away from home, Target. These are a touch pricier than the ones, say at Cost Plus, but they are RTG and a bit better quality.
These are not ones to throw away after 1 use.

Oh gosh... I can just see all of these hanging from the trees...AHHHH... can't wait to drink under the stars and enjoy the romantically chic lighting!

P.S. This "mood" lighting is perf for making your skin flawless!

Now all you need are some fairies flying around serving sangria!

xoxo t.w.h.

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