Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yummies: SOOO hearting Ice Cream Sandwiches!

so it's a very well known fact that us girlies at T.W.H. luuurrvveee us a good Ice Cream.  Sooo it stands to reason that during this uber hot day we craved nothing more than a pile of the creamy goodness.  
But its super hard to be a tourista and take pictures with one hand on the spoon and one holding the cup!
How are we supposed to hold our crazy tourist accompaniments such as a camera, map, Hurricane and sanitizer???  

Then like a glittery bolt of lighting...it hit us... ICE CREAM SANDWICHES!!!  

Perf!  It only takes 1 hand to eat these fantasmic goodies!

We uber heart those I mean how could you  not.. 2 of the best gifts from the dessert gods put together?  Cookies and Ice Cream....Um, Yes Please!

So in our Hurricane haze and with our sore Pilates bodies we searched high and low (well in our crazy brains filled with yummy food knowledge) to bring you just a few of our most memorable finds...  and we do mean FINDS.

First up on the train of perfect foods that make even a better one when they are married (geez...Im winded just reading that!) is the cult fav. It's - It Bars...and for good reason.  

During our business meeting (hee hee) when we talked about doing Ice Cream sandwiches we did a double jinx.. shouting "OMG we HAVE to do It's - It Bars!" 
It's - It Bars are not exactly the norm. I.C.S. (Ice Cream Sandwich).  Delicious Ice Cream is lovingly smooshed between 2 oatmeal (not the norm chocolate chip or choc cookie here) cookies...yuuummmm... but get this!  Then its dipped in dark chocolate.  Yup!  

They are super hard to find but the company knows that so they offer overnight frozen shipping.  These will change your I.C. love affair.  My mom has been in love with these for years and every time we are in S.F., where they are made and were created in 1928, she makes us go on a hunt for them.

Choo choo...here we go.. this is fun!  My hungry mouth and tummy are fighting with my trainer (well, boyfriends trainer but he tries to keep me in line too) because now with these next uber yummy and uber easy to find I.C.S., we are about to jump out of the hotel bed and find us these...
Hello sweet tooth and tummy satisfaction!  

Chipwich... one of the OG nationwide, famous amos, I.C.S.  These are sooo good!  And super easy to find.  Most Ice Cream trucks have these delectable beauties.  And so do convenient stores, markets, ummmmm well almost everywhere. You can even rent a cart to come to your house!

But, maybe they (the trainer and my cellulite) will be ok if we grab one of these delish low cal but high yumminess sandwiches.  Thank you Skinny Cow for your super tasty treats.  You have really upped the ante with these.

You will totally think you are eating something waaay worse.  I mean, these probably shouldn't be eaten 3 times a day, but they are so low in calories for a satisfying dessert you could do them 1 a day :)  You're welcome!

And for our hero's, the Vegans, you should most definitely not be left out of the fun.  Here ya go! 

Tofutti Cuties are soooo good you will have no idea they are Vegan.  And they are small and sooo full of flavor you will be super satisfied too!  

Wanna be super cute and a hot Martha Stewart?  Make your own!  

They are pretty easy.  We did these and it was the hit of a party (and it was a tough crowd there too).  Just make sure you cut out the sandwiches after the Ice Cream is between the 2 sheets and frozen for an hour.  Mucho easier.

OOOHHHH wait!  Mold your D.I.Y. I.C.S in these uber cute molds!!!

P.S. Don't wait until national I.C.S. day on August 2 to enjoy these goodies... you deserve them now!

P.P.S. If you are ever around UCLA or Westwood CA..plllease do yourself a huuuuge favor and go by Diddy Riese for a ridiculously amazing I.C.S. it will be worth every calorie.

xoxo t.w.h.

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