Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Decor to Die For: Cover me with love!!

Don't you just love to snuggle up under the covers with a sweet fella, on a rainy day?
Or how about curling up on the couch with a good movie & comfy quilt?

Oh wait, it is summer time, so grab a pretty tapestry and spread it out on the beach or at the park for a picnic.

If you are looking to be snuggled in beauty and covered with love, look no farther then this list of blankets we heart! (Not bedding we heart, sheets and comforters will come later!)

This is the blanket that sparked this post.. I got it at Urban Outfitters at the start of summer, and everyday I think it is prettier and prettier.

The super 1970's hippie chic butterfly wing print is really beautiful, and the rainbow striped side is super fun. This is a super light weight blanket, so it is perfect for a summer night. Plus, it is on sale!

Have you ever gotten one of the Urban Outfitters tapestries? Well, if not then please go get one now! Not only do they come in some of the coolest prints, (at a super great price!) you can use them for a million things! I use mine as bedspreads, beach blankets, tablecloths, and a million other things.

This Union Jack tapestry would look so cool spread out on the beach.
beautiful flowers for anywhere in your home.

And while you are at Urban Outfitters, pick up this sweet little tassel throw. Yummy for snuggling up with a certain Vampire love story we heart.

Looking for a delicious and soft throw blanket to cover up with? Try these Pottery Barn ones. Such great colors!

Or if you want pure luxury then go for cashmere... How could you go wrong?
These throws from the Company Store will keep you happy.

But, if I were going to drop a bunch of cash on something decadent, I would spend it on something from Kelly Wearstler for Sferra... Wow, is all we can say about the chance to bring a little of Ms. W into your home.

So amazing and gorgeous!
Oh, how I want my bed covered in those linens... Hmmm, the idea for next weeks post is forming in my head.

We hope you snuggle up today.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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