Thursday, June 11, 2009

Decor to die for: We heart cute & clever tableware

We know, we have said it before... And we will say it again, we love anything whimsical, anything that brings a smile to your face.... And we believe your table top is a great place to start. 

Take this really cute Blossom & Bill  tray from Isak, how can you not giggle when you see this adorable couple? Serve your friends drinks on this fabulous little tray and get your party started. 

Oh, I am such a sucker for these! I saw them ages ago "on line" and have been dreaming of them ever since! I want the angle and the bat wing, they are so Good vs. Evil, I love it. 

Sami Rinne Designs has stolen our hearts with these little winged cups. 

If you feel anything like I do in the morning before you have had your coffee, then this is the coffee mug for you. Ceramic brass knuckles. Love it. 
Cristobal Karich brings us this tuff as nails design all the way from France. 

Wow, These make me want some chocolate, like right away. Now. 
Also from France, (I guess they hog up all the cute plates and fabulous fashion) come these oh, so Miss Me, dripping with chocolate plates by Domestic. So even when you are eating what is good for you, it feels so deliciously bad. 

Even if you do not have children, these Pottery Barn Kids plates are super rad. 
Who wouldn't be thrilled to have their dinner served upon a giraffe plate? I know I would. These would look so grown up and cute minus all the matching accessories. Lay them out on your nice reclaimed wood table and you are G.T.G. 

And as always, where does a girl turn when she is looking for cuteness of the highest level? Japan. Plain and simple, no question about it. The Japanese have the cute market all sewn up. 
Check out these AMAZING tea cups. 

Little Red Riding hood? Really? fabulous! 

Alice in Wonderland? Don't be late, order yours today! 

Are those not the most adorable things you have ever seen? 
I know a few friends who will be getting these for Birthday/Christmas.
These little tea cups are all at one place online, From Japan With Love

If you are going on a picnic, please bring these with you. Plastic utensils that look like fine silver? 
That is like a page right out of The-Things-We-Heart handbook! 

I want to set a real table with these and then have everyone sit on the Ghost Chair, I am still a sucker for those. 

Whatever you do, we hope you smile today! 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart


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