Monday, November 29, 2010

Beauty-fuls: We hippie heart totally natural skin care brands! you totally know how obsessed we are with makeup and skin care so it should probably not be a surprise that when we find a great natural line of makeup we go totally coo-coo for coco puffs!
There are soooo many crappy chemicals and weird additives in makeup now it's creeepy. Things we never knew could hurt us...and because it just goes on our skin and not inside, we think it's totally fine...but think again.
Our skin absorbs all of those gross chemicals and could cause allergic reactions or worse!

So after doing a few tests (oh! you are totally welcome! it was our pleasure...anytime!!!) here are our 3 favorite and most consumer friendly lines.

Jane Iredale (never heard of her? yeah it can be a wee bit tricky to find...after all it's not in Sephora ;) ) has been creating stunning cosmetics the mineral way for years! Her all natural mineral cosmetics are sooo beautiful and refined you will look like you just got a professional airbrushing from a fashion magazine!

We are obsessed with her liquid eye's like spreading silk across you lids.

And it doesn't crease or get that weird oily smudge to it!

Move over YSL Touche Elcat! We found your better, more healthy sibling.

Jane's Active Light Concealer conceals AND brightens skin with Vitamin K, white tea and cucumber! Yes please!!!

Dear Tarte Cosmetics,
Thank you!! Thank you for your move into the natural realm. Thank you for having amazing products that work as well as super cute packaging!

We are all fluttery heart for your stuffs. Your cheek and lip stains that are jam packed with everything we want and nothing we don't are perfection!!!

No more weird smudges or too harsh colors...just totally natural looking flushed cheeks and kissable lips.
This mini kit is perfection for all year round...

We die die die for your mascara...

sure we have to curl our lashes a bit before we use it but it works sooo well at lengthening, strengthening and plumping our lashes we don't mind the extra step!

P.S. TARTE IS 30% OFF TODAY!!! (Nov 29th 2010) FOR CYBER MONDAY!

From the stunning model and ex-face of the chemical heavy beauty line, Maybelline, Josie Maran started her line, aptly named Josie Maran, to be pure and gentle and totally eco friendly. And now we say...THANK YOU!

We super heart her all over color pallete!

It is filled with gorgeous and neutral shades of makeup you can wear on your cheeks, eyes, and lips. The colors are sooo natural inside and out that any one can wear them. And the best part? Well besides the fact that it's 100% natural? No more over packing your makeup bag!!!

Wether you are at the gym or done with your day, Josie's makeup remover wipes are perfect!Made from biodegradable wipes and a blend of natural ingredients, these wipes are the best around! And with every purchase they donate a portion to the SOS polar bear initiative!

So what ever you choose to put on your pretty little faces this season and next...take an extra moment to look to see exactly what is going on there...for your sake and the next generation.

xoxo things we heart

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fashion Friday: Get Ready.....Get Set....SHOP!!!!!

Bring it on mother F'ers! Black Friday is here! Wooo's Things We Heart favorite time of year ;)
Do your part...boost the economy and shop! The sales are amazing!!!
Or just go out enjoy your fellow shoppers and sit back and watch the madness...

Here are a few rules to follow....(taken from

Surviving the Lines

  • Dress warmly, but in layers so you don’t get overly hot in the store.
  • Before the store opens arrive early and stand in line.
  • Arrive a few minutes late or wait in your car until the biggest part of the crowd is in the store. You may lose out on the big-ticket items, but you will not end up in the pushing throng.
  • Be careful in the opening rush to the doors. Refrain from pushing or shoving anyone down. If you can help those around you do the same. Everyone will get in the store eventually and it will happen much more quickly without a fighting mob out front.
  • Wait politely in line to check out. Do not hold places in line for other shoppers and avoid pushing up against the people in front of you.
  • Let people pass through the line when they are still shopping.

Inside the Store

  • Take only what you need. Many people grab up all of one item in the hopes to eBay it for more money. Remember that others are here trying to provide Christmas for their families and only take the number of the item you actually plan on giving to other people.
  • As you go through the store, watch where you are going. You can walk quickly through the store without actually bumping into anyone.
  • Refrain from criticizing other shopper’s rude behavior while you are shopping.

Maintain Your Dignity

  • Shouting matches and fights over the last item often break out in the store. Remember that you do not have to participate. You can simply walk away. Ask yourself if your dignity is worth the item you are fighting for.
  • Be polite. Let others around you in the aisles. Help someone who is looking for a toy.
  • Be careful to stop yourself from blocking the aisles.

General Tips

  • Talking to people in line can help the mood of everyone involved. Keep the conversation friendly without too much information.
  • Stick to your plan and do not allow your shopping to be derailed by other grumpy shoppers. The plan should help you to move efficiently through the store and may help you to avoid the long checkout lines.
  • If you do not get an item you wanted, let your disappointment go and move on. There should be several things on your list that are worth getting. Dwelling on what you didn’t get will only slow you down.
  • If you do not want a one of the big sale items, you can still save money but hit the stores later in the day. The crowds will not be as bad and you should still be able to get some great deals.

Go here and here for great online deals and deals from the retail monsters ;(

Or better yet...go spend your super hard earned cash at the local retailers and smaller guys..they have better merchandise, love customers more and the more we spend at our favorite neighborhood shops, the better the economy will really be.

Screw Wal-fart! :)

Happy shopping!

xoxo t.w.h.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hope you have a delicious day!

Spend today not thinking about what you want, but being thankful for all that you have...
What you got is pretty special!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yummies, Delightful Dishes, you can bring along!

So if you are lucky enough to have been invited to someones house for Thanksgiving this week, you should be very thankful indeed.

But don't think you got off the kitchen hook too easily, you should ALWAYS ask your host or hostess what you can bring to add to the feast.

Now, you can bring wine, or pies, or Martinelli's sparkling apple cider (a MUST for any thanksgiving meal) but a homemade dish can score you some real points with Aunt Judy.

Lucky for you (and us) we have found some delicious recipes for yummy side dishes that can cary well on your ride across town.

(For you super craft-masters out there... Here are directions for this nifty carrier)

First up, from the kitchen of Miss Me's mommy, homemade cranberry sauce!
Now, while some people swear up and down that they love the canned stuff... Really? Gross!

They must have never tasted the real deal.
Miss Me makes a big batch every year and hands it out in cute little jars to all her friends and neighbors... I know right, Martha Stewart watch out!

The best thing about homemade cranberry sauce is that it is super easy to make, but people are all really impressed.... Super easy to jar, and keeps really well, so you could make it today and it would still be delicious through till next weekend.. Perfect for leftovers!

Here is how you do it.
Follow the classic Ocean Spray recipe... Then here is a secret tip,
When your cranberry sauce is all done boiling and your kitchen smells like heaven, add in about one teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of cinnamon and stir well.

The salt cuts the sweetness and the cinnamon is just yummy.

Some people like to set their cranberry sauce into molds, and while that is super cool in a creepy neighbors from Edward Scissorhands way,

we prefer to serve it in a cute dish with a spoon.

Next up, and we know some of you may not get this one... But TRUST.
(with mini baby marshmallows on top!)

Now, while this was not a dish that we grew up with it has become a welcome addition to the family feast.
(You can totally skip the nuts, ginger and nutmeg and it is still scrumptious)

Something about the super sweetness mixed with all the other savory flavors on your plate is like a little slice of heaven. Plus it carries really well, you can have it all ready and just pop it in the oven to brown the sweet baby marshmallows and you are done and done!

Another way to impress your friends is with a good old fashioned
I know but really don't be afraid... This is not the runny canned green bean casserole that you still have nightmares about.

We are talking all organic and fresh ingredients.
Delicious green beans, chopped onion, yummy mushrooms, organic cheese all mixed up in creamy mushroom soup and topped off with crunchy sinful fried onions!

Yes please, the gain 5 pounds in one sitting line forms behind us!
This one is from kitchen goddess Paula Deen, so you know it isn't easy on the figure... She loves her some butter Y'all! And we adore her for it!
(psss. Sub out veggie broth for the chicken broth in the recipe for the love of all things feathered)

So there you have it, 3 sure fire ways to impress your friends and family while being a helpful and considerate guest.

Oh and here are a few more tips,

Always bring your dish fully prepared and ready to go, no one needs you adding another cook in the kitchen on a stressful cooking day.

If you need to heat it up for say 15 minutes to brown the top etc. that is totally fine, but let your hostess know that you will be needing to do that and to just let you know when the oven is free.

You should handle putting it in the oven and watching the clock on your dish so it isn't burned.

A really sweet thing to do, is to bring your side along in a baking dish that you are going to leave as a hostess gift.

Simple, inexpensive, clean. They would go with any kitchen AND all the sizes come with a lid for easy transport!
Add in this cute colorful potholder to brighten up your gift.

Bring along a pretty gravy boat to serve your cranberry sauce.

A pretty dish and a colorful pot holder are a super sweet way to say thank you for having me, especially when they are filled with something wonderful to eat!

Now that you are done with your part, relax and enjoy your meal!
You are such a wonderful guest, your sure to be invited back again next year.
(P.S- Dont forget to check here for even more yummy dishes we heart!)

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Friday: The FINAL countdown today!!!! Lanvin for H&M on sale TOMORROW!!!!!

Can we have both :) hee heee...image stolen graciously from a fave blogger of ours, Nitrolicious

This is LITERALLY Christmas come early for 1 year and 1 month early to be exact. Mr Lanvin himself, Alber Elbaz designed a super amazing super close to the real deal capsule line for (another uber fave) H&M and it is here tomorrow!!!!!

Why you ask if it is out tomorrow is it Xmas early for us? Well because we are both pretty pregnant now and we prob won't fit into anything until Xmas of next year so the gorgeous duds that I, Miss TWH will be lining up for tomorrow am for us, will sleep snuggly and safely in our closets for the next year. It will be like fine wine...they will get even better with age :)

And why do you ask will a super pregnant girl like myself line up in the dark with other fashion freaks and snobs (not me...I'm just a freak) alike? Well if you haven't already read our last luscious post about it (GO HERE IF NOT!) look on people...look on and then I will probably see you in line tomorrow morning :)

H&M has released pics and prices for all of the items that will go on sale tomorrow and thanks to Wendy at one of our FAVE blogs ever, Nitrolicious, we have nice quality ones to make you drool over...well drool and plan which ones you want of course!

Here are our fave pics!

Hello A-mazing dual print dress!!!!!! You are fucking will last us a life time and we will have you!
No jewelry required with that dress! economical :)

If that print is too loud or too much for you...then it comes in simple and elegant black too!

Soooo we are SUPER, crazy, insanely against wearing fur...if you are me! Now...that said we are super, crazy for wearing GOOD faux fur and L x H&M has given us a totally cute military style version for our waiting closets!

OK...this next dress is SOOOOOOO close to the real Lanvin we fell crazy in heartville with it.
So elegant and timeless! Not too tricky...just perfect!!!

Shpeaking of tricky...we are DYING for this mini skirt!!!!!
Pair it with a tucked in tee or pretty tank and serious heels and you are D&D!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um hello...hi are you deliciously divine Lanvin tulle dress?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WTF! How gorgeous is that? That will last a life time! And so will this next one!

Sooo perfectly elegant and timeless and rad and different and sooooo yummy LBD!
Wear with some beautiful sheer seam back hose and honey...we are applauding!

BTW there will be tons of shoes and accessories too! Did you see these beauties on the real Lanvin runway?
Did you wanna die when you saw that they were $1300???? Well now you can have a pair for WAAAAAAY less!!!!

Well have no fear...they remade them for L x H&M!!!! Lucky you!

Hello there boys...yummmmmm!

P.S. There will be uuuber cute mens too but since we are getting up so early and will only have an alotted 15 minutes to shop we are not totally positive that our gorgeous boy will get too much...mean? Yeah kinda.... but I'm pregnant?! NO? that doesn't work? Hmmm..ok I will try cuz lord know we loove to make our dudes suuuuper cute...well that and the fact that we LOVE them...

DYING FOR THIS LOOK ON A CUTE BOY OR 2! Hopefully we can get Mr TWH and Mr. MM to wear it!

Soooooooo....I guess I will see you in line tomorrow am? Hee Heee!!!
xoxo things we heart