Friday, November 26, 2010

Fashion Friday: Get Ready.....Get Set....SHOP!!!!!

Bring it on mother F'ers! Black Friday is here! Wooo's Things We Heart favorite time of year ;)
Do your part...boost the economy and shop! The sales are amazing!!!
Or just go out enjoy your fellow shoppers and sit back and watch the madness...

Here are a few rules to follow....(taken from

Surviving the Lines

  • Dress warmly, but in layers so you don’t get overly hot in the store.
  • Before the store opens arrive early and stand in line.
  • Arrive a few minutes late or wait in your car until the biggest part of the crowd is in the store. You may lose out on the big-ticket items, but you will not end up in the pushing throng.
  • Be careful in the opening rush to the doors. Refrain from pushing or shoving anyone down. If you can help those around you do the same. Everyone will get in the store eventually and it will happen much more quickly without a fighting mob out front.
  • Wait politely in line to check out. Do not hold places in line for other shoppers and avoid pushing up against the people in front of you.
  • Let people pass through the line when they are still shopping.

Inside the Store

  • Take only what you need. Many people grab up all of one item in the hopes to eBay it for more money. Remember that others are here trying to provide Christmas for their families and only take the number of the item you actually plan on giving to other people.
  • As you go through the store, watch where you are going. You can walk quickly through the store without actually bumping into anyone.
  • Refrain from criticizing other shopper’s rude behavior while you are shopping.

Maintain Your Dignity

  • Shouting matches and fights over the last item often break out in the store. Remember that you do not have to participate. You can simply walk away. Ask yourself if your dignity is worth the item you are fighting for.
  • Be polite. Let others around you in the aisles. Help someone who is looking for a toy.
  • Be careful to stop yourself from blocking the aisles.

General Tips

  • Talking to people in line can help the mood of everyone involved. Keep the conversation friendly without too much information.
  • Stick to your plan and do not allow your shopping to be derailed by other grumpy shoppers. The plan should help you to move efficiently through the store and may help you to avoid the long checkout lines.
  • If you do not get an item you wanted, let your disappointment go and move on. There should be several things on your list that are worth getting. Dwelling on what you didn’t get will only slow you down.
  • If you do not want a one of the big sale items, you can still save money but hit the stores later in the day. The crowds will not be as bad and you should still be able to get some great deals.

Go here and here for great online deals and deals from the retail monsters ;(

Or better yet...go spend your super hard earned cash at the local retailers and smaller guys..they have better merchandise, love customers more and the more we spend at our favorite neighborhood shops, the better the economy will really be.

Screw Wal-fart! :)

Happy shopping!

xoxo t.w.h.

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