Monday, November 15, 2010

Beauty: Girl you smell so sweet... You know you should have been a flower.

How long have we all spent looking for the perfect "signature scent"?
How hard is it to find one?!

When Miss Me was 13 years old, her older brother had a girlfriend who was suuuuper cool. She had a little secret to share with the young Miss Me,

She said, she wore a mens scent (Namely Eternity for men) Because then no other girl would ever smell like her.... Ahhhh, smart and beautiful Miss Milla!

She was on to something, if you are going to have a signature scent... It should be very singular, at least amongst your crowd.

For instance, two of the T-W-H girls near and dear girlfriends wear Floret, and while we find it delicious and are green with envy... It belongs to them.

But you, dear readers are safe and can be the first in your group to claim this feminine scent. With hints of sweet pea, lilly of the valley, rose and tuberose you will smell like an angel.

Right now Miss Me is in heartsville with this beautiful Stella McCartney scent,
Stella Nude. Blending Moroccan Rose, Grapefruit, White Peony, Pink Pepper, Precious Vanilla & Grey Amber it is just sensual enough with out being heavy.

Of course, this comes from a long time true blue Stella lover.
I can never get enough of the classic Stella scent.

Rose, Peony Flower, Mandarin, Rose Absolute, Amber all wrapped up in the worlds cutest roll on package. You can get four 0.33 oz. tubes for $50 right now... And they last a really long time! Done and done.
(Note: I stole this scent from my sister... But we can share because well, we are sisters)

The beautiful and always delicious smelling Miss t-w-h meanwhile is in utter heartsville with Faith oil. It smells slightly different on everyone and no two individuals will smell alike. Essential Faith has been described as soft, subtle, and a near aphrodisiac. Wow!
How much does that make you want to go run out and get a bottle today? You HAVE to so you can find out how it smells on you!
Here is a list of retailers that carry Essential Faith.

So, what happens when you mix the most beautiful smelling flower in the world with Things-We-Heart?

Well, we were lucky enough to find out last year at a super beautiful baby shower where each guest got to mix a signature scent.
Gardenia, Vanilla, a touch of spice...
Of course we ended up with the same scent... Jinx!

Memoire Liquide was the company at the shower and lucky for all of us they can mix your custom scent at Fred Segal.
We have a few more scents to share with you, that we have either heard are wonderful or have been in love with in the past... Like an ex-boyfriend, certain scents can instantly bring you back to another time, and that is not always a good thing.

Oh, high school, smells a lot like Egyptian Musk and China Rain oils and some other faint smokey odor we can't quite place... Hmmmm.

Moving on!

For the sake of all things cute and delicious in this world!! Can you believe how amazing the packaging is for the Harajuku Lovers perfumes are!?!

Plus they actually smell as good as they look! Wouldn't these look perfect on your new vanity?

Are you looking for a perfume that just smells clean? That delicious smell that you have when you just stepped out of the shower?

Well, word on the streets is that CLEAN is the scent for you.
the signature scent, is reminiscent of pure soap. It combines the fragrance notes of litsea cubeba, orange, sweet lime, pink grapefruit, passion lily, rose geranium, and white musk. Sounds perfect!

While we are on the topic of Musk... Really, that is an ugly word.. It makes us think of Patchouli at which point we gag a little bit. No offense to the Patchouli wearers of the world, we know you are out there... We smell you all the time at Whole Foods.

Woops, back to the topic at hand... Speaking of Musk, don't let the name fool you because yummy, yummy, yummy!
We LOVE Kiehl's Original Musk blend No.1
originally called Love Oil, it is just musky enough to be super masculine and so dreamy. Yes it is true, my husband does use this, so I may be partial... But it really is the perfect gift for the man in your life.

Rumor has it that Marc Jacobs wanted his name sake perfume to smell like gardenias in a bowl of water. Fake boyfriend!!! How did you know?! Goodness we have so many reasons to love you.
(taken from Sephora "Marc Jacobs Perfume maintains the fundamental aspects of all Marc Jacob's designs. It's classic, luxurious, and comfortingly feminine. The scent is both sensuous and uncomplicated, complementing the wearer without overwhelming her.")
See what we mean? Plus the bottle has a cute little black leather bow. Ugggh! Cutness!

Longtime favorite of ladies who love all things breezy and island style is Kai.
It is hard to explain but this scent is pretty much Jasmine, Plumeria, Beaches, Sunshine and Laughter all mixed up into an oil and then bottled.

Oh, it truly is heaven.

And last but not at all least, is Lovely. The lovely scent from the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker. Fresh Mandarin, Bergamot, Rosewood, Lavender, Apple Martini, Patchouli, Paper Whites, Orchid, Cedar, White Amber, Musk Woods.

This one is a favorite amongst quite a few beautiful and stylish women we know.
And NO it is not just because we heart our Sex In The City!

Warning: Please try on all perfumes and oils before you buy... Give it a few hours to know if the smell REALLY works on your body.

We wish you luck in finding the perfect potion for your skin.

Here are a few general terms from the perfume world to help you in your search.

Top Note: Top note oils are the lightest, most stimulating and energizing oils. They have a fresh, immediately apparent quality that is intense, but fleeting, due to their fast evaporation rate.

Middle Notes or Heart Notes: Middle note oils usually form the bulk of fragrance blends. They are strong, lasting and potent - not as bright as the top notes, or solid as the base notes. Their scent emerges shortly after the top note's first impression.

Base Note: Base note oils are the slowest to evaporate. Their rich, heavy scents emerge slowly and linger. They form the base of the fragrance and give it staying power.
Need more? Go here.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart


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