Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Decor to Die for: Vanity Tables

There is something so sexy about a vanity table. They are so romantic and feminine and they don't scream as much as whisper old hollywood movie star glamour... 

(Sophia Loren) 
Right now we are hearting and dreaming of a super stylish and super sexy dressing table of our very own... Just like Carrie's!

(Carrie Bradshaw) 
Oh how we envy the mirrored vanity with the round mirror against the grey blue walls... Not to mention that Chanel scarf!

Well, our search for the perfect vanity would be over and done with... If we lived across the pond in merry old London Town... Or anywhere in the UK for that matter. 

But lucky for us, our J'adorable boyfriend Johnny Adler is here to make us feel better with his Channing desk... We say forget the office work and lets use this desk for beauty work! 
Hang an extremely simple and clean mirror right above it and viola! Instant femme fatale! 

This one from P.B might work because it is so simple and has that extra little shelf for all your beautiful perfume bottles... 

But this Bianca Mirror's height and curves might clash just enough with the clean modern lines of the Channing desk to be really fantastic and interesting... 

(Minus the sconces of course!) 

For a more affordable alternative to the Channing, is West Elms Parsons desk
We gotta admit, we love this wallet friendly classic, you can choose from four colors. Miss Me has the green one in her little office and it makes her smile daily.  

Now I just need to find the perfect vanity to compliment my new super romantic bedroom!

(Greta Garbo-P.S- I went with the R.H Warner bed!) 

Speaking of romantic... Well this is just torture because this vanity is also from our friends at Graham and Green so I guess unless you are reading this from your cottage in Kent your are S.O.L. 

Sorry, but don't you think it is about time for a letter writing campaign.. 
Bring G&G to America!! 

So the search continues for the perfect dressing table. We have found a few that certainly inspire us... 

Just like in Carrie's apartment you can see that most shades of blue work beautifully with mirrored anything... 

Ohhh these drawers! You know how the T-W-H girls feel about super organized drawers! 

We were also taken with the idea of a lucite vanity... Hmmmm it could work very well.... We have always hearted those amazing Ghost chairs...

All we have been able to find so far is this slender lucite console from Crate & Barrel that would be perfect if you were working with a small or narrow space. 

We heart the way that lucite just sort of floats in a room... 
We heart it so much we think we know what our next decor post is gonna be.... 

We also found this to DIE for, perfect, large scale vintage lucite desk on 1st dibs that we are soooo crushing on, but in the price section it says "Contact seller" and that can only be a heart breaking phone call. 

(Jean Harlow) 

Now, this one is perfect for all you girlie girls out there. 

Ahhh! To dream of a pink vanity! How delicious and feminine can you be? 
Ducduc has all your cotton candy dreams right here for you. 

We will let you know how our hunting goes, but anything that can make you feel sexy and feminine is worth a good hunt.
And that's what we do here at Things-We-Heart we do the foot work to help make your life a little easier and a little more beautiful! 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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