Friday, October 16, 2009

Fashion Friday: The Army...the Navy and The Marines! We heart military inspired clothing..

We suuuper heart military inspired fashion!!!! What self proclaimed fashionista or tomboy doesn't?

OK... time for a history lesson! Yay...sometimes it's still fun to learn isn't it??? Especially when the payoff is learning about fashion and its whereabouts...well that and just learning to be even smarter than you already are ;)

By the end of WWII every major military power in the world was wearing khaki uniforms...a color that is still widely worn today...but the way the military inspired our clothing didn't stop there...todays biggest fashion designers and stores still pull from the military looks of the
uniforms and fashions of the 1940's....and they are fantasmical!!!!

See? Painless and you learned a little....

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about Military Inspired Fashion (MIF)...capes!
Oh yes...there is nothing cuter than a super cutey mcgoo wearing a cape. So bold, so "I know I am fashionable with out being trendy..."
And the way they and flowing yet totally pulled together...


This grey, Balmain masterpiece with the SS (strong shoulders) is so perfect, sooo classic and crazy chic. We are going to close our eyes when we look at the price. Whew...glad we did..

So we think maybe instead of paying an arm and a leg...well 2 or 3 legs we will scour ebay and cross our fingers.
Wooo hooo.

How beautiful is this vintage cream cape...good luck bidding gorgeous lovers!

We lurve a good M.I. jacket..who doesn't? They are so crisp, sleek and totally timeless. Plus they kinda up the ante of any outfit you are wearing.

This Free People Victorian meets military inspired jacket makes us swooon like little girls in heartville. The girly-ness of the ruffles against the masculine color and vibe. Yes and please!

This is begging for dark skinny jeans, over the knee boots and a black tee. Hello cute girl!

Speaking of M.I. inspired jackets...Top Shop (yay!) serves up a piece of yumminess with this funnel neck coat. The grey with the tailored-ness and brass buttons screams chic to the 2nd degree.
All you need with this jacket is a super cute hat with your rough waves hanging out, a la shmancy gal in the streets of Paris...

And we have just the hat for you!

Juicy Couture went from velour sweats to chic in no time flat with this cute Navy-esque cap.
Loooove the color and the tiny gold detailing. Ugghhh..this M.I. cap makes me want to dye my hair red!!!

Ooooh, you know what would look super cute with this hat, a mini and a tee?
These rad combat boots from Steve Madden. Love the suede and leather mixed with the toughness of this boot!
Looking for a sexier version of an M.I. boot? One you can put with jeans and look totally cute and ready for a night out?
Our fav go to cheapie shoe store, Bakers have the boot for you.
How cute are those gold buttons? And the cone-ish heel helps make the boot look classy with a "C" instead of Klassy with a "K".

Wanna try M.I.F. in a fun new way? Leave it to UO to help you out.
It's the perfect marriage of fem charm and vintage masculinity. Thanks Urban! We heart you!
You always save our fashion dilemmas!

Oh hello cute and perfect cardigan! You would look amazing in our closets!

Of course Kate Moss designed are chic, easy and can make the most boring outfit cute! Now if only we could find a more recessionista option for the tough times out there...

Here we go!!!

Forever 21's charcoal grey M.I. cardi is perfect and cheap. Done and done. Throw on over sweats, jeans...even a shmancy's totally versatile and timeless.

Want a whole M.I. vibe? Pair either of these funtastically chic cardis with these uber cute J Brand jeans.
Look at that brass button detailing! Soooo cute!!!!

P.S. Loving the higher waists J Brand. Not mom jeans and yet they don't bake those muffin tops either. Thanks!!!

This next M.I. piece makes us speechless......
We no..need this skirt! It is sooooo cute!!!!!! We promise to be good if we can have one...we promise!!!!


Look away from the abs...we repeat...look away from Gwen's yourself a favor and just look at the boots (we warned you...if your self esteem went down a tweety bit it's her fault cuz we told you!)
Wowzers...if you can peel your eyes away from the beauty that is GS, then look at her boots!!!!! Knee high lace up combat boots?!!??! What??? Yup...of course...TDF.

But have no fear if you can't afford $1800 Ann Demeulemeester geniusness...
Steve Madden has the pair just for you!
How great are these knee highs? Pop them over tights and a knit mini with a drapey tee??? Uh got it...done and dddddone!

Now...if we can only stop eating cookie dough and workout and get those ridiculous abs...hmmm...but then I won't have time to post...or do research...or shop...or...OK...sorry...trying to make myself feel better...

Um hello...Andrea? Miss L?'s us gals at Things We Heart and we were wondering why the poop are you so freakin' talented...and how the heck can we get this military meets moto inspired cropped leather jacket...

Oh...Shopbop you say...ok. Thanks ;) This jacket literally ups the ante in the craziest way. You could probably roll out of bed in a night gown, throw on some mocassins and this jacket and you will give Miss Moss a run for her money.

Not ready to go as fashionista as A.L.C.? Don't think you can pull that amazingness off ...(yet!)?
Mike and Chris' gorgeous leather jacket is truely TDF.

It is the perfect mix of tomboy chic and cool girl attitude. Got jeans, a messy tee and converse? Oh good cuz that's all you will need to wear if you throw this jacket on in order to look RTG.

Now that we learned how super fun history can be...let's take a piece of it and put it in our closets!

Try an Army surplus store for great hard to find pieces at super good prices...

And let's remember the brave men and women that actually donned these clothes when it wasn't for fashion..when it was for war. Thank you.

xoxo t.w.h.

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