Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Hearts... We heart Boy Bands!


We like totally heart boy bands! Like totally! 
Young, musical, handsome (in some cases) and usually rocking choreographed dance routines with all their heart! 

Yeah, you know you heart them too! So lets take a stroll down memory lane with boy bands we heart! 

God bless the Jackson 5! If there is or was anything better on this earth then a pre-teen M.J we never saw it. 

Outrageous costumes and wicked dance moves, with the music to back it up.. Yep, the Jackson 5 had it all locked up! 

Watch the magic moves...

And the goodness continues with.... The boys from Boston, 
New Kids On The Block!!!! 

Even if you were not feeling them then... You know you love the nostalgia now! 
I remember being so surprised after hearing it on the radio, to find out that a bunch of little white kids sang this song! 

But oh, they did and they did it well! 

NKOTB bring us all the way to 90's super Boy Band

And really, any band that brought us J.T is good with us. 
Beyond huge and popular they were at "war" with another Mega Boy Band of the 90's... But we are totally Team *NSYNC for sure. 
One of the greatest compliments that Miss Me has ever gotten was when some one said... "Hey, has any one ever told you that you look like the middle Hanson brother?" 

Are you kidding me? If anyone is gonna say you look like a boy... Well, may that boy be as lovely as Taylor Hanson.

Although it must be said... As far as boy bands go.... Right about the time NKOTB
was making girls swoon... Miss Me was a tad bit distracted by another group of boys who were singing and dancing their way into her heart... 

Because, while Jordan Knight was cute... He was certainly no Adam Horovitz! 
And I think the guy in the picture below knows just what we are talking about! 

OMG...OMG...OMG! We super duper heart The Beastie Boys! 

It seems like New Edition is like the Duggar family of Boy Bands... The goodness never stops! 
Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike.... 
Because first you take this amazing, and one of the most awesome Boy Bands ever with songs like Mr. Telephone Man and of course, Cool it now

and then they just keep multiplying and growing... Making more awesome Boy Bands, like... 

Bell Biv Devoe, now you know! 
Then came super cuties ABC Another Bad Creation...
Aww these boys were so adorable! 

8 year old girls around the world hearts were set aflutter. 

And so the question begs to be asked.... Are Boyz 2 Men a Boy Band? 
They were boyz... But now they are men... 

It is truly a conundrum... But never the less... 

Here you go. 
We really don't have anything to say about Menudo per-say... 
(Aside from the fact that you should check out x-member 
Robi Draco Rosa and what he is up to now...)

But we hope you agree that this photo is as worth it for you as it is for us! 
LOVE the pants! 

We say wave your Boy Band fan flag high! And if we didn't list one of your favorite boy bands... We are sorry! It is like choosing diamonds from a diamond mine... There are just TOO many great ones. 
But please feel free to comment and let us know who you heart! 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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