Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fashion Friday: She's got legs!

As the weather is cooling down our blood is heating up for tights! 
We just can't seem to get enough of these wonderful little leg warmers. 

No not those kind of leg warmers... We are talking about the super sexy kind. 
Who says you have to put all your mini dresses away when summer ends? Not us, we say bring on the tights and make the hemlines even shorter! 

For super basic yumminess (PLUS U.S made...) go to American Apparel. They have a ton of colors and styles to choose from and their opaque is pretty opaque. 

Also great for opaque basics, and really those are the ones we use day in and day out, try Urban Outfitters, and also Wolford... Wolford are pricey but rumored to be the best of the best. 

But sometimes a girl is looking for something a little more risque, and that is when you pull out the super sexy lace stockings we are simply hearting right now. 

Aaggghhhh! Chanel! Coco! No how could you treat us so badly? we died when we saw these lace fronted tights.. But they are a little out of our price range... But they are dreamy. 

Speaking of dreams, these stockings from Wolford will make your fella think he is dreaming! 

We have been loving our opaque black thick tights for so long now, that these sexy sheer lacy numbers are really exciting for us. 
It is like a whole new world is opening up for our gams... 

The sheer black stockings with the little hearts have our names written all over them. Betsy Johnson, thank you! The sweet little lacy bow tights are from Top Shop and although they don't have this style any more they have soooo many great ones. 

Now pretend that the styling in this photo was different, and that these ladies were not wearing ugh... sensible shoes... These lace tights are really pretty!

Can you believe they are made by Spax? so no jiggle or wiggle when you pair them with your fancy short-shorts!

Bright tights can make such a statement. We love them paired with a simple short black dress.

These pink patterned Trina Turk tights are the perfect mixture of color and pattern!

But we are super dying for the delicate lacework and they grey on grey action in this photo! 

Betsy Johnson does it again with these stunning tights!

In fact, she does it so well she just may be the queen of tights... 
Nope scratch that, the queen of tights is alive and well on the Upper East side. 

We leave you with these inspiration images of Blair Waldorf working tights in all the right ways. 

Powder blue ruffles and patterned lace work navy tights... No wonder "Little J" looked up to her! 

Hot pink tights, some how manage to look classy and right on the Queen B. 

And even with a broken heart, (screw you Chuck Bass-hole!)
Blair manages to steal the show in her unexpected chevron tights. 
And finally true love, if true love exists with an outfit. 
lovely layers of lace and tweed!
Pure perfection. 

Wrap your legs in something beautiful! 
XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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