Friday, October 9, 2009

Fashion Friday: Fabulous Finds For Fifty or Fewer!

Say that 5 times fast! 

We have done our best detective work to find you some stylish and low cost items... So you can satisfy your shopping craving, and still make this months rent! 


Away we go with some of our favorites.

To die for color pallet of grey and black? CHECK
Of the moment, yet super flattering one shoulder cut? CHECK
Quirky and unique pattern? CHECK
Works with tights and booties? CHECK
This sweet dress is by Silence & Noise, and you can snatch it up at Urban Outfitters. 

Another winner from our favorite Go-To spot, U.O 
is this printed Jumper from Ecote

Perfectly sweet with some tights and over the knee boots this fall, throw on a cardi and you are off. 

Ummm so you all know how much we heart Raquel Allegra
we give her 100% credit for the spider-web thin shredded tee.... 
But you know that saying, imitation is the best form of flattery? 

Well, we certainly find that to be true... And at $29.99 we can all afford to look like a rock-star, or a super model! 
This cute and perfectly simple tee by Dark Harts by Eric Hart is a sure fire winner. 
Grab yours at U.O today!  

So lets say your shopping bug is of the sparkle loving variety... Are you looking for the perfect little something to dress up your fingers??? 
Well look at these steals we found while prowling our favorite on-line haunts 
(ie: Shop Bop)
We think 7 stack rings for $50 is a pretty nice deal. 
From designer Rachel Lee, we think these little rings will cause you ZERO buyers remorse! 

Shut-the-front-door! Shut it!! 
We could hardly believe our eyes when we saw this beautiful statement ring from 

We are totally in heart with big chunky stone rings.. And this green glass stone just makes us smile from ear to ear. 
$44!!! Shut it! 

Listen, we don't think their is anything more wintery then white jeans... Don't even say it... Because we already told you how we feel about that old rule about white after labor day.. 

What could be more sexy then a pair of skinny white jeans and a soft sweater? Yummy! These sweeties by Blank Denim are on sale now at Shop Bop and are going for the even sweeter price of $44. 
Ring me up! 

What to wear to all those amazing Fall movies that are headed our way? 
For maximum movie comfort you gotta get a pair of these adorable and soft 
sweater pants from the always stylish and always wallet friendly FOREVER 21! 

With the cute fringe detail down the leg and the gathered bottoms... these are some stylish sweats! 

Speaking of which... Umm can you believe this sweatshirt from Forever 21? 

Hi super stylish and very now Sergeant Pepper inspired cuteness... I know a closet where you would feel very comfortable... And I also have these white jeans I think you should meet... 

I don't know if we ever told you this... But the T.W.H girl are suckers for cloaks and capelets. It could be our love of all things fairy tale & our wish to BE the maiden in said fairy tales... Could it have been the English romance classics? Or maybe it is because they feel so proper yet totally chic at the same time... They are so much MORE then a jacket. 

What ever the case, we fell in heartsville with this cute little cloak from Forever 21!
For only $44.90 you to can feel like a lovely maiden walking the english moors all alone searching for your lost love... 
Or maybe you will just feel like a cute and stylish girl who has enough money in her pocket to grab some lunch with your girlfriends at the local cafe! 

Either way it's a win-win situation! 

Take care and remember it's not how much you spend, it's the way you work it! 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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