Friday, September 18, 2009

Fashion Friday: We heart White after labor day

Oh Dear Lord...Monsieur Rick Owens!!!!!!!!!!!! You had us at ...well everything! His yearly tribute to wearing White after Labor Day

Who says you can't wear white after labor day? No...seriously..who says?

We looked to see who came up with that silly...silly rule and it seems as if it came from nowhere. It is more of a huuuge secret mystery...made up by people that thought it would be fun to watch people squirm and squeeze out every last bit of white clothing by the first week of September...

Oh and P.S. it seems to only really be embraced in the good ol' US of A.

No one knows why it started here except for the fact that there was one silly little saying that white shoes after labor day were a no-no (but look below and you will see why the no white shoes rule is just as lame!) and some how is morphed into white clothes.

But those days are ova bunny cats! OVER! Why should there be rules for fashion?

Well except for the simple ones like no panty lines under tight clothes

...and no CT (camel toes...eewwww sorry but it's true!)

...and no head to toe labels...umm that's all we can think of now. But, see rules for fashion are silly!

Oooopsie...there maybe just a few simple White After Labor Day rules that everyone should probably listen to...

1. No's just too summery and light and hard to layer

2. If you live in a place (LAites are lucky) where you are lucky enough to comfortably rock open toed shoes in the fall and winter...please oh please do not wear with hose... but please oh please rock them with dark tights!
Trust us...super cute!

3. Put the leg warmers away...enough said...1983 is over and you are not a ballerina or 4 years old.

OK...enough...right? That's all we is fun so almost anything else goes..

On with the whole reason White after Labor Day is AMAZING and totally necessary...

Thanks LNA! The makers of the suuuper soft perfect Tee give us a super easy to wear...gorgeously en currant white lace tee.
It's sooo, "'s really just a tee shirt...just in lace!"... "Haha..thank you! I just threw it on! Yes it is terrible chic, isn't it..."

It's perfection! Throw this on with jeans or leggins or trousers, a bright bra or camisole, a scarf, leather jacket and you are RTG. The cut and the lace will amp up anything you are wearing...

Hello perfect white goddessly chic dress. Wow! This beauty from the go to company for great cocktail dresses, Black Halo, can go from a summer wedding into a winter cocktail party just by adding dark tights and shoes.
How f'ing amazing would this look with a charcoal or black leather moto jacket and tights! Yes and Por Favor!

Speaking of unbelievably beautiful WALD (White After Labor Day) dresses.. Hi there yummy and endlessly chic dress! How are you?
Wow wow wow...thank you Thakoon! What a beautiful take on a tuxedo-y style silk dress! TDF! Oh and we will take those shoes too ;)
P.S. Anyone see how amazingly cute Thakoon is in the September Issue?

Next up in the reasons NWALD is a stupid rule is from the man who makes me cry (in a super good fashion loving way) every time I see his fashion shows or clothing in the a gorgeous with a capital G leather, strong shoulder jacket from the one...the only...Rick Owens!

Yum and perfection! There is no way you wouldn't look chic and RTG just by throwing this one piece on...I bet it would even make stinky sweats look good.

Free People really gives that silly rule a kick in the tush with their amazing double breasted wool overcoat.
The cut and fabric of this coat makes it perfect for any occasion at all shmance or not.
The ridiculously amazing shawl collar and ribbed cuffs are fantastic and crazy chic! (not to mention warm)

Wanna see a WALD coat that will make you squeal?

3.1 Phillip Lim gives us a reason to get 5 jobs! His white military meets circus in heaven meets Parisian chic coat is so beautiful and perfect we have no words...none! Except for bring on the Lottery tickets...

Yay Top Shop!!!! Not only are you are go to fashion mecca but you are soooo ahead of the times in a really great way yet perfectly timely (does that make sense?).

We are suuuper hearting your cream body con. strong shoulder dress.
Wear this bad boy with black booties and a few gold rings and you are unstoppable. Move ova Miss Moss...well OK please don't go anywhere just watch how we roll ;).

Here is a perfect little ballerina-esque number from Alice and Olivia that can literally go with anything at any time of the year...but we totally heart that she is giving it to us for Winter.

Ignore the skirt (even though it is beautiful) we are talking about the loveliness of the TDF spaghetti strap body suit...yes they are sooo very back.

With it's low back and gorge V neckline you can be the belle of any party or date in this.

Throw on with a vintage blazer or shrunken leather jacket and some TDF pleated trousers and we will stalk you and try to steal your outfit when you least expect it!

Remember when I said how lame the no white shoes rule was?...Well here are 2 perfect reasons why!!!!!

OMFG!!!!! All white Monochrome Docs?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!
Yes...yes and yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wear these bad boys with these ridiculously fantastical pants! Ughhh sooooo good!!!

Mr. Wang? Hello? ....
Hi is bad enough that you make the most amazingly fashion forward yet wearable clothes that make us poor but now you have to get into the shoe biz and literally drain our banks dry?
These WALD booties are unbelievable. Perfection!!!!!!!! Thank you. Grab yours at the amazing Diavolina.

This little guy is the most for sure WALD thing in the world! Take one home and make it part your family will thank us for the years of snuggles and love.

xoxo t.w.h.

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