Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yummies: 8o's candy!! Vintage to us!

We love, LOVE, love the candy from the 80's! 

Oh my goodness all the good stuff was around then, and it worked out perfectly for us because we were mere babes at that time and could eat as much candy as we wanted.. Or at least as much as we could sneak past mom. 

Lets start with the HANDS DOWN best candy.. Ok well the worst candy really because the gum tasted like cardboard but who cares when inside were these awesome stickers? 

Garbage Pail kids were like the best thing ever... I still think they are. And if you were smart (like Miss Me) You NEVER used them, but saved them so you still have some of these awesome cards stashed away in a box. 

They make GREAT gifts, if you frame them! 

Now be sure not to drink a coke with these guys, or your stomach will most likely explode. 
No lie! My cousin's best-friends older sister knew this guy, who dated this girl who's aunt's neighbor.... You get the point. 

So did you guys have these on the West Coast? Because in a little town just north of Boston these were all the rage! 

Yummy! They were super sweet and sugary and tasted kind of like burnt maple syrup. Sound good? 

We know that these were ALL over the place, and we know you used to love to chew the wax after you drank them!

Yeah, that's pretty gross. We won't tell. 

In the 80's even the cool bands were singing about wanting candy. 

While looking around the internet... The Things-We-Heart gals discovered we are not the only ones feeling nostalgic for candy of the past. 

We flipped when we saw these amazing little handmade alphabet squares 
using 80's candy! 

Astro pops, candy buttons and a candy necklace, looks like our goodie bags on the way home from the local candy shop when we were kids! 

You can get these T.D.F little pieces of art and lots of other cute ones at Bishop Art

We heart a yummy delicious Charleston Chew! 
If we really want to treat ourselves we will toss one of these in the freezer for a while and then go at it on a hot summer day... HEAVEN. 

Although Miss Me avoided the strawberry flavor for about 20 years due to the "Sasha's pink vomit in ballet class after consuming a strawberry C.C" incident that she witnessed at the very impressionable age of 6. 

Miss Me is happy to report that after years of therapy, she tried a Strawberry chew and they are FANTASTIC! 

You all know how much we heart nerds

Well, yeah that kind, but these ones too! 

Open both sides for the mega-flavor mix-up! 
How can such little candies taste SOOO good? 

You got your Sugar Daddies, but what about your Sugar Babies? 

Candy from the 80's is just as good as everything else from the 80's,
and by that we mean pretty terrible, but deliciously decadent at the same time. 

Remember these giant jaw-breakers? 
Did we seriously think we would ever finish them? 

They just turned into a big sticky mess! 

You know every time you put on a ring-pop you felt like Richie Rich's mom right?! 

Oh truth be told, they still make us feel really fancy! 

But the best of the best was grabbing a package of Fun Dip, 
Jumping the couch and watching Duck Tales after school! 

And maybe that freedom of having nothing to do and no responsibilities is what makes that candy seem extra sweet. 

Whatever it is, we heart our childhood candy. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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