Thursday, September 10, 2009

Decor to Die For: To Write or To Type...that should not be the question...

Just as I was about to begin brainstorming for yet another fantasitcal Thursday (decor) post..I decided to go to the mailbox to see if any invites for NYC fashion week came (ps...I never get any...I just tend to live in lala unicorn land)  (ooohhh and pps...that trip to the mailbox is called procrastination street).

While flipping through the bills, coupons, and multiple catalogs (why sooo many catalogs?)  I came across this delicate recycled paper envelope addressed to lil ol' me in the most beautiful fuschia pink calligraphy.

this is not the envelope...just love the writing!

As I slid my chipped polish finger under the flap, tiny singing bunnycats flittered around in my brain...
"What could this be?...How exciting!  A hand written note!"

And when I pulled out the card I was in shock (the super good kind) in the perfect envelope was a gorgeous note card and written in the card was an even more beautiful note.


I was brought to tears.
Who does that?  No one takes the time and more notably the effort to hand write letters and notes.  It made me feel so wonderful, so appreciated and loved.  I showed my bf and he was just as moved as I was.

So it came to me...last week I wrote about the wonderfulness of Dinner Parties and how cute it would be to invite your guest the shmancy way through handwritten invites, and now this amazing note...I need to do a post on the beauty of stationery and how everyone should own some in their abode...humble or not.

OK, so stationary may not be decor persay, but it for sure should be part of everyones home.
Here are a few selections from our most favorite stationers (word?) and letterpress companies.

*Side Note*
There are sooooo many different variations of stationery and letterpress...from note cards and folded notes to custom embossed and custom your own treasure hunt to find the kind you can not live with out ;)
*End Side Note*

The note that made this post possible, from the amazing Bubble Letters NYC,
is the cutest, most perfectly nuevo vintage note ever!!!!!  The note that says it all in the sweetest way...

Ugghhhhh it's soooooo good!

Here is another amazingly cute card from Bubble Letters NYC...

Gosh that art deco writing kills me!

Next up is one that you may have seen in the Dinner Party Post from Sugar Paper and every time I look at it I get super excited.

I love the shape, the font of "Dear"...I love the pale pink envelope against the white paper..'s sooo chic and unexpected these days.

OMFG!  How fantastic and chicly elegant is Sugar Paper's bright pink personalized notecard?!?!?!

WOW!  And the metallic striped envelope lining?!  Done and fantastically done!
I super heart how the silver pen looks on the pink paper.

This next one from Paperwink had me at vintage telegram!

Love the type set...the idea...the super uniqueness of this card....I heart it soo much I am just about to order a set!

They also make amazing vintage feel rubber get a custom one and buy your own paper, stamp it and voila!
Your own custom stationery.

Like our BF Jonathan Adler, we are obsessed with all things Silhouette (yes we stood in line at a recent party 3 times to get our fill of a custom silhouette of me...hee hee...what it was for my real BF and he lurved it!)...
So imagine our fluttering hearts when we came across this vibrant and vintage-esque custom notecard from Tiny Prints.

Although I don't think the silhouette is custom, it's still amazing!

The stripes against the bold black bust with the bordered name...yes and please!  SOooo good!  And the price is super right.

Speaking of price is right...if you are not ready to take the plunge into custom and or sometimes pricey stationary or letterpress, Target has a few great picks.
I love this ivory and brown vintage feel note card!  Take a metallic turquoise blue pen to it, scribble down some much heart felt sentiments and you are GTG and uber fancy pants.

And of course hearting the bright pink thank you card with white typewriter typeset from Target.  Again, a silver pen on this pink would look super chic.
You're welcome our fellow recessionistas ;)...we got your back.

Want to be a super DIYer?

Pick up this custom embosser and label set, buy your own card stock and customize til your hearts content!  Wooo hoo!

Looking for great metallic pens to jot down your most loving thanks and words to the ones you love?

We found some really nice ones at a really nice price here.

Here are a few more of the shops we heart with beautiful products...

We love the products at Letterpressed!
Find reasonably priced custom stationery here at The Stationery Studio
Beautiful letterpress products at Elum.  This is real letterpress!
Grab some super cute note cards to start your new love of all that is handwritten notes at Soolip.

And of post would be complete (especially a crafty style post) with out telling you to check out the amazing designs of the craftsmen (and women) at Etsy!  Searching is half the fun!

So whether its letterpress, custom or just fancy pants notecards, hand write one... and send it by snail mail.  You will be surprised how good it feels and how great the person on the other end feels when they open it.

xoxo t.w.h.

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