Friday, September 4, 2009

Fashion Friday: We Hearty Heart SEQUINS!

Oh, Kate Moss... our Goddess of Fashion and all that is good and chic in the world...thank you for this gorge picture and wearing sequins in all their glory!

TGIF! (Thank God It's Friday) and more importantly for us fashion lovers... TGIF!!! (Thank God It's Fall) much as we lovelies here at t.w.h are Summer Lovers and Summer Beach Babies...we lurve us some yummy, sumputous and rich Fall fashions.
I couldn't resist!  This is what we here actually get to wear in the Fall!  Sorry!!!  
From the one...the only..the original....Raquel Allegra
It seems like fashion really happens in the fall seasons...and here on the warm side of the continent we get to rock them in all their gorgeous glory! (sorry super cold states :(  we get to be cute even in fall and it usually doesn't involve a heavy jacket).

A few months ago we let out cries of joy and excitement when we heard what was coming down the runways and into our stores...wait for it....wait for it....SEQUINS!!!!

OK...OK... we will try to keep breathing and keep calm...but please just let us have this moment..oh fashion goddesses...THANK YOU!

Now we are uber huge lovers of all that is vintage...especially things from the '70s and '80s so it stands to no...great reason why we are obsessed with all things sparkley and sequined.

For years we have been waiting for this to come back...not that we want every Tommie, Dickie and Harriette to be rocking them, but to have beautiful pieces at our fingertips that we can buy, wear  and save til they are vintage is so divine.

And when Miu Miu put out their fantastical sequined pumps we were brought to our knees...
More more more we pleaded...more!  Give us all you a few seasons later, the storm of sparkle began.

Our patience has paid off!  Every designer from glam to fab and major store that we heart has blessed us with sequined goods.
How gorge is that spotted sequin and leather dress?!?!?!  Ugghhh!!! And that Sequin blazer??? TDF!
Here are a few of our fav sparkly pieces...each one is a piece on it's own.
Mix them up with easy, casual pieces for a "Oh this? ...I just threw this together...Oh really? Sequins are all the rage?  Oh good...then my not trying really paid off " kind of vibe.

Oh wait...there are a few rules for sequins...not many so have fun and wear with reckless abandon...(but just in case you are they are)

1. Make sure sequins are sewn super close together...almost on top of eachother

This is an example of what not to buy!
2. Do not buy pieces that have the sequins heat set on or glued on or even screened on to look sequin-esque...
Another example of a sequin NO NO

OK, thats really it...just 2 No Buenos and you are GTG.
So here are our fav picks that can be yours too...we left out the crazy shmancy designer ones cuz...come on...we are recessionistas...this year at least ;)

Yummmers Top Shop!  Sequins and Snake?  You had us at hello!
A wee bit cropped but throw a scrumdiddlyumptious A.Wang tank under and tada!  Done and Done!
Cuteness with a capital C!  Loving these black '80s dolphin shorts...although they are not vintage...they are amazing!
How hot with black platform booties or hardcore heels!  Add a grey tee and sweatshirt and your stylish friends wont know what hit them...
Hello Cute ZigZag cami mini dress tunic thingamabob!  Wow go on with your bad self,  XXI (forever 21)

This would be delish over some super opaque black tights and sky high heels!
And speaking of you prob know we are coocoo for zigzags!  This vintage dress does not disappoint..not at all!  So chic and easy and the color way is fab...and sequins!  Yes please!

Oh but PS do not wear with that weird gold belty chain thing.

You know when you search on Ebay and you think...ahhh there is nothing that good...OR ahhh why is all the good vintage uber $$$$...OR why the F does that say "vintage" when it clearly is not...
  • you go sparkle and fashion kinda hurts to post this because we hearted it soooooo much and lost the bidding but here is a great piece we found...

Another Beauty from Top Shop...
This bronzy gold knitted tunic dress is soo beautiful and sexy with out being overly slutty (we love a tweeny bit o' sluttiness the good kind...not the yucky kind)
This dress would be great with tights and under a boyfriend blazer for a Oooh lala Parisian look.
Hello sassafrass!  What a super hotness silver sequined, high waisted, uber chic skirt you have!
Although we may not agree with pairing such a fun and bold skirt with crazy patterned tights...we sure do think its beautiful and would look amazing with nude heels or (again) black tights and heels.
Imagine a sheer almost rose colored tee or tank tucked in and bloused out the top...yum!
We love us a gooood blazer...the more fitted the better.  So imagine how happy we were when we spotted this gorge number from the amazing Madison Marcus.
Crisp lines...beautiful strong, yet soft shoulders with mattified sequins...done and done...  Pair this with a white gown for a huge gala or just a wrinkly white tee and boy friend jeans and you are probably the cutest girl in town.

Easy breezy would come to mind when wearing Free People's gold sheer sequined tunic.  Throw this on under a sheer tee and you would hug us if we were there with you.  There is something sooo interesting about it...
Pair with leggins and converse....oh be still our beating hearts...oh and a denim jacket too...TDF!  
And last but soooooo not least...Gryphon's gold sequin trouser hi there fabulousness.  
So bold and so amazing.  Perfect for any occasion (well at night)  
While everyone is in black cocktail dresses (booorrriiinnnggg),  you can rock these with a languid tank or top and rad sky high heels...done and done and DONE! 
Gosh these are good! You know you have it in you to wear the heck out of these!
P.S. There is one more rule...a small one...daytime is when sequins sleep...they really don't like to be up when it's light...think of them as nocturnal

Jinxy! Circa 2004..should have known...
xoxo your gals at t.w.h.!

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