Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random hearts: We super heart Early Fall Movies!!!!

Soooooo many movies...soooooo little time!!!
We nearly finished watching (almost) our entire Summer list of movies...except for Extract...(anyone???) and boy were we totally and utterly happy?

D9, Inglorious Basterds, The Hangover, Up, Bruno....the list goes on and on...and every minute was glorious and fun and very very fantastical.

Although we hate to say goodbye to Summer, Fall welcomes us in with the warm fires, cashmere sweaters and unbelievable movies.

Yay for hearting Fall Movies!!!!!

We got Vampires....OMFG!!!!!!!!!

We got Chanel and Fashion...YES PLEASE!

We got Liars...Ricky Gervais...We'll take it!

and last but not least...

Wild Things!!!!!!
Can you believe it? Right? We can't either!!!

Ugghhh...this is sooo exciting we can hardly type (so please excuse if there are any typos)!

Let's go in order so in our coo coo crazy excitement haze we can still keep some form of "order"...HERE WE GO!


Oh Edward (and Jacob) how we love thee. Let us count the ways...there are soo many we can't even begin to explain...oh wait...maybe this will...and this! Oh and Bella we super heart you!
New Moon is book #2 in the 4 book Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer and it's gonna be good.
It seems as if New Moon had a much higher budget and got a shiny new (well new for Twilight) director for this one.

If you haven't seen #1 or read Twilight please do before you see this (you have about 42 days to do so) you will thank us later...Oh and so will your BF or husband ..hee hee.

Coco Before Chanel is just that. It's the story of Coco when she was just Gabrielle Chanel, from an orphanage who was a seamstress and a singer. Her back story is as amazing as her rise to fame and fortune with the House of Chanel.

And if you are not sure what Chanel is...please... please... please do yourself a favor a click here...NOW! (yes it's that important).

And speaking of fashion and Chanel...The September Issue is fantastical!
It's the behind the scenes documentary about the mystique and power of the Queen of fashion...Anna Wintour.

P.S. Remember the book and movie The Devil Wears Prada? Yeah...that "Devil" was Anna.
The power she wields in the top fashion houses and the world of style, trends and beauty is on another level.

Anna actually consults and gives her opinion to people like Karl Lagerfeld, Thakoon, Oscar De La Renta... Yup this skinny, English, Chanel Tweed Suit wearing lady is the most powerful figure fashion has ever seen.
TSI follows her daily life of fashion and well fashion...and how she is one of the greatest magazine editors of one ot the best fashion magazines of all time...Vogue.

OK, imagine living in a world where no one lies...crazy right? No more, "What's bothering you?"..."Oh nothing"..."Do I look fat in this?" ..."No, you look great". Yeah those days are over.
Until a man learns he can lie...

The Invention of Lying is a funny romantic comedy showing the good and bad side of lying, directed by and starring the incredibly hilarious Ricky Gervais and super cute Jennifer Garner...not to mention our fav...Jonah Hill. Done and done!


Spike Jones brings us a movie sooooo great the trailer alone brought us to sobbing tears.

Since 1963 people have been waiting for someone to make this award winning book by Maurice Sendak, into a movie but no one had the balls...

Thank you Mr. Jones...we know it will be worth the 46 year wait.

Now if you don't own or have never read Where the Wild Things Are...please stop reading this, close your silly computer, smack yourself in the face and GET THIS BOOK!

It's the story of a little boy, Max, who was sent to bed with out supper because he was naughty.
So what's a boy to do but create his own magical mischievous land filled with monstrous creatures where he is King.
And the movie tagline says it all..."There is one in all of us"...A-mazing.

Get out there...take a night off...kick your tootsies up...and spend an hour and a half to get lost in another world...the magical world of deserve it!

P.S. We suuuper heart Late Fall and Winter movies too but...well....stay tuned for those too!!!

xoxo t.w.h.

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