Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yummies:We Heart... Oooooey Gooooey Stickey Amazing Caramel...

Welcome Fall! How have you been? We want to apologize to you for a couple of reasons...
#1. Sorry we keep saying how much we looooove Summer...we do but it's not because we don't heart you too...we just heart flip flops, the beach and warmth

#2. Well that's really it...but guess what? We heart you too!

Snuggley Cashmere from White and Warren

You want to know why? Because we lurve cashmere, sitting by the fire and fall sweets! Sure ice cream and summer fruits are divine but nothing beats yummy gooey caramel!

Thank you for your warm and inviting caramels, fall..thank you for how fantastical they taste and feel in our mouths! Ooooohhhh...we are drooling a little..hold on...let me get a Caramello to attempt to satisfy my caramel craving..

Ok...we are back and RTG about our fav fall sweet...CARAMEL! ooopsie...sorry for yelling..we are just super excited...

Caramel is such a simple sweet, from heated sugar comes a golden sweetness that could really only come from the heavens...that is if heaven was filled with gooey sweetness...and we think it is ;)...well that, Unicorns and Crumbs Cupcakes.

Our heart affair with Caramel came when we were in 2nd grade at our friend JP's house making Caramel Apples for Halloween.

There is nothing like the sound of the crinkling plastic wrapper coming off the golden Kraft Caramels...the smell of dipping bright green apples into warm golden liquid...waiting for them to cool on the wax paper...UGHGHHG amazing! Sooo worth the wait.

Here is crazy easy recipe for delish Caramel Apples and the easiest place to find Kraft Caramels.

Um hi...sometimes you get really lucky in the gift department and this last Winter was not exception.
A friend (now we consider them family for such a yummy gift...and we are going to invite them again..shhh) brought us these unbelievable Fleur De Sel Caramels from Joan's on Third, here in LA. One taste and we were hooked!

We are not sure what it is...but Sea Salt and Caramel are a match made in heaven! The salty sweet stickiness is TDF!!!!

Joan's doesn't sell them online but we found these yummy replacements that look just as amazing... Trust us...you're welcome ;)

Speaking on FDS (Fleur De Sel) Caramels...Trader Joes makes suuuuper good ones that come in an uber cute tub. And PS...if they are from TJs you know they are yummy and crazy affordable!

Close your eyes...are they closed? Oh wait..then you can't read this.. OK don't close them but imagine gooey warm caramel sauce poured over vanilla ice cream in a glass bowl....OMG right?

So like a warm hug from your lover!
We found this sauce once in a gift basket from the Chocolate Bar and have been hooked ever since.

It's really rich and thick and when drizzled over ice cream, bread pudding or brownies it's like heaven on Earth. You could probably pour it over anything and it would taste amazing.

Don't feel like waiting for your ooooey gooooey sauce to come? DIY it hot stuff! Our Goddess of the Kitchen, Ina Garten, will show you the way.

Yuummm....molten chocolate cake...mmmmmm. Your dinner guests won't believe their eyes or noses when the get a glimpse of one.
But what do you think they will do when they put their spoon into it and gooey warm caramel flows out from the center with the fudgey goodness?
Um, they will probably kiss you and come back the next day.
We found an amazing recipe here at 2stews!

Remember the long lasting, amazing taste bud tickling fun of eating a Sugar Daddy?

The slightly salty, yet totally sweet caramel lollipop that lasted for hours!
You can still find them and they are every bit as good as you remember...

Now that you are a wee bit older, how about trying a shmancy version of the Sugar Daddy ?

Our fav ice cream brand, Ben and Jerry's is super on the caramel bandwagon too this fall!...Wooooo hoooo!!
Now you can get their amazingness in Triple Caramel Chunk!!! What?!?!?!? Uh huh...TCC.

It's caramel ice cream, with caramel swirls and huge chunks of fudge covered caramel!!!!!
Wowowowow! Fire side...in cashmere jammies...eating this! Yes please!!!!!

Want the chocolate covered caramels with out the ice cream? It is just as fun and totally decadent.

The famous Fran's creates the most divine CCC (choc covered caramels) in the Northern Hemisphere!

Sprinkled with a touch of smoked sea salt...DONE AND DONE!

Bring these to your next dinner party for the host and they will invite you back for sure!...
But beware...they might tell their friends about you and then you'll have to bring them some to their parties and your wallet might be a bit thinner...

So if that is the case...make your own!

Take Kraft Caramels, yummy dark chocolate and gourmet sea salt.

Melt the choc...dip the caramels into (use a fork to hold them on the bottom side) lay on wax paper and sprinkle with salt (not too much!).
Easy Peasy!

Martha S. has amazing ideas on how to package home made goods so you can show up to that dinner party and be the fancy pants!

Some ridiculously cute Etsy seller and marshmallow extraordinaire makes caramel marshmallows and they are every bit as delish as they look...

MMmmmmmmmmm drop one of those in your hot chocolate...just saying...HEAVEN!

Oh geez...here we go...the ultimate....the fantastical...baked goods with caramel!!!!!!
We can not wait to make this warm caramel apple strudel...

Hurry friends...throw a casual dinner party so I can make this and bring it over!

Here are a few famous gourmet chocolate and caramel makers around the US...

Poco Dolce- TDF Burnt Caramel Tiles!!
Le Saric- You're welcome

We found a pretty simple caramel corn recipe here...wooo hooo!

Have fun! Enjoy the chilly air of fall and basque in the yummy gooey-ness of caramel!

xoxo t.w.h.

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