Monday, September 14, 2009

Beauty-fuls: We heart concealer! Oh do we...more than ever!!!

Not enough sleep?

Allergies from Spring flowers or Fall leaves?

Stress? Um...yeah have you met me? √√

Jill Greenberg

Getting older?  Ahhhhhhh!  Don't remind me!

Well those are just some of the reasons we (not you!  just some of us!!!) get dark under eye circles (yuck yuck...why me!?!?) under our eyes.

Some of the causes you can take care of (sleep and um allergies...) but the others (kids, stress..the dreaded thing called getting older) are just part of what's a girl to do?

Dark circles are usually caused by heredity (some of had them since jr high) so no amount of allergy medication, laser treatments, and creams will get rid of them....sorry!  Trust me...I have tried...

There are sooo many millions and gazillions of "remedies", miracle creams ($$$ and they are poop on a stick), and foods out there that they say will fix them...but um nope...not in this house.

But have no fear gorgeous ladies!  The girlies of Things We Heart are here!

We have tested and tried soooo many concealers out there, our makeup drawers (yes that's plural... obsessed much?) look like mini Sephoras.

So now, we bring you from our years of tears...our trials and tribulations...our heros! (and a couple of expensive zeros)

We heart, no...GREAT concealers!

Thank you, oh thank you creators of Make Up Forever!  Not only do you bless us with your fantasical array of colors and beautiful primers (more on that later) but you have given us a reason to get out of bed in the morning (well we always do, but a reason not to scream when we look into a mirror).
Your HD Concealer is the tops!  The coverage is supreme and literally makes our tired eyes look bright and awake.  It's super easy to blend and lasts all day.  And to top that...there are soooo many shades its crazy...thank you!  Thank you for helping us look alive even under the mean lights and cameras at our castings.

Oh, but beware..the silly silicone applicator is really pointless.  Use your ring finger (the best makeup brush in town) or a concealer brush to apply

Our faithful reader and gorgeous follower, EF, swears by this next one...even though we doubt she needs it.  Cle De Peau is her dirty little secret.

She lurves this one sooo much she has recruited us too!  And guess what?  She is super right!

If it wasn't soooo expensive we would buy her a tube to say thank you ;)

Cle De Peau (we can't pronounce it either...don't worry) is so beautiful and light yet it totally covers up our dark secrets.
The coverage is totally blendable and perfectly pigmented to cover any imperfection and best of doesn't crease!

One horrible day this summer...OK not horrible, horrible...but for someone with dark circles to lose their's pretty darn horrible...I misplaced my beloved concealer and the lovely JN came to my rescue with her personal Laura Mercier.

LM's Secret Camouflage concealer is worth its weight in diamonds!  Not only does it cover with velvety, and deep pigmented coverage.. you can use very little and no powder is required to set it comes with 2 shades, 1 to match your skin and the other to help "eliminate" those pesky UEC (Under Eye Circles).

Plus if it's from the Queen of Natural and beautiful make has to be amazing!

When we the luckiest girlies at t.w.h. got our beautiful products from Jouer...we had no choice but to buy their concealer after falling in love with their other gorgeously made products.

And guess what?  We super lurve this product too!

It's creamy and perfectly pigmented and colored to make your circles a thing of the past!  Oh and the best part about it? It's anti-aging!!!!  What?  Yup it contains pro-Vitamin A and Dermaxyl to help combat that horrible thing that happens everyday that passes.

Quick note...put on top of foundation...if you use it...and set with powder.  It can be a tiny bit slippery.  If you don't use foundation, still set it with powder.

Now here's one to try and one to not waste your hard earned clams on.

Giorgio Armani (yes the God of crisp and chic fashion) has given the sufferers of endless circles a light at the end of the tunnel.

We have heard soooo much about this concealer by Mr. Armani's beauty Gods that we can not get in the car fast enough to run over to Saks or Nordstrom (I know, I know...shmancy!  But hey...if it works?  It's worth a extra hour or 4 at work...right? And at $ won't hurt too much) to get our paws on it his Master Corrector Concealer

And the one to pass by when you see it in the aisle looking so great and wonderful? Amazing Concealer by Amazing Cosmetics.  

This is not amazing! Yes it is highly pigmented, which means you only have to use a little...but it's highly chalky and drying too.
And worst of all?  It hates moisturizer.  They actually have little wars under your eyes when you put them together.  Bummer.  And for $ thank you.

P.S. The #1 remedy? A big smile...because you are beautiful no matter what!!!

xoxo t.w.h.


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