Monday, August 17, 2009

Beauty-fuls: We heart the unsung heros of beauty brands!

Sooo many brands...sooo little time (and money) yet most of the brands we buy and think we heart, are nothing more than the same stuff just repackaged and sold to you through millions of dollars of advertisements to make you think they different and exclusive...

So this post is dedicated to a few of our favorite brands...the unsung heros of beauty...the gorge makers that actually are great and unique and work!!!...

They may not have HUGE corporations behind them with tons of moolah to get full page glossy ads to sell to you their goods, but they deserve to. (We are happy they don't...we like em when they still heart what they do and aren't forced by the Man to us purists but it's true!)

First up and the one we are most excited about is Jouer cosmetics. Their products are amazingly beautiful we are a wee bit obsessed with trying every color we can get our paws on.

We were (re)introduced to this fantastic brand the other day when one of our BFFs got us T.W.H. girlies gift bags filled with eye shadows, blushes, tinted moisturizer and lip pencils. was like Xmas came early! And then to find out that all of the products were wonderful?!?! Xmas squared!

Here are a few that were in our bag o'love that we are uber hearting.

Words can not express how I feel about Jouer's eyeshadow.
The silkiness and soft shimmer of their shadows is so far the best I have found. The perfectly perfect natural colors are filled with pigment yet go on effortlessly. Not jaggedly (word?) like most heavily pigmented shadows.

They are oil free and can go on either dry for a wash of color or wet for a liner like effect...yippie!

Next up from my bag 'o beauty is their Luminating Tinted Moisturizer.

We love thee LTM for sooo many reasons...not only are you SPF 20 (woooo hoooo! now you can skip a step) and oil free, but you promote healthy skin with anti-oxidents.

Apply this magic moisturizer to your gorge face and its light reflecting tinted mineral formula will make your skin look flaw-less!

Oh and PS it's perfect for summer and the beach because its water resistant!!!

Need a perfect blush that glowifies the skin with a perfect wash of color? Look no further than Jouer's beautiful blush.

Their mineral filled oil-free blush is filled to the brim with Vitamins and Green tea powder to actually help your skin while it makes you beautiful.
Its sheer and natural looking and can be layered for a more dramatic effect.

And to make this company even better...almost all of their products link together so you can mix n match and throw in your purse!

Um hello Jouer?'s me Miss twh...yeah, hello there,...just wondering where we, who are outside of NYC can play with, then buy more of your beautiful products. Until then...go here to buy!

Eyeko Beauty!
OK, way beyond the ridiculously cute logo, name and packaging...are fantastic products!

Their most famous product to date is their Cream.
Its a 3-1...hear that recessionistas...3-1 well we say 4-1...1.
It's a moisturizer with Vitamins A,C, & E for your pretty lil face and skin...
2. It's a highlighter infused with light reflecting particles for a perfect glow...
3. With all of the Vitamins and light weight formula, you can use as an eye cream...oh and
4. It's uber inexpensive and easy on your wallet! unbelievably cute are this crazy fun nail polishes?!?!

Ughhh the packaging alone gets us going...well that and the ridiculous price and suuuper good colors (the red and the fuchsia are TDF!)

Do you believe in magic? Well you probably will after you use their Magic Liquid Liner.

This perfectly tipped liner wand gets dipped into any shadow (dry) and Voila! turns it into a long lasting perfectly colored eyeliner!!! The tip is so great you can give good cat eye in no time flat.

For now you can only buy here and here and in the UK but fingers and toes crossed, they will sell in the US!
Maybe if you email them and tell them you want them you want them here they will answer your wish!

One day when I was playing dress up at my fav beauty store, I came across this sleek packaging and a totally glowing make up artist. So immediately I put down the over advertised product I was about to buy, and followed her like the pied piper.
I am super happy I did. Her trail of glow led me directly to the Hourglass section.

Now, although you can buy Hourglass cosmetics at the uber beauty store Sephora, it's still a quiet triumph in makeup. (and an unsung hero since we have yet to see a big ad making us feel like we NEED their products and we would only be pretty if we used them)
And yes, they do have a big backer but we think that's just to ensure the products stay as fantastical as they are.

OK, these do cost a wee bit more than you may be used to, but one use and you will be hooked! Plus, they last quite a long time so don't let the sticker price knock you silly.

By now you have probably noticed we luuurve a good eyeliner and boy do they have one. Their Liquid Calligraphy pen is TDF!

It glides on with out feathering or fading for a perfectly lined eye. You can make the line thick or super thin depending on how you hold it.
It comes in 3 perfectly beautiful and natural colors that are infused with Pearl Protein, Aloe and Chamomile to nourish your delicate skin.

Ahhhhh my lil' heart is racing for this next one!!!! (or maybe it's too much coffee....nope it's for sure 'cuz of this product)
Miss Me and I are a lil bit insane to the 10th degree when it comes to our lips and the products we put on them. You may never see us with out lipstick, liner, lip balm or gloss on...yup it's a disorder...but at least we are gonna look perfectly puckered when we are thrown into the beauty looney bin.

So imagine our how our hearts began to flutter when we painted our lips with this crazy opulent lip gloss.
It was suuuuuuper shiny, almost a 3-d type shine, in amazing colors that enhance your beauty instead of detract from it ...and best of all?... It doesn't feather or bleed so you don't have to keep slapping it on.

Your luscious lips will look perfectly lacquered with out that drippy feeling some give you (listen up Mac Lip Glass makers!)

And PS Hourglass products are made with out Parabens, Sulphates, or Synthetic Dyes. Woooo hoooo!

Don't let the big Corporations beauty ads trick you or make you think you can't live with out them...try an unsung hero. Isn't it always more fun to walk the road less traveled? And it's waaay more rewarding.

Have fun beauties!

xoxo t.w.h.

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