Friday, August 28, 2009

Fashion Friday: Fall into the Gap... Really!

(Gap Girl- SNL) 
When the Gap hired Patrick Robinson to be creative director / head designer for the decades old company in 2007, the fashion world was anxious to see what this young man would do for the classic American brand built on the back of khakis and tee-shirts. 

In his second year with the company Robinson has already overhauled their entire denim collection. Leaving the old ill fitting and unstylish washes in the past. Gone are the "Mom jeans" and in are the sexy premium denim styles! 

The 1969 premium jeans. 

These jeans are all priced under $70 and they are all really amazing! 
It is like a denim angel came down and said "My child, although the J-Brand Majors you are wearing now are lovely and worth every penny of the almost $200 price tag.... Check out these equally flattering and MUCH more affordable Always Skinny Destructed Button Jeans from The Gap!"  

Super sexy right? Love the button detail at the ankle. 

We are also hearting these super soft and bright orange skinny cords! 

These are gonna be some definite fall favorites for 2009, throw them on with some over the knee boots and a loose off the shoulder sweatshirt.... and go be cute. 

The Things-We-Heart girls are still hearting the adorable boyfriend jeans this fall, how can you beat being comfy AND looking stylish at the same time? And this style and wash from The Gap look just about as perfect as you can get. 

But Robinson and his team didn't stop at the jeans, The Gap has sooo many cute tops and jackets right now as well. 

Like this super yummy preppy gone good shrunken blazer.

Wow, really super duper cute and lust-worthy... I want! I want! 
Do you want? Get it here

Hey there Cowgirl, you will be looking every inch the hot little lady in this pretty 

It is like almost gingham but waaaay better. 
(Sorry t-w-h gals have an anti-gingham policy) 

Now I may be wrong... But I believe I saw one of the most stylish women I have ever had the pleasure of talking too holding this exact bag!! 

Could it be that an uber-wealthy stylish lady was carrying this sweet little bag from The Gap? Well, actually yes! These days it is possible. 

Because The days of "The Gap girl" are over. This isn't your sorority sisters Gap anymore. 

Even the queen (at least to us) Of high-fashion design Miss Stella McCartney is teaming up with the Mega-brand to bring her chic style to children everywhere when her kids line debuts this fall!

Not to mention the delicious boots that will be available next month from Pierre Hardy's 4th year designing with the company. These platform boots are at the top of my list for easy-to-wear fall style! 

Miss Me is especially in love with the blue suede ones shown in the August Bazar feature! 


Fashionable designs and body conscious fits make Patrick Robinson's The Gap something worth falling into. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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