Friday, August 21, 2009

Fashion Friday: Don't be a late bloomer..heart some bloomers!

Flip flop...flip hallway....crazy cute Japanese girl gaaaasssppppp!!!!!!
Can't breathe...need help.......4 button nautical bloomers...AHHH... love, twoo love!

What is it about bloomers that is just so great?!?

Is it that they are vintage and we heart (almost) everything vintage? Is it that they are really cute and girly and when paired with something just slightly off they look magnificent? Or maybe it's just because they are quite difficult to pull of but when you do your legs look ah-mazing and heads will turn and say "ooh lala she's tres chic!"


Bloomers came into the fashion world in the 1850's when they were supposed to be helping Victorian woman stay "decent" if their skirts lifted during activities. But by the 1860's they failed to catch on.
Then a french designer in 1906 tried to make the Harem pant and bloomers popular and failed again...well Mr. Poiret..I guess you are having the last fashion laugh!

They didn't become fashion smashion until the 1970's and boy are we glad they did!

How ridiculously fantastic is this '70's ad!?! Sooooo great!

Now you gorge ladies (and lads) o' fashion...we would love to show you some of our gorge pics of some gorge blooms...

Hello Miss Isabel Marant...why are you sooooo amazing?
You had us at lame' trouser knee high bootie bloomer thingys. They are beyond beautiful! Thank you.
Now if I could only loose 10lbs and grow 4 inches I would be set and buy them ;).

At first Miss Me (who by the way is the queen of bloomer cuteness) and I thought WOW bloomers at American Apparel! Yippie!!

Then we thought...hmmmm those mannequins are uber skinny and of course they are going to look grand and hot in those...So like the faithful retail economy restorers we are we went in for a closer look.
And to our sweet surprise (and trying on a size or 2 larger than we are) they were really cute! Now, maybe we can't, well won't, rock them like the mannequins in the windows but we will for sure rock them.

Hmmm...but what to rock them with? A cute leotard?...sure! Or a above the hip length A. Wang bet! And if we are feeling super fashiony and skinny we could bow belt 'em and button up shirt 'em like the example above.

Need a great upscale daytime chic pair?
Try on these Elizabeth and James watercolor bloomers on for size.
Pair with a heather grey over sized or shrunken blazer and a tank...some hot ass heels and you are RTG in the hottest way possible. Get ready to turn heads hotness.

Yay for Helmut Lang!
Your drapey over sized bloomers are fantastic! Thank you!

The perfect cut and menswear fabric make these comfortable shorts super sleek and fashionable. Plus the wider leg opening will make your legs look skinnnny.
Pair with gladiators, booties, black modern wedges for a fashion forward look.

Now, ignore the styling or maybe the way they fit on the model on this next great pair of makes them a bit

But styling aside, these Opening Ceremony shorts are truly wonderful. The high waist and pleats paired with the slightly longer length make these super convertible.

Once again, a great blazer and booties or an over sized cardi and pumps would rock with these.

You know we have these next ones in our shopping cart already...
Leave it to Forever 21 to put out a perfect pair of bloomer-esque shorts. They are men's trouser shorts, meets bloomers, meets military jacket....for a shmancy pants look.

This cut would look really great on anyone brave enough to rock a bloomer and at that price you don't have to worry if you have commitment issues ;)

Oh ebay...we super heart you! Even when we forget to look at your wonders everyday we still heart you...and we heart you even more for these beautiful Diabless Bloomers.
Perfect for the fashion savvy recessionista.

These heather grey trouser bloomers are great.
The wide elastic at the legs is really chic, the pleats and low button waist scream Kate Moss and the color?...done and done.
White slightly drapey tank, bright blazer and slouchy boots or Hunter boots and you are ready for the streets of London Town.

So let your fashionable side blossom and bloom. Grab some bloomers and confidence and you will thank yourself.

xoxo t.w.h.

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