Monday, August 3, 2009

Beauty-fuls: Stick it to me! We heart Beauty in a Stick!!!

There is nothing worse than opening your uber cute purse or well stocked beauty clutch to find your make up crumbly and spilling out everywhere ruining and coating the inside of artfully designed lining.
Then when you reaching to grab something...your perfectly manicured paws are covered in a dust cloud of your fav powder or eye shadow.

Fear no more beauty lovers...sit tight and embrace the newbies...the beauty babies of technology...some are do-it alls...some are just super convenient and amazing. on a stick...well in a stick to be more precise. in a stick has been around for a bit of time...but we aren't reeeeally talking about lipstick or ummm concealer sticks...ooorrr chapstick...Nope not here.
These are the next level of beauty.

First and certainly foremost...the do it all..all in one face stick. Bobbi Brown's Foundation Stick.

Use it as concealer, foundation (medium or full coverage), a lipstick (yup...mix with gloss or chapstick for a perfectly great nude color.
Super easy to use...comes in 17 real skin colors and pop it in your cutey bean clutch for a night out with your girls.

Over dipping your fingers in tubs of goo...or squeezing a tube of thick stinky ointment to apply to your endlessly dry tootsies? Have no fear...Butter London is here! Bye Bye goopiness...hello gorge heels.

Just glide on their solid Stiletto Stick, filled with yummy ingredients like Macadamia Nut Oil and say hi soft feet...where have you been?

You know when you look at stars photos on the red carpet and they always look doe eyed and glowy? Here is one of the tricks they don't really want you to know about...put a lil' bit of this in the corners of your eyes and a wee bit on your brow bone and a tweety bit in your cupids bow (that super cute part just on your upper lip line) and you are RTG.

This uber convenient beauty stick from Pixi called Sparkle Stick does all of those things. It gives a glimmery gold glow that reflects the sunshine for a cute Twilight-y like glow. (You kinda have to be a fan to get that one...sowwy)

So the other day I was kissing my stunning partners shoulder (hey..hey...not like that...she's just sooo cute and amazing you want to smoosh her with kisses like you would a cuddley Unicorn) and I got a super faint waft of vanilla..she said it was this new 100% natural deodorant stick from our fav' parfume line, Lavanila.
Not only is it totally free of the gross chemicals most stinky sticks put in their odor eaters, but it is jam packed with botanicals, anti oxidants and essential oils. Bring it on!

OK...stick?...well not exactly...but kinda-ish...but ridiculously cute and fantastically fun EOS lip sphere...Sounds super futuristic!

It's like what Steven Spielberg would have his flight attendants use if he did an airplane movie set in the future...Wait!'s exactly what those crazy stylish and fashion forward Japanese girls use to soften and protect their beautiful lips.

It's 95% organic and 100% natural (we know...uber confusing..but trust us...that's good) and jam packed with yummy oils and Vitamin E to smooth your kisser.
Wanna want it even more??? It comes in crazy yummy flavors and is under $7!!!

So this next one may not be necessarily "beauty" on a stick per say...but it for sure will help you be more "beautiful" on the outside (the inside part is up to you).
The Time Freeze Cooling Stick from Lumene (yeah...super affordable again!'re welcome) is perfect for those mornings after a fun-filled late night, after the gym, or just when ever you need to freshen up.
In one easy, super purse friendly and uber portable beauty on a stick swipe, you can diminish puffiness (damn salty margaritas) and moisturize your gorge gaze.

Speaking of beauty on a stick that will help make you a beauty with out being make up...we bring you the Lancaster SPF stick. This product is the Mensa baby of the old 80's Zinc Sun Protection sticks.

Its SPF 20 for your face and lips (and don't forget your ears too) jam packed into a crazy convenient and ultra portable stick on a rope.

It's water resistant and formulated for outdoor activities...protects against wrinkles and most important melanoma...oh and wont turn your skin chalky....yes please!!!

Ahhh...I am always in the search for that perfect inner eye area glowiness that really makes me look awake...sooo many gorge ladies of Hollywierd use that trick to open up their eye area and create a innocent and dare we say youthening effect.
Problem is...the products are either too mucho $$$ or too chalky and glittery..but meet Mark. No, literally meet Mark Cosmetics Wink Stick silky eyeshadow stick.

It glides on in 8 uber pretty and shimmery (not glittery) colors...oh it's only $6!

Now that your beautiful face is fully covered...let's take a trip down to Gamdom...that's the kingdom of your hardworking glorious gams.
Tarte's Glam Gams (ahhh love that name) perfectly glides on and bronzes your legs for a "watch out I come" effect.

Why is Tarte's leg bronzing stick better than other gam tan sticks on the market???
Well for a few reasons really...not only will your legs look tones and tan...but this stick is filled to the brim with skin toning, skin tightening and skin saving ingredients.
Created with something called the t5 super fruit complex, Tarte's stick delivers rich nutrients and vitamins to your legs on contact. Wooo hoooo!

Oh Tarte...thank you for your super model worthy leg stick! And now that we found that...we are dying to try your Eco Cheek stain.

After reading that it gives you 15 seconds of adjustment time (won't dry on contact like 99% of the other cheek stains) until it drys to a natural glow...we are sold.

Then we kept reading and realized that it too is jam packed with your fantastic t5 super fruit complex for uber healthy skin and comes in 11 super natural looking shades we are gonna buy stock in it. (Well one day we will...after our blog takes off...hee hee).

So go out...grab a stick or 2...pop them in your super cute summer hobo and say bye bye to mess and hello to easy beauty!

xoxo t.w.h.

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