Monday, August 10, 2009

Beauty: body oils... the good kind

Oh, the effort and time we ladies put into being soft and sweet smelling... 
But truth be told we love it... A moment in the bath alone can be pure gold to some of us busy gals. 

And what makes that bath even better? Bubbles? Candles? Breaking Dawn? Absolutely! But how about a little bath and body oil? 

The sweet smelling goodness that makes your skin silky smooth and locks in the healthy moisture you skin needs to be soft and sexy. 

Here are a few of our favorite finds... 

Starting with the beautiful and tropical scent of Plumeria, 
In Hawaii people are lucky enough to have this intoxicating smell around them all the time. Us mainlanders will have to settle for a pretty bottle with this fragrance inside. 

And straight from Hawaii you can get this Hawaiian Bath and Body
Plumeria body oil. This oil also has Sweet Almond, Avocado and Jojoba oils added to lock in the moister and make you a real softy. 

The best thing to do is to add this product straight into your bath water. 
Let your skin soak up all that good for you oil. 
Another beautiful Plumeria scented oil is this one from Urban Rituelle
This product comes to us from sunny Australia! 

We just love the packaging it looks really yummy... Can't wait to try it. Urban Rituelle also makes baby skin care products that look super good, Check out the website, you can now get them in the states. 

Moving on to some of our Organic friends... Alba Botanicals makes a delicious Body Oil... We just love Alba for a number of reasons... 
1. Organic & Rainforest Alliance Certified
2. Smells like a dream
3. Super affordable
Hooray for Alba organic skin care products.. The whole line is really amazing, this intensive moisturizer is one of our favorites. You can't really loose when you gt a great product and help the planet all at once.  

Now I have not tried this product, but I fell hard for what I read on the website about this company and this oil. 

an Organic and Eco Savvy company, this fantastic sounding 
soothing (non-greasy!!) Chamomile body oil is made by delicately steeping chamomile, roses, lavender, and calendula in their proprietary blend of oils twice so that this body oil is absolutely packed with goodness. 

WOW!! That sounds so good and soothing it is making me sleepy just reading about it. Yummmmm. 

Besides adding oils to your bath, you can also rub a little into your skin while you are still damp from the bath or shower... It will lock in all that wonderful moisture and moisture equals softness when it comes to your skin. 

Hi, can you say ABAHNA? Ok, well neither can I, but no matter how you pronounce it this line of bath products looks super indulgent!! Check out how luxurious the website looks... It was all I could do not to order one of everything they make! 

The ceremony of bathing! These people really know what we are talking about!

All about indulgence and relaxation they have fragrances developed from pure essential oils they never use synthetic perfumes, artificial colourings, mineral oils, paraffin, parabens, SLS and SLES and just as importantly, they are against animal testing.


We are sold on their White grapefruit & may chang body oil.

With fresh citrus notes,
this is a vivacious , energising blend to lift
your spirits and brighten your mood.

As well as the very decadent sounding 
Frangipani & orange blossom

Reminiscent of the tropical flowers
found on the green coast of southern India,
this is a vibrant fragrance to bring the warmth
of sunshine to your mind and body.

But where are our roses? Because everyone loves a sweet smelling rose... 

Look no further then the tried and true Dr. Hauschka
Rose body oil. 

Every drop of rose oil is the concentrated fragrance of countless hand-sorted rose blossoms.
Rose essential oil is considered a panacea with antidepressant, tonifying, laxative (WHAT?!!), anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic properties. It also has helps promote inner relaxation and balance.
Plus, you will smell like an Angel and be soft and sweet to the touch. You little Cutie! 

 Enjoy yourself, take care of yourself, and indulge yourself. 
You deserve it. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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