Sunday, February 28, 2010

No Bueno: Wait A Minute Mr. Postman!!

Did you send your care package yet??? We were not kidding! Do it! Now!

Wasting time is No Bueno!

(5 points to whoever guesses the correct movie this clock is from.)

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bueno: Don't Be Late!!! Alice In Wonderland is coming!!!

Woooooooooooo HOooooooooooooooooo!!!!

It's almost here....we are soooo not going to be late!

What do you get when you take our favorite childhood story

Tim Burton (Love!)

Johhny Depp (no words...true love)


Anne Hathaway (you know how much we heart her!)



This is Tim's adaptation of Lewis Carroll's books, Alice in Wonderland AND the sequel, Through the looking glass....can't wait!

P.S. Tim...this better be better than your Charlie and the Choc Factory!

Let the countdown begin!!!!

(caps cuz we are suuuuper excited)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Fashion Flash... Stalk Her Style! Kate Bosworth

*Warning!!* Alien invasion!!

This post is going to be suuuper picture heavy because we don't really have many words to express our obsession with Kate Bosworth and her cuteness.

As we are sure Bruce Willis would agree, you don't always find girls who can look like this on the red carpet....

And then turn around and look like this at a music festival. That is why we are always so impressed with the girls who carry their super stylish ways into real life.

Because when you are at an event dressed by famous fabulous designers... You better look good.

But when you are out running errands... That is all you and let us tell you, Kate Bosworth is all good!

For years the TWH gals have had major girl crushes on K.B. For years we have emailed each other pictures of her cute street style.

Remember this green and navy stripe dress Miss twh?!

We heart a girl who is flawless on the Red Carpet and then makes us green with envy on the streets.... They are harder to find then you may imagine!

Kate can pull off Sexy-Frumpy, and Straight up Sexy... Another rare combo we are crazy about.

Fresh faced and amazing in baggy black and white,
this girl loves a neutral color palette.
But, she is certainly not afraid of color.

We are in awe of people who can pull off simplicity... Is their anything more beautiful then a girl in a pretty dress, with no jewels and hardly a wisp of makeup?

That is pure confidence.

We are also very happy about the recent weight gain that has brought Kate Bosworth back to the sexy girl arena and out of the "Gosh.. That girl is a little too skinny" arena.

Healthy equals sexy and beautiful.
(Plus you look younger when your face has a little fullness, that's why doctors make so much money on fillers!)

So wether she is going on a movie date,

Or to a movie premiere, we heart this girls style!





XOXO- Things-We-Heart

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Decor to Die For: Color Crave! We heart the deep blues

Dark blue...sooo chic...soooo regal...and awesomely nautical. It's such a great way to ground a room while still having fun.

We recently bought a bench for our bedroom and it came out a gorge royal blue color. It took a few days to get used to it but now we are coocoo for it.

How shmancy is this Urban fainting chaise? It really wants to go home with you and spruce up your boring space (no offense)...
Curl up on this with a good book...throw a great throw on it and heaven awaits...
That tufting alone will chic-ify your space instantly.

W.O.W. ! The deep navy walls against the crispiness of the white moulding and dark wood accents in this "nautical" bathroom is sooooo good!
Love how they tied the theme together with the perfectly placed accessories! And geez...have some storage why dont offs...Opps ;)

Oh fake boyfriend Jonathan Adler...Only you could make nautical rope wallpaper chic in the nerdiest way! This would look sooo good on a few walls...
OH! You know what would look suuuper cute against this wallpaper or any blue wall for that matter? This bright yellow console from Ikea...

Just add some great Lucite knobs and you will have design mags knockin' at your door...

OK...enough is enough FBF! Mr Adler....why do you make us feel super inadequate???
We both have beautiful sofas and then you go ahead and throw this stunning royal/navy blue one in our faces.
It's like you are challenging us in some way. No? You're not? Oh...hmmm...OK well we still feel that way. We love how inviting this velvet sofa is with out looking the least bit frumpy.

You have forever left an imprint in our souls. Your mixing of royal colors kills us (in the best way) We will forever long to repeat and copy these gorgeous rooms filled with navy, salmon and olive...

Ugghhh...who would ever think that those colors work so gorgeously together? They are so rich and luxurious yet totally warm and comfortable...
We can't wait to come back and get inspired to copy you more!

Domino..Domino...Domino...the pit in our stomachs is still there from your abrupt disappearance.

We are OBSESSED with this perfect nook. The crispiness of the white furniture against the navy walls mixed with the bright orange accessories and vintage walnut dresser....TDF!!!!!!

So we were completly enamored with this matte navy DIY console we decided to recreate it in our own home...

For some reason whether it is the blue or the matte effect or both, they bring out the beautiful details of this console. Love the ornate pattern and twisted legs combine with the modern pulls.

Deal lord Domino! Leave us be! Ok...don't ever leave us but come on...really? Really???
Purple+ navy+ turquoise+ white+ pink and black = Perfect? Sure does...If this doesn't inspire you...then we don't know what to say...I guess we could say sorry.

Remember how we said yellow would look divine against a blue wall? Well what about in a bright room with royal blue bedding....YES!!!!!!!!!
These bright yellow garden stools drive is nuts mixed with the blue if only we didn't have bunny cats and kittens running crazy to knock them over....hmmmm

P.S. This is why blue and yellow look so fab together....

Oh...hello there Chesterfield sofa that we have been stupidly obsessively in heartville with for are you????? AMAZING??? YES YOU ARE!!!!!!!!
Sorry for all the yelling but come on! How gorge is this color? And the nail heads? TDF chic! And don't get us started on those beautiful hanging lanterns...

There is something extremely Madmen meets granny chic about this Ink colored Danish-ish modern wingback-y chair from R&B.
The clean sleek lines of the chair mixed with the unexpected inky blue is stunning...throw a great JA pillow on this with a Saarinen marble table next to it and we will come over and steal it ASAP!

Here is another amazing example of deep navy walls that are refreshing and crisp. Get rid of those ornate mirrors and replace with b&w photos or more streamlines mirrors and maybe throw out the ruffle duvet cover and you have a gorgeous room.
Love that sneak attack of leopard in the corner...soo nice with the white and navy.

Not ready to dive in to the deep blue? Grab a cute accessory or fantasmic pouf to spice up your place.
These are sooo easy to incorporate and we bet you a package of Cadbury Creme Eggs (YUMMMM) that you use it waaay more then you think you will...

We looooooove a good Madeline Weinrib flatweave rug... and when we saw this one we gasped! (I mean who can resist navy and white zig zags...certainly not us)
You know what would look amazing in this rug??? Some suuper cute bright colored poufs!
Get deep...deep blue! Try'll like it. We promise!

xoxo things we heart