Thursday, February 18, 2010

Decor to die for: A Good Bedside Manner

You know what they say about a Doctor with a good bedside manner? You gotta get one! Well we think the same holds true about a good bedside table.

Yes your nightstand is very useful, you need a place to store all those lotions and potions you rub into your skin right before you hit the hay... And to set your lamp, your water and whichever book you are reading this month.

But the right bedside table also compliments your room... Just the right accent to pull it all together.

We love this dreamy purple room with the lucite nightstands! JEALOUS!

But we also love the simple modern and artistic way the mismatched nightstands in this room unbalance the perfect symmetry of the two white chairs.

Your nightstand you can express a lot about the personality of your room and the people who sleep in it.

Look at all these inspiration shots we found, is your room saying....

Calm, pure and refreshing?

Fun and sunny?

Romantic and girlie?

Intelligent, world traveled, Bohemian?

When you are decorating your room, you are thinking of some sort of feeling you want that room to evoke. So here are the top 5 bedside tables we heart right now.

Topping off the list, is not really a nightstand at all, but a dresser. Being super inspired by the calm, clean relaxing room above... We are dying over this P.B mirrored dresser used as a bedside table.

Clean lines and simple drawer pulls keep this dresser from being too feminine. This piece has just the right combination of airiness and heft.
We have hearted X-benches for a looong time, but we just found this little X-table!
Super clean and simple. Perfect for a modern tailored room.

From William Sonoma Home, it is pretty pricey for what it is... But it is pretty cute.

We Looove this table! From the robin's egg blue color to the delicate legs, to the story behind it's creation. The designers were inspired by their 3 year old daughter who loves Ballet.

They named it the Ballerina table after her.

Classic, favorite of all time... Still makes our hearts skip a beat every time we see one.

The Saarinen table. Designed in 1956 by Eero Saarinen this is simplicity at it's finest. We had dreams of pairing this on the other side of the bed from the P.B mirrored dresser, but chickened out afraid it would look to pieced together... If you have the balls, try it and let us know how it looks.

But before you go thinking we are only in love with super expensive furniture... We have to tell you that one of our favorite, favorite bedside tables can be yours today..
In fact, you may already own them.

We love stacks of art, fashion and photography books stacked neatly and used as side tables. Easy, clever and you look very smart and artsy.

Sweet dreams.
XOXO- Things-We-Heart