Friday, February 5, 2010

Fashion Friday: Down on Oxford Street...we heart boy shoes on girls!

We love oxfords yes we do...we love oxfords how 'bout you?!?!

Being the walking contradictions that we are over here @ Things We Heart we of course LOVE to HATE and super HATE to LOVE oxford shoes or Brogues for the shmancy folks.

Nery a tomboy in town can resist the undeniable love for wearing or wishing to wear those cutie bean shoes.

So chic...we super heart a great pair o' oxfords and a dress. The total oppositeness of it all makes us quiver!

We love and maybe even over use our lucky gold fantasmic oxfords from Steve (madden)...
We pair them with everything we can...but they look best with dark skinnies or mini tent dresses...
We gotta admit...we saw one of the most beautiful women ever... (besides miss me and all my other girl friends) Miss KW wearing a pair like these years ago and totally copied her...but super worth the guilt we feel.

Oooohhhhh these studded toe Dolce Vita (ughhh that alone kills us) stud muffins would love to...
#1. Be in our closet and #2. Be paired with skinny jeans and a yummy tee!
OR be as rediculously amazingly rad as Erin Wasson and pair with a mini and tee

So we tried some high top oxfords on today with a sundress (no not warming sux) and it looked super cute!!!!

We lurve this crocheted high top wingtip scrumdiddles from Topshop. Soooo good!
Oh...wear neon anklets with these!!!!

Not ready to go all the way with the wingtip high tops? How about the hotness white low top version?
Our pleated khaki Gap shorts are dying to be paired with these and a striped off the shoulder sweater!!!

Shhpeaking of wingtips...
Hi uber sexy tan and white brogues...ya good? Yes you are!!!!
These scream Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when we was at the polo match in the polka dot dress...anyone?? Anyone??

Dear Ebay seller....yes please! Do a buy it now so we can be greedy and have these asap!!!!
Summer and Coachella are coming!!!

OH...they are not our size? OK...hee heee...lucky who ever gets these amazing vintage woven ones!!!!!

How cute would you be wearing these boy/tuxedo inspired patent oxfords with rolled slouchy trousers and a girl top tucked in?
Oh the answer to the question above is...SUPER CUTE! We would see you and be totally jealous!!!

Oh dear lordie mcgordie...someone please tell Jill Sander that we both wear a size 7.5 (well 7 or 8 works too).
Her mesh and leather Ox's are supercallifragilistic!!!!
Imagine these beauties with a vintage sundress or just a mini and a tee....
OR rolled ankle slouchy (but not too baggy) jeans and a baggy tank...yup we will take them please...

Let out your inner boy...he wants to play (with fashion).

Have fun! What else is fashion good for?

xoxo things we heart

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