Monday, February 22, 2010

Beauty: Under the sea...

You know what they say about the seaweed always being greener in somebody else's lake? Well, we wonder what they say about the coral?

Coral, that amazing pinkish-redish-orangeish color that your grandma always wore.
Well, at least our grandmas, and that is because Coral lips were all the rage in the 1950's.

The perfect "In between" color is back. Not as bold as red, not as sweet as pink... We are loving coral right now.

Coral lips are everywhere this spring, and that brings a smile to our faces.

Coral lips can run the color spectrum anywhere from very red-ish orange like the beautiful Natalie Portman here.

To an orangey orange like at Alice Temperly's show.

To bright bright fun pinky redish pop of the twinkle by Welan runway on the right, to the soft almost bare runway style of Derek Lam on the left.

Some makeup artists call it the colorful neutral.

Here are a few of our choices to help you find your perfect coral pout.

Korres, Mango Trio. Perfect, you can select your favorite shade, mix and match to make your own! We heart having options.

Clinique has the lovely shade Peach Pop... Delicious as it sounds.

This color is from Makeup Forever, so you know it is going to be rich and just right for night time...

Leave it to icon Cyndi Lauper to come out with the perfect of the moment shade for Mac Viva Glam line.

We are very much in love with Viva Cyndi, a pinky orangish coral color that is perfect for a messy ballerina bun and your favorite flats.

We will let you know if we find any other shades that bring out our inner mermaid!
Until then, have fun and experiment... That is what Sephora is for!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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