Thursday, February 11, 2010

Decor to Die For: We see you...we see right through...wanna do it again...We heart lucite furniture!

Sometimes things are just too jinxy to pass up and post about...

What is it about lucite furniture that gets us all a tingle?!?!


Is it because it reminds us of the '80s when we were babies and our friends parents had it???


Is it because it is clearly (pun amazingly intended) chic and sleek and will open up and lighten any space with a lil humor and it's totally unexpected!

Within 1 day my gorge friend JN and Miss Me said how in heartville they are with this uber sexy lucite console table from CB2 for their beautiful houses...

And since then (and our obsession with having Ghost chairs at our wood dining table...Mr. TWH is not a fan) we knew we were on to something...

It really started when I walked into an open house next door to me (super heart open houses) and saw these amazing Z chairs mixed with a traditional table in a Spanish home...Ding Ding...In LOVE!!!

They some how go perfectly in this dining room! Yet not really...amazing!

Love them too? We found the guy who hearts lucite as much as us...
Here is AT's Z chair...

Speaking of "the lucite king" here is Aaron Thomas' answer to a swanky modern lucite coffee table...

Great brown metropolitan! (super good...minus the pony fur...come on dude..challenge yourself)

We also crazy heart bar vintage and glam..... and crazy cute in lucite!
PS This bar cart from Plexi Craft in your bathroom to hold all your stuff? A-mazing!!!

From the "queen" of acrylic (lucite-ish) furniture...Jan Showers has a really great looking tufted bench...
Love the legs!!! Get it...change the color of fabric and voila! Elle Decor will be knocking in no time!
Here is a great one we found on Ebay...change the fabric and it will be just as gorge as a designer one!

Ahhh the Ghost Chair from PS for Kartell...Hello sexy....
You are are easy and unexpected...LOVE! Put at a heavy dining table for a really rad perfectly imperfect look!

Oh crap...ooh goodness...GEEZ!!!! Please please please!! We want these S&M tufted lucite chairs NOW!
Dear Mr. TWH...remember when you asked us what we want for Vday? THESE!!!!!
(just don't look at the price ;) )

And we saved the best for last...all done by Alexandra Von Furstenburg...yes that VF...she is the daughter in law of the fantastical DVF...
Hmmm her sister in law is our neighbor...hmmm discount????

Here is her unbelievable diamond coffee table!!!!

Give us a break! Really??? WOW!

Uh...ummmmmm remember that super cute clear console from CB2? Yeah...not that it's not amazing but take a breath and look at AVF's answer to it.....


NEON PINK accented LUCITE!!!!! F-U AVF (in a super good way!)

And think of all the fancy pants work you could do at this rediculously glamorous desk.

(hi turq neon would look STUPENDOUS next to our pink one...yes please!!!!...ASAP)

Want to see how our j'adorable boyfriend, JA does lucite....

Of course it's amazing...everything he touches turns to good!

Don't think you can commit? Try these smaller nesting tables from CB2... They are clear so we bet you won't even know they are there..
Wait.... Is that a good thing???

A great vase full of bright pink flowers would looove to be on these next to a bright yellow book... TDF!!!!!!

Still not ready...go out and grab yourself some hot ass lucite heels...

Not these slutty mcslutties...


Yummy Animal Lovin' Stella M!

Be clear about your design decisions...go lucite!!!!!
xoxo things we heart

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