Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Hearts: Brown Paper Packages Tied up in String.

Mails here, better go bring it in.
Oh my! Whats this? A package for me?
How exciting! What could it be?

getting a sweet little care package in the mail is one of the best things that can happen to you. But do you know what is even better? Sending someone you love a sweet little care package!

Picking just the right card, to compliment the perfect little gift you found to tell that someone special... I heart you! Thank you for being my sister/friend/honey-pie/mom.

Sending someone a little treat so they know that you are thinking of them and that they are special to you is a really fun thing to do.

Lets do a Things-We-Heart experiment! Close your eyes and think of someone you are so thankful for, someone you adore who should be reminded of what they mean to you.

Who was they first person to pop into your mind?

Got one? Good. Now, lets send that someone a care-package!

Nothing fancy, just a little something that you go out and choose just for them. Something that will bring a smile to their lips.

Wrap it up in brown paper, tie it with string and send it off in a box. Don't tell them it is headed their way! The surprise is the best part!

Here are some of the people we heart and what we would send them!

For the little sis.

An amazingly beautiful leather feather, in a Birds of a feather envelope... Sweet!
Add in your favorite beauty secret.
Miss Me's favorite is Shadow Insurance, and a soft colorful eyeliner.
I know I would be excited to get those goodies!

For mom, a box of her favorite sweet treat the delicious orange flavored Pims.

And a box of the beautiful, delicious and super fun to watch Jasmine Blossom tea!

Oh yeah, don't forget to include the note that you will be over for tea!

For the man in your life....
Well, who isn't always in need of a great pair of sox?
Especially Lucha socks?

Or cute little bicycle socks?!

You can get your fella some hot sox here.

For the B.F.F.
People say it is good to laugh at your self a little right?
So lets get a giggle out of our unhealthy obsession with teenage vampires.

I got this from a girlfriend, who got it from a girlfriend... and they all say it is funny! It is at the top of my read-next pile... Can't wait to get to it and then pass it on.
For your super cute niece or nephew, we super heart Plan Toys!
These toys are great for many reasons. Great for kids motor skill development, non-toxic and made by a green company. This is the perfect gift for the rug-rat you heart!

We want to hear all about how your loved ones react to their care packages!
Nothing makes you feel better then making someone you love feel better.

Who wouldn't love a brown paper package tied up with string?

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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Soooo cute!!! Loved it