Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bueno: Living Life!

Things happen in life that make you realize just how precious it truly are a few guidelines to try to live by (at least as much as you can)

What we tend to forget is to stop...take a breath...and be happy.

Do what makes you happy (with out hurting anyone in the process) life is too short to be miserable

Live like everyday is a gift ready to be open


Don't do a job that feels like death to you (unless it's absolutely necessary)
It's NEVER too late to follow your dreams...NEVER

Help 1 person everyday

Challenge yourself

Talk to a stranger you would normally never talk to...see how it enriches your day and theirs

Take care of yourself and your brain...whether it's a short day trip to the beach with a book and a magazine or private bubble bath

Look at your feet..that is where you are (be present)

Inspire yourself and others around you

Love those around you and they will love you back...don't waste your heart on those who do not treat you well

Life is hard but it's worth making it fun

XOXO things we heart

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