Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random Hearts: Dance routines....

So you wanna talk random? How about those great scenes in teen movies when everyone starts to do the same dance? Or the main couple breaks it down and busts out a dance routine?! Nothing makes you feel as uncomfortable and giddy at the same time!

Sooooo random, but we love it!

Here they are... Some of our favorite dance routines caught on film!

Number ONE on the list... We die EVERYTIME..
Top That from Teen Witch! AMAZING!!!
"He's so funky!"

And while we happen to be on the Teen Witch subject... Well, we HAD to share this one! "So fab!"

Or how about this classic...
"Look! It's the African Anteater Ritual!"

Are any words needed besides the name of this film classic...

You bet your ass that chic is Aunt Becky from Full House fame.

So this next one is not exactly a "Dance Routine" but it sure makes us feel like dancing!

Oh! We would kill for a Omega Mu sweatshirt!
Lambda... Lambda jam!

Ladies and gentleman... Our fave fashionista back in the days when she was dancing in heaven!

Step aside Dirty Dancing... Because ain't no body do it better then Kelly and Ozone in Breakin'... What? What?

Oh Ren! It's gonna be alright! We know how frustrated you are, is there anyway you can let off some steam? Anyway you can think to just get it out? Oh, whats that? You got it covered? O.K, carry on.

Just because he is considerably younger then Miss Me... We can all use a little Efron to brighten up our day right? No? Just me? OK.

It just wouldn't be right to end it without this classic jem...

You know you love it...
Hope we added a spring to your step today.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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monica* said...

omg the aunt becky one has me DYING. it's aunt becky! LOL, this is pretty awesome.
btw, i LOVE random dance scenes in movies, and kinda wish i could bust out in a random song/dance routine everywhere i went. it makes me giddy :D