Monday, August 31, 2009

Beauty-fuls: Breakin' the Law...breakin' the Law...we heart breaking beauty laws (well rules really)

You know that saying "Some rules are meant to be broken"? Well nothing can be more true than that when applied to makeup.

I mean come on ladies!!! Make up is fun!!!'s meant to be played with.

There are sooo many amazing colors out there that scream..."come play with us!!!!" Transform your dress up.

And yes..I am talking to myself in the mirror as I write this (super hard to do, but I am a girl after all...we live for multi tasking).

Oh and btw...every day Miss Me and I try new things...

She wears her "Magic Lipstick" and I have been rocking turquoise eyeliner with gorge lined lips (OK so I have been known to rock the turq liner for a while now but give me a break! I am trying!)

p.s. this is not me...I wish! But that's kind of the color I super heart and wear...

So here are our 5 most heartville rules that should and actually need to be broken...

1. Blue eyeshadow/eye liner is soooo totally 80's.'s really not.

Sure everyone in the 80's rocked it but did anyone who made these rules stop to think that maybe the 80's just ruined it. It was the decade of excess right? So that leads us to believe that blue liner and shadow should totally be worn... just not in excess.

And think you have to wear bright blue eye liner with only nude lips? That rule is f-a-l-s-e too!
Bright blue liner looks absolutely amazing with pink lips!

OK maybe not like this but blue and pink do look amazing together!

and speaking of totally '80's and pink lips

2. Lip colors should be natural colors...whether it's nude, red, berry, rose or taupe...Bright pink is for only for Barbie past the age of 11.

Here at t.w.h we love to hate this rule. We are obsessed with bright pink and fuchsia lips!

As mentioned before, Miss Me even has a gorge magenta "Magic Lipstick" that she fantastically rocks everywhere she goes and looks TDF.

And to prove our point about breaking the rules...when she wears her "Magic Lipstick" people (men usually) start to babble and stutter in front of her..(it might also be that she is ridiculously beautiful, but the lipstick is for sure magic)

3. Red lips are for night the words of a uber cute girl... "Red lips at night, Sailors delight...Red lips in mornin', Sailors take warnin'"

Who says red lips are only for the night?

OK, so maybe not all of us can be as glam and ridiculously chic as the stunning Stefani with her gorge classic red lips...but we can dream...Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Ooops...OK dream over.

We may not be able to rock bright red and richly pigmented lipstick like G.S. during the day to meetings, markets, shopping, parks...but we can sure try.

If you go more sheer red with tints or glosses or even sheer lipsticks the red during the day is all yours!

Just like the beautiful and always chic, Kirsten Dunst with sheer Orangey red lips.

4. Finger nail polish needs to match toe nail polish AND Fingers should be pale and save the fun for the toes

Um, hi rule makers...seriously? Those are still rules?

TDF matte navy nails...pair these with the bright pink Essie on your toes and you are super RTG!

Ya... they are and they are for sure super silly. Nothing says fun, confidence and "I embrace my multiple personalities (hey we all got 'em) like toes and fingers that don't match and nothing says fun lovin' like bright finger nails.

Break more rules and try the new and unbelievably gorge new nail trend...matte nails for an out of this world, uber chic look.

Super heart this Essie fuchsia polish!!! Try on tootsies and nails! (just not together...cuz you are shmancier than that)

5. If you are wearing darker lipstick stick to a pale eye...and if you are wearing a smokey eye stick to nude lips.

Dumb alert...ding ding ding...Well it is!

Sure, don't go overboard with thick and heavy make up but the days of one or the other make up are ova'.
You would be surprised how chic and sleek a bit of both are.

But just keep the lips matte and the eye liner and shadow from your eyelid crease down. No need to go all Addicted to Love on us.

You'll look like a gorge lady in Paris...ooh la la...

Break all the rules!! Start Anti-rules...and do it with passion!

xoxo t.w.h.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

No Bueno: Paparazzi... Gross.


No really, Yuck! 

Do you need to take photography classes for that, or are you just born an A**hole? 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bueno: End of Summer Sales!

Woooo hoooooo!
Recessionistas, fashionistas, decoristas, and any other kind of "istas" out there!
The sales have begun!!!!!


That may be the only good thing that comes at the end of a glorious summer...well that and Halloween...and Holidays...and sitting by the fire in jammies...and CASHMERE...

Oooopsie Daisy...hee a wee bit carried away there.

But seriously...Sales are the only good thing about summer ending.

They are everywhere. Summer clothes are super marked down and Fall fashions are in Pre-Fall sale markdowns too!

Furniture an decor have seasons too and those prices get slashed...yippie!

Get out there! Restart the crappy economy...just do not use a credit card!!!

Here are just a sprinkling of our favs...

P.S. May peace carry you forever and may your family find their own. RIP Adam

xoxo t.w.h.

Friday, August 28, 2009

My old friend...

Life is too short. 
We will miss you. 
Thank you for the laughter. 

I love you Adam. 

Fashion Friday: Fall into the Gap... Really!

(Gap Girl- SNL) 
When the Gap hired Patrick Robinson to be creative director / head designer for the decades old company in 2007, the fashion world was anxious to see what this young man would do for the classic American brand built on the back of khakis and tee-shirts. 

In his second year with the company Robinson has already overhauled their entire denim collection. Leaving the old ill fitting and unstylish washes in the past. Gone are the "Mom jeans" and in are the sexy premium denim styles! 

The 1969 premium jeans. 

These jeans are all priced under $70 and they are all really amazing! 
It is like a denim angel came down and said "My child, although the J-Brand Majors you are wearing now are lovely and worth every penny of the almost $200 price tag.... Check out these equally flattering and MUCH more affordable Always Skinny Destructed Button Jeans from The Gap!"  

Super sexy right? Love the button detail at the ankle. 

We are also hearting these super soft and bright orange skinny cords! 

These are gonna be some definite fall favorites for 2009, throw them on with some over the knee boots and a loose off the shoulder sweatshirt.... and go be cute. 

The Things-We-Heart girls are still hearting the adorable boyfriend jeans this fall, how can you beat being comfy AND looking stylish at the same time? And this style and wash from The Gap look just about as perfect as you can get. 

But Robinson and his team didn't stop at the jeans, The Gap has sooo many cute tops and jackets right now as well. 

Like this super yummy preppy gone good shrunken blazer.

Wow, really super duper cute and lust-worthy... I want! I want! 
Do you want? Get it here

Hey there Cowgirl, you will be looking every inch the hot little lady in this pretty 

It is like almost gingham but waaaay better. 
(Sorry t-w-h gals have an anti-gingham policy) 

Now I may be wrong... But I believe I saw one of the most stylish women I have ever had the pleasure of talking too holding this exact bag!! 

Could it be that an uber-wealthy stylish lady was carrying this sweet little bag from The Gap? Well, actually yes! These days it is possible. 

Because The days of "The Gap girl" are over. This isn't your sorority sisters Gap anymore. 

Even the queen (at least to us) Of high-fashion design Miss Stella McCartney is teaming up with the Mega-brand to bring her chic style to children everywhere when her kids line debuts this fall!

Not to mention the delicious boots that will be available next month from Pierre Hardy's 4th year designing with the company. These platform boots are at the top of my list for easy-to-wear fall style! 

Miss Me is especially in love with the blue suede ones shown in the August Bazar feature! 


Fashionable designs and body conscious fits make Patrick Robinson's The Gap something worth falling into. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Decor to Die For: Baby come and light my fire...We heart Luxurious Candles

Imagine walking in to a room holding the hand of your beautiful better half, and as they lead you in, the room is warmed up by the gorge and love inducing smell of vanilla and sandalwood. As you open your eyes, your lover is glowing in the beautiful glow of a candle.

Ahhhhh love...sweet and yummy smelling love!

Nothing sets the mood like candles. Whether its on a birthday cake given to you by the unbelievably yummy and exquisite Jake Ryan...Gosh he is sooooo dreamy! Yes Please Jake!..

Hee hee hee..we digress, or around a luxurious bath tub, on a dinner table, or just on a desk...candles are the perfect "feeling" starter.

Once used purely for light, candles now have transformed into "a mood with a wick"
They can make you happy or calm, thoughtful or loving, peaceful or excited...all with the flick of a lighter (or a match for you retro romantic ladies) and nothing helps welcome guests to your home like a few beautiful smelling candles.

A good candle is like a huge hug from a fluffy unicorn...there is nothing like can't walk into a room with a lit candle and not feel good and warm (and we are not talking about the warmth of the fire people!)

We uber heart Luxurious Candles!

There are tons of brands out there but being the crazy obsessed candle lurvers that we are...we narrowed it down to a select few that are amazing, gloriously delish and easy to find ('cuz what's the point of being soooo cool that our gorge readers can't find what we blab about...right?) NO particular order...we give to you....Lux Candles!

OK, I know we said NO order...but this first candle maker can be in no other place but first!
Our FBF (Fake Boyfriend) Jonathan Adler makes the coolest candles around.

Not only are his scents amazing and thick with out being too perfume-y but when you are done burning his amazing creations, you have to keep the candle holder because it is actually a piece of his pottery!!!!!!! Really JA? Really??????? An amazing candle and a piece of your work?!?!

We super heart his Hashish candle for a couple of reasons (no sillies...not the one you are thinking of...well maybe a little but only because we are hippies at heart) smells just like its namesake and burns forever and the rad pottery it comes in becomes a great keepsake jar for your jewels or spices or "products" or other green stuff like money.

Another one of his beautifully scented candles with the fantastical gift of free pottery is his Muse Noir candle.

Its seductively lovely with smells of bergamont, amber and plum...can you say hot love! Fill his popular Muse pot with deep red roses or purple orchids...or what ever your heart desires.

This next LC co. is really the true reason for this post. Have you ever had a candle actually fill a room with gorgeous (non perfumey) smells with out even lighting it? NO? Well now you can get one.
Jo Malone, the guru of amazing scents and scent mixing, has the most TDF candles ever!

Perfectly packaged with clean and sleek packaging, her candles literally can take you to another place with how unbelievable the scents are.

There are no words to describe how amazing they are, how inviting and chic the scents are and how we wish we could buy one every week! (but p.s. her candles are for sure lux candles...not for the recessionista but totally worth the splurge!!!!)

One of the best gifts Miss Me and I were ever given (besides our gorge Hawaiian bracelets) was a huge Jo Malone candle.

Not only does it fill the foyer (super fancy right???) with the most lovely smell when its just sitting there...but once we light it, the whole house is hugged in it!

We heart the grapefruit, which btw, is sooooo not grapefruity. It's less harsh and tart than you can's warm, spicy and fluffy and super expensive smelling.

Her orange blossom is another crazy beautiful scent. It too is big and warm with out being over powering.

Speaking of fancy pants and uber luxurious candles, this next company might be the O.G. One whiff of Diptique's beautimously chic candles and you will whip out your credit card faster than just fast!

The candle vessel is perfectly Parisian and filled with glorious scents that most candle makers could never repeat...

Their most popular and most beautifully unusual scent is Baies (we can't pronounce it either). It's black currant and Bulgarian Roses...yup..AMAZING!!!

Put this bad boy next to your tub while you are soaking and you will be taken to another...way more shmancier place.

Diptique's perfectly perfect Tuberose candle is just that...perfection!

It's soft and elegant and never over powering.

Oh um hi...Mr John Galliano has his own scent with them (we hope it doesn't smell like how he a French pirate...but if it does, I'm sure it's still great)

Need a great gift for your friend that has everything and every candle ever?
DL & co create masterpieces.

Their candles are part Gothic, part romantic and every bit luxurious. They fill a room with soft, masculine yet oddly feminine smells.

Yes they are crazy expensive but the stunning black box they come in is just as gorge as the rich and exotic candle.

We love the Angels Trumpet! It's both sweet and earthy while remaining totally lux and elegant.

Speaking of gifts...Voluspa should win the best gift award hands down!
Not only are they an absolute amazing gift to get they are a spectacular gift to give.

They are super lux and beautifully scented but totally affordable.

They burn for hours and hours while delicately filling your room with yummy scents.
We heart every single smell they make!

Our new fav is the clove. It's a bit warm for the hot days o' summer but as soon as the heat drops, their clove is on another level!

Need a great gift that can not be out done? Their gift sets are perfection.

We love this pretty glass votive set. Imagine throwing a party and scattering these fantastically scented and fun colored candles all over the place....super festive and totally shmancy.

Archipelago candles are the winners hands down for the all inclusive candle.

They smell unbelievably rich, they burn perfectly, they fill a room with luxuriousness even when not lit and they don't cost more than a mani pedi!

Their candles are sooooo great...I worked at a upscale restaurant where the dinners cost as much as a car payment and the customers loved Archipelago candles soooo much, they would literally steal them from the bathroom!!!!!!

We suuuper heart the Magnolia for the summer and the Caramel for the winter.

Get them the mecca of candle stores. Actually you can probably get any lux candle known to man there.

Are you or do you know a fancy pants, lux lovin', Hippie or just someone who hearts candles and the Earth?
Need a candle that is Organic, Soy, Earth Friendly and 100% recyclable???
Dirt is the place to go. Their clean burning candles are super fun to burn (60 hours!!!) and the scents are amazing!

Our favs are Love Machine and All Nighter. Both are gorgeously scented with a huge mix of Earths delights. They are perfectly balanced and totally a must have for any candle lover.

Oh...hello? Earth Lovers??? When you are done using this loooong burning lux candle, you can wash the glass holder and it becomes a drinking glass!!!!

Lovelies...take a moment...burn a nice candle and remember how much you deserve it! There is nothing better for you like that luxuriously peaceful moment.

P.S. Don't forget to blow out candles when you leave a room!

P.P.S. We promise...even if you don't think you are into candles...light one. You will be surprised...and at peace ;)

P.P.P.S. The lovelies here at t.w.h. luuurrrvvveee nice candles...just sayin'

xoxo t.w.h.