Thursday, April 30, 2009

Decor (to die for) The man we heart, yes, we're talking about you Jonathan Adler.

(Jonathan Adler at his Bar Mitzvah)

Oh, sweet, funny, adorable little man, or should I say you "J'adorable" little man? In any case I think you all know who I mean.... Mr. Jonathan Adler.... The who's who in the world of design, and all things dreamy. 

This is a man who can take something as kitchy and seemingly ridiculous as an giant giraffe lamp, and make it delightfully chic and swoon worthy. 
Not a lot of people have the talent or the chutzpah to do something like that! 

And his menagerie doesn't stop with the stunning giraffe, oh no, Mr. Adler has a world of fabulous ceramic pets for you to bring home.... Now, if only we could afford them all. Let me see here now, one birthday a year for 30 more years... and,  yep in just about 30 to 40 years all of these  delightful critters could be mine! Woopsie! I meant yours, of course! 

Jonathan doesn't just do animals though, his clever and cheeky style is put to use in many forms, to beautify your entire home. What do you say about setting some of these apothecary jars on your mantle? You know what I say about it? Done & done! (Thank you Ms. Things we heart) I can't think of another circumstance when the words, Hate or Anger could make me so deliriously happy! 

Pillows! Oh joy! JONATHAN ADLER pillows! Oh friends, how did you ever guess what I wanted for Christmas this year?!? I mean, Jonathan Adler also has a to-die-for collection of throw pillows. These pillows would make a wonderful gift for anyone dear to your heart, and since he has so many options, you can find one for everyone! 

Pick up a Hugs pillow for grandma, and a Drugs pillow for your crazy uncle! See one-stop shopping at Jonathan Adler

I also have to say, aside from the super fun, tongue-in-cheek decor that J.A is known for, he also has some quietly beautiful pieces like this jade bird bowl. Really a timeless piece of art. Classic, graceful, delicate......

But for now, lets get back to this.... He made a needle-point YARMULKE people! The man is a genius! Grab one of these for the beastie boy in your life. 

(Jonathan, his husband Simon Doonan, and their dog Liberace) 

So if you haven't yet, please go check out the store, the website, read his Manifesto , live according to his 10 commandments (My husbands favorite is #9) , buy his amazing, inspiring and funny book, Jonathan Adler: My prescription for anti-depressive living.

Because, I don't know about you, but it makes me feel really good to know that someone who is really successful and wonderful at what they do, is still having a lot of fun doing it. 
Jonathan Adler shows us it is alright to have a little fun, don't take yourself to seriously. 
Decorating should be a fun and creative process, don't get bogged down in what "should" be or decide to play it safe.... Every room in your house should have at least one element that makes you smile every time you see it. 

Make your home a happy one. 

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