Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday: Mad for Moroccan Oil!

For centuries the women of Morocco have been using Argan oil on their hair and nails to counteract the aging effects of the hot sun. Agran oil is made from the almond shaped kernals that are held within the nut like fruit of the Agarn tree. This tree ONLY grows in the South West area of Morocco called Argana. 
Well, the secret is out and now, we can all be as lucky as these ladies have always been! Our hair hearts this! 

Moroccan Oil is a unique, ultra light, non greasy formula that seals in shine, and speeds up styling time! Sounds pretty perfect to me! Plus, it smells really insanely delicious! 
Among the many, many other things Morrocan Oil is good for (Protects hair from UV damage, restores softness and shine to hair damaged by coloring and over styling, nourishes the scalp..etc.) hair stylist supreme dream, Ruby Weiser let me know that you can mix it with your hair dye to make the color richer and longer lasting! Who isn't into that?

Moroccan oils line of products includes it's original oil treatment, perfect for achieving that messy, beachy, California beauty look that is oh-so Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon! 

The range of products also includes Gold Glimmer Shine. Throw this little spray bottle in your bag for a quick spray of long lasting all over glow. Plus with it's UV guard, you can feel free to roll around on the beach in the sun all day a'la Helena Christensen in the Chris Isaaks Wicked Game video! 

(Click here to see Things-we-heart & Miss Me watching this video.)
But seriously, on a really long winded side note, has there ever been a sexier, more watchable video ever made? Has anyone ever been hotter then Helena in this? Because with all honesty, the Things We Heart girls are unendingly talking about her in this video, and this was made in 1990! 

Ok, sorry, we were talking about something else right, wow, just got a little side tracked for a second. We now return to our regularly scheduled post. 

We have not tried this one, but can not wait to test it out, the Moroccan Oil restorative hair mask. Apply after you wash leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse out. It is said to repair damage caused by chemicals, wind, sun and other environmental elements. And by that we hope they mean years of damage done by our trusty flat-iron! 

So Moroccan Oil, we highly recommend you go get your self some! Not only will you smell like everything that is summer, your hair will be healthy, glowing and strong. Look, if this stuff didn't work, it wouldn't have stuck around as long as say, gladiator sandals

Thank you Argan tree and the beautiful Moroccan women who put you to good use! 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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