Thursday, April 16, 2009

Decor to DYE for!: Ikat, Tie-Dye and Hippie Chic.

I know what your thinking, first messy braids now tie-dye? Don't worry Things-We-Heart is not going all patculli on you, we just can't help but embrace our inner love-child! Seriously, isn't there something so romantic and bohemian about being surrounded with rich luxurious fabrics in deep saturated color, but in a totally un-fussy, casual way? 

(Elle Decor) 

While we have been riding the Ikat train for about 2 years now, with no signs of stopping, (sadly, even when the train passes the passe stop, we may still be on it. We just really heart it) this whole post was sparked off by the new cover Elle Decor. The senario went something like this. 

Miss. Me: Oh, joy! My new issue of Elle Decor has arrived! (Stiffels a sniffle because another month goes by without a Domino mag. We may never forgive you Conde-Nasty!

Miss. Me: (Looking at cover) Shut the front door! I need this carpet for my sea-glass hued living room! (Quickly flip inside the mag, to see who made this lovely carpet) Huh? Alexandra Wentworth did that HER SELF!? (Instantly pick up phone to call Things-We-Heart partner extraordinaire

Things-We-Heart: Hello? 

Miss. Me: Ummmm did you get the new Elle Decor yet? 

Things-We-Heart: Not yet, I am still waiting.... Can you believe Domino is gone? (heart wrenching sob

Miss Me: Well when you get it call me, I think we have a problem.... Either Alexandra Wentworth is a verifiable genius, or her pants are super on fire right now! (As in 'Liar, Liar pants on fire!"

Things-We-Heart: Wait.... Are you taking about Alexandra Wentworth the comedian from "In Living Color"? I am so confused! 

Miss. Me: Me too partner, me too! 

So for the sake of heart-ing all things in this world, including fairy-tales, we are gonna go with the "I was just fooling around one day and dyed my $5000 dollar wool carpet with this fabric dye I had... and voila!" (This is not a direct quote) 
So yes genius it is! 

(Elle Decor)

Amazingly enough you can mix a little Boho with a little contemporary and come up with something super fantastic! We strongly encourage mixing styles to come up with a style that is perfect for you and all your own. 

We love how the blue Madeline Weinrib (who we super duper heart B.T.W) Ikat rug is set off by the white leather tufted chair and the lacquered red mini table. Red, white and blue at its best and least annoying

So, speaking of Madeline Weinrib, she is pretty much the queen of the hippy chic, glamazon bohemian textile market. If you are not already a devoted fan, we suggest you go and "window shop" her amazing collection here. Her carpets, and fabrics are so amazing and heartbreakingly perfect, you may just want to buy them all! But unless you are Oprah Winfrey you may not be able to. 

(Madeline Weinrib) 

(Madeline Weinrib) 

Although, here is a tip, if you are ballsy enough to call ABC carpet and home and get a price quote, you will be quite surprised at how much more affordable her cotton weave (Not the wool ones, those are strictly for the fancy pants!) rugs are then you would have thought. Pretty much comparable to Pottery Barn or Room and Board

Did you know that Urban Outfitters just came out with a super amazing and adorable Ikat chair? Yummy! And affordable to boot! 
This little beauty comes in blue and cream and they also have a oatmeal and cream version that is just as fabulous! 

Maybe you are not ready to go full on into the fabulous world of Hippy Chic, but you want to dabble, see if it feels right for you before you blow your paycheck on any one piece. We got you covered. 
All the fashionistas including the beautiful Things-We-Heart are going gaga for this easy peasy way to add a little Boho into your home. 


These adorable little bowls can be used for jewelry, to hold flowers, to house a lovely little pile of beautiful figs, or even for your morning cereal! For only $14 each, you can feel out this style without guilt! 

Remember our Color Crave for lemon yellow? We still got it, bad! 


This sunny throw pillow would look great just about anywhere and how can it not brighten up your day? Can you not smile when you see this color? Can you? We didn't think so! Avalible from, for $29 you can choose from any number of the stylish pillows they offer. If you get a whole bunch and strew them around your living room, you can pretend you are living in Jeannie's bottle from I dream of Jeannie! Who didn't want to live there? 

Oh, my and Jeannie had braids too! Wow, see it all comes back around! 
Remember have fun with your style, you can always try new things in small doses and take baby steps into a fabulous nest! Or go full force and grab your Rit dye and your carpet! 

XOXO- Thing-We-Heart

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