Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random hearts: We heart hair braids. Yup we do!

We know when it started... our crazy love affair with braids...
I was watching a Jane's Addiction movie in Jr High and Casey Nicoli came on screen with her hair filled with braids..  that was it.. I needed to be her.. yup...I was done for.  

I would walk around the house with 30 odd braids that I made my mom put in every night after ballet class.  (oh wait!  maybe my love came from Ballerinas? It did now that I think of it hmmm... oh well, let's go with the Casey story, because that's when I became obsessed)

And for my gorge partner, the second she laid eyes on Sasha (the braid fairy), in 2nd grade with her golden locks braided to her waist she was in braid heaven (or hell because she had a brown Mia Farrow cut and this was way before extensions)
this is what i pictured Sasha looking like (well a few years age diff but still...)

Um hello? Drew? Hi, it's us, the girls at TWH,  and we are suuuper jealous, in a really good way, of your perfectly imperfect nouveau hippy- chic braids... help!  

How unbelievably and perfectly chic and with your messy piles of braided love.  Love, Love, Love!!!  And you (and your stylist) paired them with a sleek black and white asym. striped dress.?.. Well well well... you have just competed with your cutest self against this yummy number...

Thank you Nicole Richie for helping us bring braids back (and really just for helping us not get snickered at when we bounce down the streets with our hair all tied up in braids and being over the age of 15)  

N.R., not only are you crazy stylish and super cute, but the amazing and numerous ways you braid your locks inspire us everyday...yup we braid, between us, just about everyday...  (told you we are obsessed)

Diane, how we heart thee!!!   
You are our new Kate Moss (even though we still totally and uberly heart Moss)  Your amazingly chic style, your mixture of high and low fashion and your crazy good sense for ridiculously cool hair has us in utter heartville.  
This braided style is driving us bonkers!   SO perfect, so messy, so I don't care, but I super do.  

t.w.h., put the kettle corn down!
This picture makes me want to stop eating (darn kettle always seduce me with your sweet and salty ways), dye my hair black, get extensions and do this!!!

It's official!  This is our new fav way to wear braids.  
Thanks a lot uber hot and tan super moodels for making it that much more difficult for us to do...but we are cute so we will be fine!  (see that? that's called loving thy self)
But, how super cute is this yummy dual side braid and silky waved doo?  Its refreshing and sweet yet totally chic (sorry I can't seem to find another word that is quite as perfect right now).

Learn how to do these french braids...or plaits, to the fancy pants...  don't be bashful we are going to watch it too and learn on each other ;)

So good luck and have fun!  Summer is the perf. time for braids!!!!

xoxo t-w-h

Oh Kira... we totally heart you!!!  Lurve your fishtail braids!


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