Friday, April 17, 2009

Fashion Friday: Yummm! Converse on a whole other level...(new fav phrase thnx to J.N.)

OK, so we have the O.G. Chucks, the double tongue, neon, hand painted, artist designed, A.I.D.S supporting, camo, Velcro, Signature additions, slip on...we can probably keep going but we will spare your beautiful eyes and brains :)

How many ways can we twist and wear the infamous Cons?  Well evidently a few more... and guess what, lovelies?... these new styles (really prob. just stolen from our fav decade...the '80's...what else?!?!?)  are the most delicious yet!!!!

A perfect walking contradiction!  We give you...
Hardcore Converse!!!  Studded and strapped for you fashionista tomboys... YAY!!!

First up we have a super sleek version from an amazing mens 
How hot are these!  Imagine you (or your boyfriend/girlfriend) 
wearing these with a beautiful worn
out tee and skinny jeans or dare we say....hammer pants!  
Wooo hooo!  Stylistas unite!

OMG these are sooo what would happen if Dame Vivienne Westwood and Converse had a baby! 
These would look rad with baggy boy jeans and a simple tank.  (tan skin+tank+boy jeans+these cons.= HOTNESS)

We introduce you to the Ash Virgin version (say that 5 times fast). These are the main reason for this post!  We have been drooling over these for some time now... Yummy, yummy in our ...wait that doesn't work...but yummmm!  Sexy, classic, sleek, hot...done and done.  

Pair these with a hot mini, skinny jeans, baggy jean shorts..anything and Voila!  You are pulled togther... Get these beauts at Urban Outfitters.

How gloriously rad are these from Kettle!  So hard and cool yet so easy and wearable... BUT... $500!!! 
Come on Kettle!  $500 for $15 worth of studs? So that leaves $435 in labor and $50 for the shoes?  Hmmm we smell something fishy but we do suuuuupppppper heart these...ooops!  We say, lets make our own!  Economista style!!!! 

Here's an easy how to do...
  1. Grab a pair of shoes and some studs. I bought 200 Standard Pyramid Studs from Studs and Spikes
  2. Begin studding. The easiest way I found (and, let me tell you, there is no real easy way to do this) was to push each stud in through the shoe by hand. Or use and Exacto knife to make holes :)   Then, I took a flat tool and flattened each prong on the inside of the shoe so that the stud would stay in place.  
  3. This might hurt after a while so to make it easier...make yourself a cup o' cocoa or better yet pour a great glass of vino (over 21s of course), turn on your fav show (GG or AI or DH of get the point) and get to work ;)
Or if your fingers cant take the bedazzling, Free Peoples cute version comes in great colors and won't break the bank...Thanks F.P.!!!

Now for our personal fav...Free Peoples multi studded hi-tops.  
The perfect combo of old and new...hard and soft...cute and wrong (in the best way!)
Pair these snazzers with destroyed skinny jeans (that graze your ankle to show the detail of the shoe and your hot legs) and you are R.T.G!

So have a blast with these super hardcore girly Cons...or be bedazzled and create your own masterpieces....hello? DIY and save mucho dinero!!

xoxo t-w-h

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