Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random hearts: OOh La La Miss Moss...We heart Kate Moss

Some Supermodels (is it one word or two?)  make moles and muscles popular, some make manic panic hair chic, some even bring back Brigitte Bardot and the word Glamazon, but only one has had the power to make a much larger lasting impact.  

We give you the one and only Miss Kate Moss.

That hair, those lips...OMG the teeth!  And most importantly that style...UGGHHHGGH   (eeek we may sound a bit crazy...hee hee ..sowwy)

Who woulda thunk a tiny, cute, alienesque fairy, would become such a driving force in fashion, style, modeling and well just living on the rock and roll edge.  But she still manages to look ridiculously stylish carrying and hanging around with her beautiful daughter. 

Goddess Moss (as we call her here at thw), has graced countless magazine covers coming in at over 300 and so many ads we couldn't keep track and she topped Forbes list for one of the top earning models of all time! 

This all coming from a girl/woman...or giman..(she's really just a girl and woman smooshed together) who stands at least 3 inches shorter then most regular models and whose unconventional beauty has given her the title of The Anti Supermodel.

She single handedly (well maybe Mr. Calvin Klein helped too)
brought back heroin chic and the waif look and caused a stir in fashion houses across the globe.

And to top all of that she designs for one of our fav stores ever, Top Shop.  Really?? Really?!!?  Yup..she's rad.

Oh, and one more thing...(the most important of them all)  ummmm, hello, Johnny Depp!!  

How hot is this picture!!!!!   

P.S. How much does Kate and Johnny's new love, Vanessa Pardis looks alike??  Crazy...or hmm... just sayin :)

So you say what about all of the sex ,drugs and rock 'n roll???   So what!  She's a Supermodel.. not a role model (We hope).


And now a few of our fav pics and style moments... please don't cry out of jealousy ...(we are...sniff, sniff)

this was the same night...vintage dress with a rip? Voila... a bow side mini gown!!

Still think she is nothing more than just a pretty face?  Let's take a look at just a few of the trends she started or brought back...

and low

short shorts

shorts and tights

OMG... we are actually breathing funny... OK, breathe... breathe... in and out...AHHHHH she's just sooo amazing.. right?

Thank you, Oh you Icon of style and fashion...

xoxo t.w.h.

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