Monday, April 13, 2009

Beauty-fuls: We heart facial oil...eeewww not that kind, the kind you want on there (not the kind after 100 degree day in SoCal)

I remember it like it was yesterday (oh was yesterday) a beautiful dewy skinned girl in Barney's came up to me (I was stalking the last pair of A.L.C. harem pants only to lose them to a girl half my size with a wallet 10 times as big...uuuggghhhh) and asked me about oil on my skin...

"I'm sorry what?!?! Did you just tell me I had oily skin?  That's a really mean way to sell a product!" I said.   
"No!  I said, have you ever tried face oil for your skin?" she purred 

Oooopsie bad...hee hee hee.  Sorry super hot sales girl. 

Now this may sound odd that we are being told to put oil on our skin now, when what we were taught to do as young kids was scrub, powder and peel our way to oil-free beauty.

Yes, we need to wash our faces twice a day to get rid of all of the dirt and grim that clog our pores, but it turns out oil is super good for our skin!   

Yep... we were a bit confused too.. so we did a little Sherlock style investigation into this weird counter intuitive skin saver. (not that we didn't believe hot girl but just wanted to be sure)

OK, now sit back take a few notes (there will be no test, we promise) but you should for sure jot down some of these.  Here are a few of our favs.

Here's a yummy one from one of our new favorite beauty lines, Nude (gosh even the name is cool).  Sorry while we gush about this one... but the smell alone will drive you to wish you could drink this stuff, or just roll around in the vanilla rose smell for ever.

Nude Replenishing Night Oil is so fantastic and light you only need a few drops. This pure blend of omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 nourishes and protects for silky, soft skin. Powerfully antioxidant cranberry and avellana defend against free radical attack whilst nigella and macadamia replenish and nourish.  

This next one goes out to all of our fellow sun bunnies with, dare we say the evil word,  fine lines (sorry...we loathe them too).
Straight from the genius's at Fresh, comes their latest gem (and the packaging will make you forget the price...well that and how well it works) Fresh Elixer Ancien Face Treatment Oil.
It's an ultra nourishing face oil that smooths fine lines, completely renews the complexion and returns skin to its youthful radiance by using some pretty crazy technology...
- Seabuckthorn oil - antioxidant enriched with high amounts of omega -7 fatty acids that enhances cell regeneration.
- Skin-firming amino acids, derived from palm trees and biotechnology, lift, tone and firm the skin.
- Comminphora extract is a powerful resin with age-reversing properties that plumps and visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles. (ewwww sorry.. but it said reduces.. so thats good!)
Yowza!!!  Yes Please!!!

Thank you to the angels at Elemeni for their Radiance Face Oil,
Their anti-aging radiance face oil is a synergistic blend of exquisite pure organic oils that can help revitalize mature complexions and restore dewy radiance. 

The secret is the rare Rosa Moschata oil from the Andes Mountains known for its high content of essential fatty acids—oleic, linoleic, and linolenic—muy importante for healthy skin.  (wow mouthful!) 

There are a few more great finds, so stay tuned...

P.S. you only have to use a few drops of all of these so, yay!!!  Economistas rejoice!

P.P.S. They are all amazingly light and non-greasy, and their formulas are free of petrochemicals so they magically absorb to nourish your skin without leaving oily residue.

P.P.P.S. you can also make your own if you are in a M.S. (Martha Stewart) kinda mood.

xoxo t-w-h

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