Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random hearts: We heart teacup sized pups with teapot size personalities! ...and waffles

We at T.W.H. are super against favoritism in the furry creature kingdom, but alas there are a few who just won't give us a break in the cuteness department.  They pose like Giselle and crave the spotlight like Paris, so its hard for us not to do a random heart post about these lil' guys that have our hearts and won't let them go.

Milk.  How do we heart thee.  You charged into our hearts with reckless abandon and we are so lucky you did.  
Unfortunately, my boyfriend is now a 2 timer.  (he sleeps with Milk in a different room when she spends the night...EEEWWW NO SICKOS!  not like that... he just super hearts her and wants her to feel safe!!!)  But how can I be jealous of such a beautiful angel?

Now this guy is the typical LA guy.  He owns the heart of at least 3 of our beautiful girlfriends. SORRY gals!  He's a 3 timer (uuugghhh soooo LA and soooo one of our Ex Boyfriends)  But who can resist his charm?  Yup...this is actually one of his poses he uses for attention.

Oh Waffles!  You are a bad boy!

And last but certainly not least...we give to you the original P.I.M.P (pup in major posing)...

Napoleon. (he is so his namesake)   Or as his harem call him, the Guru My-Oh-My.  From the moment he tried to attack us for trying to snuggle with his mom, we were in heart-land.  
He is a sexy-beast.

P.S. Shims, Poops, Dudoh we heart you guys so much and not any less...the Freefs just poses for pictures long enough for us to get a good one ;)

So please oh please,  while the pups online from breeders or in those oh-so-tempting pet stores are crazy cute and super irresistible, so are the ones you can adopt and save from a lifetime of sadness.  Not only do they make great pets, but they are so grateful that you rescued them, they tend to love more. They need loving homes.  The more we rescue, the less puppy mills will be in existence and this is a great thing. more preaching!  But does it count as preaching when its about the furry angels?  Nope...not in our books.  So take a gander and click away on some of the best rescues and shelters in the USA. (oooh we are poets and didn't even know it)

xoxo t-w-h

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